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Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla

A movie directed by Jun Fukuda

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Mechagodzilla ~ ne'er the twain shall meet

  • Aug 24, 2000
Pros: ......

Cons: ........

Throwing my hands in the air on this one. The review would be 2 hours longer than the movie since Toho Studios now seems to think they need to attempt to add a story line to monster movies. HELLO? Aren't having monsters storm your city and destroy it story line enough? In addition, not only do they try to add a story line, they have decided to add multiple story lines and multiple monsters to this movie. I was exhausted after watching it!

This would be one of your better Godzilla movies, utilizing the original monster. The opening scenes are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen since we are usually only treated to Tokyo under the foot of whatever monster is plaguing them at the time. I watched it twice and I believe Godzilla is working FOR Japan in this movie, although that is a little ambiguous at the beginning. Unfortunately, I will probably absolutely ruin the names of the other monsters because I have not been able to track down their names in writing so I am going on sound only.

There are tons of pyrotechnics in this movie, in fact 80% of the movie is covered in fire and explosions. There is also more blood in this movie, generally we don't see the monster bleed so much, there is a really bad artery cutting scene for Godzilla. There are also some really strange computer graphics that involve the spacemen.

The acting is particularly horrid in this release but you do have that great dubbing of English voice overs that makes it bearable. Of course the dubbing is incredibly bad and all the voices sound the same. They also have this great thing of saying ‘UM' or "UH" before each sentence. I'm not sure what the dubbed word is supposed to be but these little exclamations are really great.

The Monsters
Godzilla, of course. The basic Godzilla with a really bad suit. Starting to get a little moth eaten and beat up after all these years, but still serviceable. He has retained all his powers (bad breath, flying backwards) but has added a few new ones. He can absorb lightning and electricity in order to restore his powers and life force after he has been attacked. He can also magnetize himself, helping to lessen the powers of Mechagodzilla.

My favorite parts: when he tries to kill a monster and does not succeed he snaps his fat chubby fingers as if saying ‘darn'; he stands up and does his little dance right before he is getting ready to attack, similar to a cat right before getting ready to pounce. He roars a lot more in this release. His tail seems a lot longer and more powerful and the spines on his back seem to glow all the time.

Mechagodzilla - this is a cyborg re-creation of the real Godzilla. In the beginning he looks and acts just like the regular one (sigh, twin Godzillas) but eventually dons his armor that sometimes appears glowing gold and sometimes appears shining silver. He is able to fly, a unique fete for such a large guy, and has huge red eyes that shoot out rays of some kind (fortunately they are in a nice rainbow hue for your enjoyment). He is also able to raise and lower his legs, like springs, to assist him in jumping right before flying. His problem, of course, is that he is mechanical and we all know how those computers can foul up on you, especially when they get wet! He can, however, rotate his head 360 and form a force shield around himself to protect him from Godzilla.

King Sizari (forgive my spelling) - hmmmm, well a cross between a Furby and a Gizmo, if you are familiar with these nasty toys. He is large, although he doesn't appear so in the beginning. He crouches inside a cave in the mountain like a huge lion until released - via song (sigh) - and then he springs to life. He seems to be covered with some kind of armor stuff as well as a long, shaggy coat in a wonderful gold hue.

He has a long tail with a poodle cut on it, great horns (like an Elk) and large red eyes. He is a descendent of the ancient royal family of Japan (strange blood lines there) and only comes forth to protect the island. One of the worst monsters I have ever seen. He plays peek-a-boo around a rock with Mechagodzilla but he does have powers - eyes that shoot rainbow colored rays, as well.

Angirra (spelling?) - a large porcupine looking thing with a long tail. He lives in the ocean and is a friend of Godzilla, although in the beginning of the movie they have a horrible fight and Godzilla dislocates Angirra's jaw in a dreadful way. Powers are nonexistent but surely he has some.

Spacemen - I don't know, this is never explained other than the fact that they want to take over Tokyo. How, I have no clue since they have created Mechagodzilla to destroy Tokyo - catch 22. While they normally run around in these nifty silver spacesuits, actually looking like leisure suits of yore, with really awful looking weapons, they turn into ape like things when they are killed. Something else I didn't understand.

Japanese woman singing - Ok, not a real monster, but YOU haven't heard her sing! Her part is necessary for two reasons. She is a direct descendent of the ancient royal family and her flashbacks give you yet another story line. The second reason is she has to be the one to ‘sing' King Sizari back to life, unfortunately (double sigh). Her scene, kneeling in the sand, singing to the beast across the bay - priceless. Of course he doesn't awake until she sings the entire song AND the chorus (triple sigh).

Definitely a B grade movie, even though it is one of the better of this series. The acting and the story take away from the entire monster theme. Everything is just so Daedalean you get very confused. It was amusing to watch the people just stand idly by and watch the monsters fight - didn't they think about getting the Hell out of there? Too much going on in too little time. A necessary evil, however, if you are going to catch the entire series. The scenery in this movie, though, was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, music blowed.

Well, as they said in the movie ---- "Two Godzillas, what does it mean?" It means you are screwed, buddy, accept it!


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According to legend, when the people of Okinawa are in danger, a monster will appear to save them. The legend is put to the test as a monstrous Cyborg threatens to destroy the Earth. A.K.A. GODZILLA VS. THE BIONIC MONSTER.
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Director: Jun Fukuda
Release Date: 1974
MPAA Rating: Unrated
DVD Release Date: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (October 19, 2004)
Runtime: 1hr 24min
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