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Blood Diamond (Widescreen Edition) (2006)

Art House & International movie directed by Edward Zwick

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Can't Believe He Diddn't Win

  • Mar 30, 2007
  • by
Blood Diamond was a film that I didn't really want to see but I wanted to see. I didn't want to see it because the things I was told about it didn't really make me too happy. Blood diamonds or conflict diamonds are diamonds mined in war zones and sold to finance the conflicts. I remember as a child my mom would tell me that there're places in Africa where you could walk down the roads and find diamonds and jewels in the ground. Of course I didn't totally believe her then cause I was like 6 but after seeing this you come to see how valuable and beautiful Africa really is.

The film is set in 1999 in the Sierra Leone civil war the country is at a constant struggle with fights between government soldiers and rebel forces. The rebels named RUF are pretty much past crazy, invading villages, cutting off innocent peoples hands so they're unable to vote and taking strong men to mine and young children to mold into little soldiers. Everything starts with Solomon Vandy, a good man with a good family and his son is a good student. One day while walking home with his son after catching some fish a few trucks playing music come speeding behind them. There are armed men in the truck and Vandy immediately knows trouble is coming. He runs to his village in a great panic to get the rest of his family out but the men get there first and are already just killing whoever. Vandy gets his family out but he gets caught and is sent to work the mines in search of diamonds.

While working the mines Vandy finds one of the largest and rarest diamonds ever. Somehow he sneaks off to hide the diamond and lucky for him government troops attack just as a RUF soldier sees what he's doing. Unfortunately Vandy gets caught and is arrested along with the injured soldier. While in prison the soldier shouts what he saw Vandy do and says he will give money to anyone who gets the truth out of him. Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) trades weapons for diamonds and overhears the talk between Solomon and the soldier. Archer is quick to help Solomon get out and then starts harassing him to get the diamond. A number of events occur that just making everything worse, the absolute worse being Solomon's son getting kidnapped but RUF and made a little soldier. Now Vandy must get his child back and goes on a hard journey to get the diamond and his child.

First of all things I can't believe Djimon Hounsou didn't win Best Supporting Actor for this film. Seeing him in the previews going crazy to find his son was even getting to me. I don't think I could explain how powerful his performance was in this film. It was so realistic and perfected that you had to feel his pain. The scene at the end with when he tries to bring his brainwashed sons mind back was amazing. I saw Little Miss Sunshine and not to take anything from Alan Arkin but that was nothing compared to Hounsou in this film, Hounsou should've been the one that walked out. I too have never really been a Leo fan but you can't deny that he has a great talent. He plays Danny Archer on point and never lets the character go. This film would not be what it is without the great acting and the settings of Africa were beautiful. I'm not exactly sure how accurate this movie is with the history but overall it's a great film and is a must see.

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review by . March 24, 2010
Blood Diamond is one of those "Public Awareness" films that accomplishes its goal without relying on much preaching. In a way you could easily classify Blood Diamond as being a Hotel Rwanda film for audience members who aren't in the mood for pure drama. So instead the issues are mixed into a classy, well thought out action thriller. More recently we saw this concept used well in District 9, which addressed the issue of racism, slums, and xenophobia in South Africa. This contemporary method of informing …
review by . December 15, 2009
Decent plot, good cast, good watch, but fades afterwards. Like many movies these days. Recommended for any Leo fans and a decent watch all in all, just not the best.
review by . June 11, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Very compelling and well acted film showing all the corruption and suffering that go into producing the world's diamond supply. Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent as a corrupt adventurer who seeks out diamonds for some shady London businessmen. He comes across a man in prison who claims to have found a huge diamond. DiCaprio strikes a deal with him to help him locate his family if he will lead DiCaprio to the diamond.    Loaded with action and some "disturbing" violence. The only …
review by . April 11, 2007
I've made a point of passing by any movie with meaningless violence. The kind that is all about sensationalism, or worse, a more degrading kind of titillation for those who get off on scenes of women being objectified and thrashed to a bloody pulp. All too many of those on screen today. More on that topic elsewhere.     But I sat down for this movie, as filled with heartrending violence as it is. The difference? This violence has meaning. It is historically accurate, and this …
review by . March 26, 2007
A rare and sizable diamond is found by a worker in a warlord's diamond mine. This adds even more turbulence to an already volatile situation as different forces attempt to seize the 'blood diamond.'    In a certain sense I found this film to comparable to 'Babel' - it tells s story that reveals an uncomfortable truth about our world, but remains grounded and personal with its perspective. Focusing of a few principle characters - with each actor/actress giving a solid performance …
review by . March 23, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
Edward Zwick delivers the goods with BLOOD DIAMOND, a tense and very compelling film about the greed and bloodshed that surround the diamond industry of Sierra Leone. Though a bit too long at two and a half hours the story is not only a dramatically viable one for a film, but it also has much to say about human interaction and the sanctity of friendship.    Solomon Bo (Djimon Hounsou) is a fisherman who becomes indentured to the evil men who search for diamonds after being separated …
review by . February 06, 2007
posted in Movie Hype
`Blood Diamond' is an excellent adventure. Skillfully intersecting the lives of three key figures, we get more than a soap box lecture from the liberal left. Hardly preachy, the movie has natural developments and dialogue that are organic to the story and its delivery. Some of the heart-stopping violence and the tender timeouts are testaments to fine timing and storytelling. Meaningful throughout, we witness how greed and violence scar the lives and landscape of developing Africa. However, the film …
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Leonardo DiCaprio puts a handsome face on an ugly industry: In parts of Africa, diamond mining fuels civil warfare, killing thousands of innocents and drafting preteen children as vicious soldiers. DiCaprio (The Departed) plays Danny Archer, a white African soldier-turned-diamond-smuggler who gets wind of a large raw jewel found by Solomon Vandy, a native fisherman (Djimon Hounsou,In America) recently escaped from enslavement by a brutal rebel leader. Archer offers a deal: He'll help Vandy find his war-scattered family if Vandy will share the diamond with him. Drawn into this web of exploitation is journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly,Little Children), who agrees to help if Archer will tell her the details of how conflict diamonds make their way into the hands of the corporations who sell them to the Western world. DiCaprio is compelling because he never flinches from Archer's utter ruthlessness; Archer ends up doing the morally justifiable thing, but only because his desperate greed has led him to it. Hounsou and Connelly, though saddled with all the moral and political speeches, rise above the cant and keep the movie's treacherously formulaic plot rooted in human characters. But in the end, the story won't stick with you as much as the dead stillness in the child soldiers' eyes; the horror of African civil strife refuses to be contained byBlood Diamond's uplifting message--and the movie is all the more potent as a result.--Bret Fetzer
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Director: Edward Zwick
Genre: Foreign
DVD Release Date: March 20, 2007
Runtime: 143 minutes
Studio: Warner Home Video
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