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Clash of the Titans (2010 film)

A 2010 remake of the 1981 film, directed by Louis Leterrier

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Release the Kraken

  • Apr 3, 2010
  • by
 I have a movie going enjoyment-barometer that I call the Wow-O-Meter that I would like to tell you about. Don't worry, I'm not going to try and sell it to you because doggonit I can't seem to get it into a bottle. Anyway, my Wow-O-Meter works like this. I buy my ticket, which as we all know is expensive. I look for a seat that is as far away from other people as can be managed in a space designed to clump humans all together. If it is a blockbuster movie and is opening day I know that this effort is futile: I've paid for my poison now it's time to choose a seat and drink it. After picking my seat, I fight back the impulse to tell the restless teenagers behind me or in front of me to pipe down. I fight back the next impulse to tell the idiot sending light beams into my eye with his cellphone to send text messages before or after the film not during. I can go on and on with all the impulses that have to be curtailed. So here is where the Wow-O-Meter comes into play: When the movie starts it has anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes to grab me by my lapels and keep me in my seat – despite all of the afore mentioned annoyances – before I abandon my seat and my entertainment investment. If a movie is good enough to get me past all that crap then my Wow-O-Meter becomes like a tea kettle and starts whistling out steam – at which point it begins to annoy everyone else in the theater.

My Wow-O-Meter went off like crazy for Clash of the Titans.

Trust me, the distractions were there aplenty. But the movie was so good that I forgot that any of them were there.

Now, let me also say this. I barely remember any of my lessons in Greek Mythology. So I'm not exactly the keen eye critic looking for faithfulness to details in this movie. I saw and enjoyed the 1981 version, and I was surprised when I discovered at some point in the film that the 2010 version was looking to be a great improvement. Here's why.

Exhibit A) The plot has been revised from a love story to a hate story. Man is at odds with the gods. Remember Legion where God is tired of our BS? Well, in Clash it's man that is tired of the BS of the gods – and they lash back. With consequences, of course. They're picking a fight that they can't possibly win. Zeus is pissed. I mean really pissed. And in collusion with Hades they decide to kick a little you know what on earth. I loved the new twist and it certainly made the trailer tagline "Damn the Gods" seem like more than just a cheap shock value attempt.

Exhibit B) Perseus is motivated more by his manhood than his godhood. I found this to be refreshing. There's no love lost between he and Zeus, his father. In fact, Perseus is as angry at the gods as the rest of his fellow man. A major calamity has befallen him and his motivation in the remake is not youthful love but impetuous revenge against the gods. It is his quest for revenge that takes his journey back into familiar territory where he seeks the head of Medusa as his weapon against the Kraken.

Exhibit C) The head of Medusa – and what a pretty head it is. Seriously. Medusa is hot in this film. Well, from the neck up she is. This was one of those changes that seemed so obvious that you wonder why had it not been done in the first film. After all, Medusa was sssssizzzlin' sexy before she was turned into a She-Serpent for being just a little too seductive for her own good. In the 1981 version you can't imagine that this woman was ever a head-turner. In this remake, I was frozen in my seats by her computer graphical beauty.

Exhibit D) In the 1981 version Calibos is cursed and deformed by Zeus for, among other reasons, having killed off all the flying majestic white horses except one – Pegasus. In the 2010 version they seem to blend King Acrisius and Calibos into the same characters. Consequently, the flying horses are all in tact. So what better way to preserve the singularity of Pegasus than by making her a black horse. Kind of like the ugly duckling.

Exhibit E) Bobo, or however the heck you spell that birds name, makes a cameo appearance. No changes. No 3D. This is the real Bobo people. She gets only a few seconds, but what a novel appearance and nod to the '81 movie.

And last but not least... deep breath now...

..."Release the Kraken!"

Release the Kraken

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April 03, 2010
You saw the 1981 version? You were not a baby then? ;-) Send me a pix of you in 81! LOL... I'm not really interested in this movie, but I'm interested in what you've to say, it seems ;-) Makes me happy reading your thoughts! If I'm not LMAO after, at the least I've a smile on my face mostly :-) I'm sure that Lexus is on its way this Christmas!!!
April 03, 2010
Yeah? Well, get in the Lexus with me and see how fast and reckless I'll be driving and neither one of us will be smiling. We'll be screaming! LOL.
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Clash of the Titans is like the guy who farts in the room and then decides to leave you with the smell.  It stinks.  After watching Clash of the Titans and walking out of the theater, I felt dirtier than a gas station restroom.  I will need many years of therapy after this one.      Okay, so perhaps Clash of the Titans wasn't THAT bad.  But make no mistake, the movie is bad.  Not enough to make you feel dirty.  Just bad enough that you look …
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After being on this site and checking out some of the reviews I came to a conclusion....I am one of the only people in America who enjoyed Clash of the Titans!!      The movie, as many of you know, follows the story of Perseus as he goes to kill Medusa and journeys to meet the three witches in order to slay the Kraken. The movie had a star studded cast with Liam Neeson, Ralph Finnes and Sam Worthington. With lots of special effects and an oppertunity to see this movie in 3D …
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Greek Mythology gets a massive makeover in this overblown, but visally stunning adventure....
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The original Clash of the Titans is perhaps mostly remembered for its sheer corniness. This remake by the same name is certainly better and has amped up special effects. On the whole, I'd give it 3.5 stars. The movie does some things very well, such as the monsters. Medusa looks great and perfectly combines beauty and horror. Yet, I can't help but think that the directors wasted this opportunity to make a truly classic movie. Clash of the Titans falls into the trap of many modern movies …
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I was a big fan of the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans. It had everything I loved: action, excitement, Greek mythology! It was a great film for its time and still holds up at least somewhat today. Sure, the effects have aged, but that's to be expected.    It was also a movie that pushed me even more into my budding interest in Greek mythology; an interest which has continued to this very day. Heck, I got quite an interest in mythology in general and even took a course in it when …
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If the lord of the rings, the lightning theif, and 300 got togeather and had a child it would be the clash of the titans. Not that it was a bad movie just the similarities where almost to distracting for me to follow the actual storyline
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Poster art for "Clash of the Titans."

Clash of the Titans is a 2010 fantasy film which is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, itself loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus.  Directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Sam Worthington, the film was originally set for standard release on March 26, 2010.  It was later announced that the film would be converted to 3-D and was released on April 2, 2010.

"Release the Kraken!" Ah, it could only beClash of the Titans, the 2010 remake that retains the instruction to unleash the great beastie from the sea. The 1981 original boasted Ray Harryhausen's legendary stop-motion technique of animating various mythological creatures--it was his final feature project--and given the cornball approach of the movie in general, that was the main draw. The remake supplies new state-of-the-art special effects (released in 3-D) and a nicely muscular sense of momentum. Sam Worthington (theAvatarguy) plays Perseus, a demigod who doesn't know that Zeus (Liam Neeson) is his father. Perseus is selected to lead an expedition to find and slay the Medusa, lest Zeus's evil brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes, in fine slinking mode) rain down misery upon a seaport--and you just know that means the Kraken is coming. Ye gods, it's a mess, and we haven't even mentioned the witches and the harpies and the giant scorpions. But if we did, it would be clear thatClash of the Titansis a perfectly dandy popcorn epic, unpretentious and punchy. Director Louis ...
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