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Boondock Saints (Unrated Special Edition)

A movie directed by Troy Duffy

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An overhyped and over blown action film with little, to nothing to offer

  • Nov 6, 2009
I've heard allot about this movie over the last few years. This movie was nothing like it was advertised. It was at times very hard to discern what was going on and who was killing who and what was really going on in the film.

The Boondock Saints boast a cool and hip visual style that resonates with the best action films of the 80's and early 90's and some of John Woo's japan work before he moved to America. But even that can't save this film from being highly overrated and contrived. TBS was great on the action and humor(what little it had if there wasn't a curse word in it.)It tires so very hard to be convincing, powerful, emotional and most of all smart but it can't under the dumb down dialogue and the poor execution of the film. The mediocre script and direction of Troy Duffy who I've never heard of and for good reasons. You see Duffy tries to create a movie where two brothers who are devoted to each other and devoted to helping the little people think there doing God's work by killing all theses mob boss and criminals where in reality there actually psycho killers just mopping up the scum in south Boston. I like the style of the film and I liked the way it played out, but if Duffy had just thought it out more and put a more dramatic and emotional effect into the film, then maybe, just maybe, this film would have made my top ten list sadly it makes my top ten list of the worst films of the 90's. But none the less it had the heart, it had the spirit and it had the strength to be great and groundbreaking bu sadly it falls short due to bad plotting, on par acting, a terrible script and bad action sequences that don't really dazzle you or blow your mind.

Sean Patrick Flanery(Who I never hear of besides this movie.) Plays one of the Mac Manus brothers, he does pretty good here and does try hard to be convincing. But he fails under Duffy's bad script and poor direction and thus is kind of an eye sore with his bad Irish accent. Norman Reedus(Another actor I've never heard of outside this film.) Is areal downside in this with his bad acting he really brings down his character and makes it nothing more than a brainless thug who say a pray for the men they are about to kill. Billy Connolly(Who is alright for the few minutes he's actually in the movie.) is pretty good in this and is one of the higher class acts in the film, he brings some ruthless style and cunning to a very simple character and does well with his time on screen. Willem Dafoe(the saving grace in this film.) Is fantastic in it and is the only reason to see this film besides the slick, but highly under done, action sequences. He brings up the quality of this film and elevates it to from bad to alright.But again even he can't save this film from crumbling under it's own failure.None the less the cast does there best with the material there given and tries there hardest to make this a great film, but sadly they can't.

The Boondock Saints is dark,violent and sacrilegious, that pretty much sums up the main focal point of this film plot and story and it tells you all you need to know about the film in general. It boast a hip, cool and vibrant style of film making and that can't save it from be a by the book action film with not so special action sequences. All in all The Boondock Saints is passing entertainment bu nothing more.

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January 02, 2010
There's an inteesting documentary about the guy who wrote the screenplay for this flick. or at least it sounds interesting I haven't caught it yet. He came from out of nowhere and then sort of self-destructed due to vanity, from what I can gather from the NetFlix blurb.
November 06, 2009
Wow, a lot of people had said really good things about this movie so I'm happy to have a different opinion for perspective! Thanks!
November 06, 2009
Your welcome and I'm glad I could give a new spin on the positive reviews this film receives. It didn't really deserve this kind of positive reaction.
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A violent movie about two brother turned vigilantes. IT has a fantastic storyline, many funny moments and memorable characters. Makes you want to go out and do what the brothers do.
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It's a great feeling when you rent a movie that it was actually worth getting. Especially when you find one that is completely under the radar. After countless times of seeing this movie on the shelf and on TV, I finally tell myself to watch it. Of course when I decide to watch it, it completely disappears from the TV stations so I have to spend a few bucks.         Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus play fraternal twins Connor and McManus. While having a drink …
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The Boondock Saints has blindsided me, though not enough to realize its not perfect.    Haven't you ever been sitting around with some friends or family watching the nightly news, grimacing in disgust as low life child molestors or murdering crooks breeze their way through the system, eventually making their way back on to the streets. While you watched, did you have a passing thought or even verbalized what you would do if you could get your hands on the scum? The Boondock Saints …
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I first heard about THE BOONDOCK SAINTS from one of my roommates last year. He had the soundtrack of the film (including the speech from the courtroom) downloaded on his computer and was playing it one night when I came into the room. I asked him about the music and then the movie. I became quite interested in the movie and rented it out the first opportunity I had.    THE BOONDOCK SAINTS is reminiscent of the films of Quentin Tarantino, both in violence and in creative, original, …
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Charismatic young stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus play two Irish brothers, Connor and Murphy, who believe themselves ordained by God to rid the world of evil men. Their first killing is in self-defense; but after that, they start killing with devotion, gunning down a summit of the Russian mafia. Willem Dafoe plays a gay FBI agent (he listens to opera while examining crime scenes) who knows what the boys are doing but feels that their vigilante tactics are necessary. There's not much plot toThe Boondock Saints--it's mostly a series of violent scenes in which the boys are partially ingenious and partially lucky. The movie seems to want to provoke debate about vigilantism, but the scenario is too implausible to stir any real controversy. The peculiar mix of earnestness and machismo will not appeal to everyone, but it's certainly unique and may acquire a cult following.--Bret Fetzer
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Director: Troy Duffy
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery
DVD Release Date: May 23, 2006
Runtime: 108 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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