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A 2009 comedy movie directed by Noah Baumbach.

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Heartfelt, honest, and a very interesting character study.

  • Jan 17, 2011
*** out of ****

Noah Baumbach knows a lot about the truths hidden beneath human nature. He seems to know how to reach his audience through his understanding of humanity. As he demonstrated in "The Squid and the Whale", and now in the somewhat inferior "Greenberg", Baumbach hopes to strike that certain emotional chord in us all. And by golly, the man has done it again. While I didn't like "Greenberg" as much as I liked "The Squid and the Whale", Baumbach's latest is as deep and profoundly moving as any of his films should be. There are many moments in which I was touched, and strangely enough I could relate to the film's titular character. This doesn't mean that I liked him, and I'll assume that few will. He's not a pleasant character to base your film around, but maybe that's all a part of the charm. After all: "Greenberg" is not your average drama. It's one of the deepest, character-driven works I've seen in a long time, and I find it hard to find solace in any big Movie Award Ceremony without Ben Stiller's name on the list. His work in "Greenberg" is some of his best, and it's a great antidote to what other crap he's been in recently. It's proof that Stiller, like some very talented comedians, can tackle a dramatic role. In fact, he might actually be better at drama than he ever was at comedy. But then again, there have been comedies in which I've liked Ben Stiller a lot. It's just that "Greenberg" presents the man exploring a new venue. And in many ways, he sort of makes the film; but not without a little help from his two very endearing co-stars. There is a lot to look at in this slightly imperfect but intriguing drama. It's some sort of deep, it won't appeal to all, and it's incredibly mature. And that's what I like most about it. If I have one major complaint outside of the film's slight imperfection, it's that it was marketed poorly. The trailers hint towards a dramedy. "Greenberg" turns out to be more "drama" than "comedy". That's not to say that it's devoid of laughs, but it's not really meant to be a comedy at all. It's meant to be moving; it's meant to be deep. And in many ways it is. Just don't be fooled by such misleading marketing; this film is far more fascinating than it is made out to be. And before you ask, it's also not about a man doing nothing. Please, just don't listen to the theatrical trailer. It gets the film all wrong. Perhaps the worst person to associate with the film is the one who put the trailer together, because anyone else is essentially key to just how well "Greenberg" does as a drama. See it, even if it's a little depressing. It's worth the time.

The titular character of this film is a particularly unlikable guy for a lot of people. He's a depressed, aimless, and possibly suicidal middle-aged man who prefers the pill over the pen. Roger Greenberg has some emotional problems which prevent him from caring about social interaction, although he works well in keeping his past connections going. Greenberg is in LA for a few weeks to watch over his brother's house (and the dog). While in town, he intends to catch up with his friend Ivan, his ex-wife Beth, and maybe even build some new relationships as well. One person in particular who Greenberg manages to reach is Florence; an attractive, slightly younger woman who has been jumping from one man to another for quite some time. Both Greenberg and Florence have a thirst for the real kind of human connection; the one that you can only have once, and with one person. And with "Greenberg" being a more complex drama, you can expect things to go a bit downhill at points. Things such as Greenberg's emotional problems and Florence's own issues tend to get in the way of their romantic relationship, and the film itself often treads depressing but moving territories. It's somewhat risky of Baumbach to want to tread these particular waters since today's movie standards include a whole lot of fun, fun, fun. But it kind of comes to no surprise, since Baumbach has made depressing but ultimately touching films before. "Greenberg" sort of fits right in there with other Baumbach-directed films. I liked it; I really did. The film has a heart, and the characters are sort of endearing once you get to know their flawed, troubled selves. I related the most with Greenberg, since I too have faced such intense social anxiety. I too have trouble relating with the confusing race that is Man and Women. I too have felt broken inside. Only approach the film if you're expecting it to be something more than the usual "up-and-down" drama. It's mostly full of "downs", but that's the entertaining part of it. I'm often entertained by the strangest of things, and at the right place and the right time, "Greenberg" was my kind of joint.

I think that Ben Stiller deserves recognition for his work in this film. Greenberg is his best character in years; thus "Greenberg" is also his best FILM in years. Stiller portrays an intentionally unlikable silent type; an emotional bottle rocket ready to burst in flames. Greenberg may be the self-destructive type, but getting to know his heavily flawed character is a risk worth taking. Come to think of it, every character is kind of flawed. Maybe that's why I liked the film as I did. I also seem to have no resistance whatsoever for Greta Gerwig; the charming and beautiful love interest of Stiller's character. Gerwig's performance isn't as unique as Stiller's, but it's memorable on its own right. I hope to see more of Gerwig in the future. The third and final major star of the film is Rhys Ifans as Ivan, Greenberg's only true friend (you know, outside of the world of romance). Ifans is a guy who I've admired for quite some time. He's the charming type; despite his wide variety of roles when it comes to getting into character. His performance in "Greenberg" is fairly likable. It may not come off as his best work, although what the hell: he was entertaining to watch, just like the other two leads. And a film NEEDS good leads. Baumbach is talented when it comes to picking and choosing, I guess. He proved that long ago.

Let me tell you right now that "Greenberg" is a very depressing film. It has its moments of humor; but the humor is never "laugh-out-loud" funny. It's the kind of funny that we know is clever, but it's never something we want to laugh at. While "Greenberg" has these moments, it's mostly about the pain of being a man. Greenberg's character is socially deficient, and therefore emotionally troubled. There are scenes in which he gets annoyed and has a sort of loud outburst. It is in these particular scenes that we come to realize just who he is as a person, and you know what: I identified with Greenberg. I wanted to and I did it. Not all will find this easy to do, but I've been through a lot of what Greenberg has. The pain of being a man is something we all question at one point, but Greenberg's fragile existence is one nearly devoid of life or spirit. He's not a hapless person; he's just not very joyous. I would like to hear his thoughts and his stories; on a person level. I wouldn't have shoved him off. In fact, Greenberg might just be the kind of friend that I've wanted to meet for years. When I came to this realization, I also came to like "Greenberg" a little more. While watching it, you can also see the style of Baumbach embedded. His choice of cinematography is good, and the soundtrack to this film is also as quirky as the characters. I do not think that it's a film about style. It's more of a character study; and you definitely need to look at it a couple times to get it. While I did enjoy it a whole lot, not everyone will. Yes, I would recommend "Greenberg" for the most part. It's a pretty well-made movie if you think about it. Perhaps not the most memorable, but it has some artistic merit. Most of it is found in the tender, honest emotion that I encountered. In 2010, a year devoid of this particular emotion, "Greenberg" might as well be quite refreshing. I can only hope that more will share my mostly positive feelings.

If "Greenberg" has flaws, then they're not all that obvious. It's a well-written film, it's well-acted, and it's quirky. So why isn't it a masterpiece? I guess what takes it off the map as an incredible movie is its inferiority to "The Squid and the Whale". That film is a masterpiece with at least some more appeal. It's just as hard to watch as "Greenberg" may be, but that is the Baumbach charm that I personally admire. I say see "Greenberg" since there's plenty of stuff to look at. It cannot be called a fun movie; because what's a "fun" movie. It's entertaining since I found it to be fairly interesting, but it's not one for everyone. I know people who don't like depressing movies. This is the kind of movie that the filmic Antichrist seemingly appealed just for their despair. I won't recommend it to these people. Maybe I won't recommend it to anyone. I just don't see what the point would be. I liked it. It's an often times compelling film. It's just not very appealing, and as I've learned, we've all got to be careful with recommendations. A lot of directors make films for themselves; and this is that kind of film. Noah Baumbach doesn't care if you find his character far-fetched and unlikable; he likes him, and that's what matters. We're supposed to care, and most of us will. That's what is effective about "Greenberg". That is why it works. If anything lingers with me, it's that Greta Gerwig is charming as hell. I'm never going to forget that, and I'm nearly demanding to see her again; perhaps not with Stiller at her side, but I am content as long as she is there, doing what she does best: deliver a solid performance. Her charm and this film's nature don't exactly go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, but what can you do, right? Not everything can accumulate to instant likability.

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January 17, 2011
Another great review.
January 18, 2011
Thanks, man.
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Greenbergaims to recapture the raw flavor and psychological acuity of 1970s character portraits likeFive Easy Pieces--but the character in question is completely of the moment. Neurotic and anxious Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) comes to L.A. to stay in his brother's house, where he reconnects with old bandmates and falls, with painful awkwardness, into a relationship with his brother's personal assistant, Florence Marr (Greta Gerwig, sweetheart of the "mumblecore" movement). But this movie is not about plot--it's about human frailty and finding a moral or spiritual significance in caring for a dog or driving someone on an errand. Stiller sheds his usual bag of twitchy tricks and conveys the brittle spirit of a man defeated by his own intelligence. Gerwig has an odd, hapless charm; she makes aimlessness appealing. As a romance, the movie falters--while it's obvious why Roger would be attracted to Florence's youth and vulnerability, it's less clear why Florence wouldn't be repelled by Roger's sometimes-cruel instability. But writer-director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) has gotten even better at capturing the history of two people with brief, incisive strokes; Roger's prickly history with his friends becomes vividly clear in a few conversations. As a core sampling of the contemporary psyche,Greenbergis rewarding. Also featuring excellent performances by Jennifer Jason Leigh (eXistenZ) and Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill).--Bret ...
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Director: Noah Baumbach
Genre: Comedy
DVD Release Date: July 13, 2010
Runtime: 107 minutes
Studio: Focus Features
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