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Hard Candy

A movie directed by David Slade

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Horrifying, Frenetic and Adorablz!

  • Dec 19, 2008
  • by

A word of advice for any dude who is thinking about watching Hard Candy, do yourself a favor and don't eat beforehand.

In Hard Candy, this photographer, Jeff (hot hot in glasses Patrick Wilson) chats up a 14 year old girl Hayley (everyone's favorite impregnanted precocious teen, Ellen Page at her pixiest) online. They meet for coffee, she convinces him to take her back to his house where she proceeds to drug and fuck with him for the majority of the movie. She does some seriously depraved shit.

It's really well directed, really well acted and the definition of provocative. Basically Hayley is convinced that Jeff is a molester and deserves everything she does to him so I kind of sat there (as I know I was supposed to) the whole time thinking "Jesus, does *anyone* deserve this kind of shit?" But it's the moments of tension and the bright and blurry production design that really stood out to me. When Hayley gives Jeff a semblance of a chance to escape, his panic is so palpable, not only because of Patrick Wilson (can I reiterate how hot he is even as a child molester? Hot!) but also because of the way the camera pans frantically around his ultramodern neatly decorated house with red and yellow contrastingly saturated walls and the hot and cool color filters. I also think it's a mark of a well-directed movie when you can feel that kind of tension without the benefit of heavyhanded scoring. I totally hate overscoring, but there really isn't much to be found here, so that's just great!

The Hayley character is a little over the top in her sadism, but Page makes it work because the contrast between how she looks and how she acts. Her cutesy pixie hair and freckles somehow temper the fact that she sprays bleach in Jeff's mouth and keeps you from condemning her…Wilson really looks his part, too. He is attractive (Hayley points out that he "doesn't look like someone who has to meet girls online") but a little balding and his insecurity shows in how he carries himself, even before he gets tied to a chair by a 14 year old girl. Sandra Oh also has a brief cameo as a suspicious neighbor and even she seems right for her part - buttoned up with pearls as the mom of a Girl Scout who solicits Hayley as a babysitter.

So yeah, Hard Candy is really well done, pretty fucked up and generally [insert word that means entertaining but doesn't imply that I like watching people be tortured].

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January 28, 2009
Yeah, that's the whole idea behind the story. She goes trolling for his type and then zaps 'em. Its pretty wild stuff, and as a long time horror fan it felt strange seeing the tables turned this way. We're so accustomed to seeing women tortured that it seems acceptable, but when its a MAN--whoa!
January 03, 2009
Yes, he definitely knows how old she is.
December 19, 2008
No idea Ellen Paige was in this. I want to watch this now!
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Tackling important matters in very modern contexts, 'Hard Candy' is at best a difficult movie to absorb and watch. What starts as potentially a cautionary tale takes on many nuances and twists as a young teenager hooks up with a much older man via the Internet. As a seeming innocent teenager and as the clever, methodical creep both characters come together tragically, but in ways that seem (and unfortunately are) too real. Gripping from start to finish, the plot is cleverly written--even if the …
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This is one of the absolute dumbest movies I've ever seen in my life.  When you get past the extremely contrived storyline and characters and heavy-handed feeling of the film, all you got is a "shock factor for shock factor's sake" type of film, and a horribly done one at that.  My biggest complaint with this ungodly terrible movie was Ellen Page's character.  She's only 14 and unless if her dad is John Rambo (which I know ISN'T the case), the …
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For some reason the credits list 5 people, but for basically the entire 100 minutes it is all Hayley (Ellen Page) and Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson). She plays a Lolita type and he plays the Humbert type where Lolita and Humbert meet via chat sessions. She believes he is a pedophile and a killer and she puts him through some rather torturous scenarios as the 100 minutes tick down. These scenarios would be hard to believe and would be the reason for watching so I will leave them unsaid. It is very …
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Gritty dark film. Ellen Page shows shes not just a cute face. She can play dark complex charecteres.
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This movie is like Open Water, where there are only two actors in a situation that you know something terrifyingly awful is going to occur but you are compelled to watch anyway. In this one a thirty-something man is trolling the Internet chat rooms looking for young girls. He has a conversation with a 14 year old girl and they agree to meet.     He tells the girl that he is a photographer that does a lot of work for magazines and the girl ends up at his house. The first thing …
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Hard Candy
A fourteen year old girl, Hayley (Ellen Page), chatting on the internet meets a 32 year old photographer whose moniker is 'lensmaster319', but who's real name is Jeff (Patrick Wilson). They arrange to meet in a coffee shop called Nighthawks.     Hayley is far too wise for her years, and Jeff's feeble attempts to prove himself above picking up on her are washed away in her innocent insistence that he take her to his house to hear a bootleg MP3. What ensues is a game of cat-and-mouse, …
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Pros: ........     Cons: .........     The Bottom Line:   "I'll keep you my dirty little secret  Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret  My dirty little secret"  ~The All-American Rejects         This is one of those rare movies that both repulses you, yet draws you in.  The subject matter is quite intense but not nearly as intense as the result.   After …
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This movie is like Open Water, where there are only two actors in a situation that you know something terrifyingly awful is going to occur but you are compelled to watch anyway. In this one a thirty-something man is trolling the Internet chat rooms looking for young girls. He has a conversation with a 14 year old girl and they agree to meet.    He tells the girl that he is a photographer that does a lot of work for magazines and the girl ends up at his house. The first thing …
review by . November 28, 2006
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Hard Candy is in no way a difficult movie to review because it has almost no flaws. I think everything is perfect and it is now in a very short list of amazing films that is filled with all talk and never bores you. The film is about a 14-year-old girl named Hayley played by Ellen Page. The film goes right into the base of its story when Hayley meets up with a 32 year old man named Jeff whom she met in a chat room. Already you can tell that this girl is a little different from any 14 year old you …
review by . September 25, 2006
The topic of pedophile has been revisited once again; following the recent slew of similarly-themed shows like the `Woodsman' and `Mysterious Skin.' But this time round, pedophile isn't the theme of the show; it is simply a cat-and-mouse-ish thriller between a teenage girl and a suspected pedophile. This movie is dark; hell, what story about pedophile wouldn't be, and the acting is nothing short of excellent. Both characters are extremely convincing and both shock in their respective ways. Brian …
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Claustrophobic and brightly colored, this tightly wound psychological thriller is constantly pulling the rug out from under the viewer, mostly due to the tense, explosive performances of its two main characters. The tale opens with a coffee shop rendezvous between 14-year-old Haley (the fantastic Ellen Page) and 32-year-old fashion photographer Jeff (Patrick Wilson), who have previously met only online in a chat room. Despite his questionable enthusiasm at meeting a girl half his age, Jeff comes off as slightly awkward and shy; rather, it's Haley who is unnervingly forthright in her flirtation. She suggests that they go back to his place, he complies, and, once there, Haley seductively convinces him to take pictures of her. She exhibits a beguiling mixture of innocence and precocious sexuality, but before anything happens between them, Jeff passes out under the influence of the drugs she's slipped him. When he wakes up, Haley drops her innocent demeanor and begins to undertake a meticulously planned game...

The supercharged possibilities of a single set and two amped-up actors are explored inHard Candy, a twisted cocktail with a poison kicker. After a flirtatious encounter in an online chat room, two people agree to meet for coffee: a 32-year-old man (Patrick Wilson) and a 14-year-old girl (Ellen Page). They quickly advance to his house, and just as quickly, the apparent pedophilic seduction morphs into something else entirely. After the tables turn,Hard Candybecomes...
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Director: David Slade
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: April 14, 2006
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: Brian Nelson
DVD Release Date: September 19, 2006
Runtime: 1hr 39min
Studio: Vulcan Productions, Lions Gate Films
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