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An Empress and the Warriors

A Hong Kong movie directed by Ching Siu Tung.

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  • Sep 5, 2010


Let me say from the start of this that this is indeed a good movie, it is far from perfect but it is a good film. "An Empress and the Warriors" is a wonderfully done and shot some what epic war film that really is a romance at heart. That is kinda were the flaws are in this film, it did not pick what it wanted to be. Or better yet I feel that it failed in blending the different styles together perfectly. Still there is enough here that will keep you entertained including the always entertaining Donnie Yen. The story is of war, treachery, love, and honor, all things that could make a great film.

Tha Yan Kingdom is in the midst of a civil war between warlords and seems to be at the center of it all as we begin. At the moment the battle is with the Zhao Kingdom and like any good leader the King's are on the battle field as well. But it is in this opening battle that the king of Yan is injured and gives the leader ship reigns over to Murong Xuehu [Donnie Yen]. This angers Hu Ba [Guo Xiaodong] who is actually a blood relative of the king, he in turn kills the king in order to take over. But things get a little crazy in the Hall of Swords and Hu Ba does not agree with Murong being given the role of new king. Why you might ask even when the king gave him the leadership role, well because he has no royal blood. So in order to deflect all of this Murong gives the role as ruler over to Yan Feier [Kelly Chen], she is now the Empress but first she must be trained to do battle.

It is after her training that Hu Ba sends his warriors after her in the forest and is some what successful since she does not return to the kingdom. This of course puts the ruler title up for grabs if she is not found. During this time she is looked after by a mysterious man in the woods, this man is Duan Lanquan [Leon Lai]. This is where a romance starts to simmer underneath everything else and eventually drives the film. So the film kicks into many types of styles from here as the kingdom starts to crumble from betrayal and lack of a pure leader.

Now after reading all that I can assure you that there is even more going on here and that may be what keeps it from being great. Director Ching Siu Tang really knows how to craft a good action film and the camera department really did do an amazing job here. Before we get into anything else I have to say that there are some beautifully amazing shots in this film. Any way I feel like the script and the direction lacked a little when the romantic portions of the film were introduced. The film would have been much stronger as a straight action/drama, or a straight romantic/drama, if it would have made that choice I feel it would have been better. Still it is more than possible that they could have blended all of it together better, other films have, but they didn't.

Another thing I felt need work was the relation ship between Murong Xuehu and Yan Feier as well as Yan Feier and Duan Lanquan. First there is the brother/sister type relationship between Murong Xuehu and Yan Feier, when watching it I could see it was there but by the end it felt like it could have been so much more. Especially the end involving Murong Xuehu, it could have made that moment more powerful in my opinion. Now Yan Feier and Duan Lanquan is explored more since it is the romance in the film, but again it felt like it was not fully developed.

As for the good I have mentioned of course the action and the cinematography but the acting is good in this as well. Donnie Yen is very good in a dramatic role since he usually does not get these types, but I thought he did a great job, especially his characters curtain call. Leon Lai did a good job as the Empress's romantic interest and his character ended up being something special. Guo Xiaodong was particularly good as the evil Hu Ba and well every one was really good in this, elevating the film up with their performance.

In comes the lovely Kelly Chan as our lead Yan Feier, the newly crowned Empress. Now I will say before anything else about her I felt she did a good job with the role as well, but her character was not fully developed at the screenplay stage. I feel she did what she could with what was written, but the character could have been more. I understand she is a character that was not meant to take over as ruler so she should be getting beat down in training by Donnie Yen's character. I understand that I do but she should have been a little tougher or at least tougher looking by the end of it. Now I understand she needs to be the damsel in distress and be taken care of by Duan, but once again a little more toughness would have added to the believability of the character being an Empress.

Also the wonderful underlying story of treachery, betrayal, and conspiracy could have been explored more. But it never really reaches its full potential and once again could have been so much more. But for all you action guys the action in this film is really good and fun, gotta love those battles. This is a good movie regardless of how it sounds from previous statements and is not horrible at all. But you should go in without high expectations and you may enjoy it a little more. I have to admit I like a little more with each viewing. I do recommend this film to any fan of this kind or if you like me are collecting all of the Dragon Dynasty films even if [like me] you own original releases. The Dragon Dynasty release has a great making of and a wonderful commentary by Bey Logan.

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September 22, 2010
I'm impressed! Not much difference in your ratings on this one. I like the phots you selected too. I can't saeem to learn how to do any of that. I need a basic computer class. Problem is that they would be teaching it for new computers and mine is a dinosaur that wouldn't resemble their's in the least.
September 22, 2010
The computer may be a dinosaur but the writing that comes out of that thing is amazing, which reminds me, when are we getting another classic review from the Queen of B flicks.
September 22, 2010
With any luck soon. If I can't knock out soething for the merry month of october then all is truly lost.
September 06, 2010
I gave this one a 2.5; the action was alright but the story was a big uninspired mess. Nice review!
September 22, 2010
Wow. You'r closer on it than I thought--even though alex may have liked it a bit more....
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In the tradition of Seven Swords comes the action saga of a kingdom locked in a desperate battle for survival. Martial arts superstar Donnie Yen (Seven Swords) and Hong Kong Film Award winners Kelly Chen (Infernal Affairs) and Leon Lai (Seven Swords) team up as sword-wielding heroes on a quest to unite a divided nation and wage a massive war against an invading horde. Created by the celebrated action choreographer and cinematographer behind Jet Li’sHeroandHouse of Flying Daggers,An Empress & the Warriorstakes epic action to new heights.

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Director: Ching Siu Tung
Genre: Action, Adventure
DVD Release Date: July 21, 2009
Runtime: 99 minutes
Studio: The Weinstein Company
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