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A 2010 movie written and directed by Christopher Nolan.

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Am I Crazy?

  • Aug 9, 2010

Let me start by saying i don't watch many movies, I'm not a big sci fi buff, and as I'm getting older, maybe I'm just getting a little crotchety.  I'm very aware that by coming out and being the ONLY one Lunch who is giving Inception a negative rating, I'm opening myself up to a lot of questioning and judgment... but that's okay because I know the community will respect my differing opinion and not ridicule me for expressing it.  So here goes:

I didn't like the movie.  I saw it in an IMAX theater so i was able to appreciate how visually stimulating it was and great (and loud) the sound was... which kept me interested and watching the whole thing.  The characters were good, engaging and pretty well developed.  I was even drawn in at points so much that i jumped in my seat a couple of times.  So that was great.  But my problem was with the story. 

Don't get me wrong, i love a complicated tale with twists and turns where you are trying to figure it out the whole time, but Inception's entire premise of being a dream within a dream within a dream... and so on... and so on... and so on... gets so far away from reality it loses all credibility.  Where any question you might have about the plot can be answered the same "that's because it was a dream"... just loses interest for me.

Vanilla Sky similarity.  Anyone who knows me is aware that Vanilla Sky was one of my least favorite movies of all time and that film has significantly reduced the number of times you find me in a movie theater.  My biggest complaint with it was that all the questions in the plot were explained by a glitch in the software which made the "dream" malfunction.  I felt so cheated walking out of Vanilla Sky because i wasted 2 hours on a computer glitch?  Inception was like Vanilla Sky on steroids due to the multiple dream levels.  I was into it, staying with it... one level deeper.. then another... still going with it.  But then the scene where Eames says "dream bigger" and conjures up a grenade launcher to blow up the bad guys when the automatic rifle was insufficient... i knew where this movie was going.  At that point i knew that if i ever questioned anything about the holes or inconsistencies in the plot, then an Inception fan would answer my concern by saying... "but you don't get it man... it was a DREAM!!"  Furthermore, part of the storyline was about how the main character, Cobb, constantly and without consequence breaks every rule that he creates and tries to enforce.

I guess I'm the kind of person who likes to hold film makers and storytellers to some accountability.  I couldn't get into the TV show Lost because I didn't feel like they ever gave a good explanation of the monster in the trees in season one.  Accordingly, I couldn't get into Inception because I didn't feel that there was any reality or truth throughout the film that grounded the story so that i could take it seriously... even to the final cut.

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April 01, 2011
So far as I know, you're not crazy, but I'm not a clinical expert on such matters. However, I will say that I pretty much agree with your take on INCEPTION. (To be honest, I personally feel ALL of Christopher Nolan's films are vastly overrated.) INCEPTION was, largely, little more than a bloated "Twilight Zone" episode, and there's something to be said for that in the marketplace. Think of THE SIXTH SENSE much the same way; audiences embrace them, filmmakers attempt to riff on them with their own retreads due to their popularity, but they're mostly forgotten in about ten years when life's most valuable critic -- Father Time -- passes over them in favor of seeking out and finding 'the next big thang' in popular culture flicks. INCEPTION is impressively, if not lovingly, put together, but the whole "dream within a dream within a dream" construct seriously falls apart when you try to apply any measure of logic to it; mostly, that's because "logic doesn't exist in dreams." And, to a certain extent, you're right with LOST, though I didn't feel that way until the massively depressing and disengaging and disappointing finale when you found out "life is but a dream," a sentiment the showrunners had long ago dismissed as their final solutions (proving them liars and charlatans, depending upon your take of their 'explanation'). Father Time may well catch up with INCEPTION. We'll know in the next twenty years.
August 14, 2010
... It was a let down when it seems that Cobb never woke up and knowing everything was a dream just lowered the stakes in all those fake chase scenes... I agree with the Vanilla Sky reference. I kind of liked both movies not so much for the plot but for the message that comes out from trying to follow a complicated movie. What Inception hit with me the most was that it was about how we sometimes get too caught up with 'living the dream' aka working too much and file other aspects of our lives way towards the back of our minds but  when we meet people through our work how there is experience to be gained from getting to know someone through the work that they do and even if those relationships might be shallow, they can make life meaningful or change life's meaning which is important when life gets mundane. I read a good review about how this movie is just a movie about making a movie not a profound statement about our minds... Cobb is the director, Saito the financier, the chemist the techincal lead, the guy that fights people in restaurants and hotel lobbies and halls is the producer, the new girl is the screen writer, and Fisher is either the audience or the actors or both... and oh yeah the wife that commits suicide are the relationships that end when the film maker spends too much time trying to make a overly complicated movie :-)
August 17, 2010
Nice Supe!! Great to have you on Lunch!! i know you've got some more to say.
August 12, 2010
It's never been a big secret that you aren't into movies (especially older ones)--we could tell that by the small number of them represented in your bulletin. But you won't be getting any hate from me about this film. I haven't seen it (and won't until it turns up on the cable for free), and I suspect that I won't be a big fan of when I do. If you want to talk about being a contrarian you should see my list "Movies I Hope I Never Have to See Again". I was going to call it "I Hate Your Favorite Movie" but that sounded a bit too personal and antagonistic. =) Trust me, if you tell someone that Kubrick's 2001 was dull, boring, and pretentious they will always tell you that you didn't understand it.
August 12, 2010
thanks Karen. That's a great point about 2001... if you don't like it they try to imply that you're dumb because you didn't get it... not cool.  Just different tastes and there's nothing wrong with that.  I just checked out your list that mentioned above "Movies I Hope I Never Have to See Again" and linked to it... just in case anyone wants to check it out.  Great commentary on that list too!
August 13, 2010
Yeah Scotty, but the "Sucks" list has mostly unpopular films on it (with maybe the exception of ARMAGEDDON and EARTHQUAKE) whereas this list has films that everyone likes that I can't stand. Remember what I said about my tendency to over categorize? JR--Thanks for checking out the list. You can see that I really know where you're coming from on this flick since I dare to dislike so many extremely popular films. =)
August 13, 2010
Karen, you are a movie lover and a contrarian. I love it. And as far as your tendency to over categorize... i love that too. Maybe we should make a badge for that.... hmmmmm... now you've got me thinking.
August 13, 2010
I'm all for that. That's one badge I'd be certain to earn. =)
March 08, 2011
I changed the title back to I Hate Your Favorite Movie in honor of Trashie. I couldn't help it. I love the idea of having a Contrarian badge AND a badge for Categorizing! Let's see; Horror Comedies of the 1980s That I Saw Indoors And Didn't Eat Popcorn During. How does that sound?
August 11, 2010
Ha, a very shocked @woopak_the_thrill and @jbeswick pointed me to your review, so I just had to come read it.  Wow, you went way against the grain!  I don't watch very many overs either, nor am I much into science fiction, but all the other reviews made it sound like I'd be blown away by this movie anyways.  Looks like that may not be the case though.  I'll have to check it out to find out.  Thanks for sharing!
August 12, 2010
i guess i'm a huge contrarian. you'll have to see it and weigh in Debbie. i know i trust you on food... we'll have to see how close we are on scifi films ;) i look forward to it!!
August 11, 2010
Oh no! Prepare to hate mail from all the fanboys on IMDB! Let the flaming begin!
August 12, 2010
lol... i can't get the image of a mob of angry fanboys out of my head. too funny. that image is probably only funny to a guy who didn't buy into Inception.
August 12, 2010
I can hear it now: "JRJ, please report to for re-education."
August 12, 2010
bhahahaha... that's a good one James.
August 12, 2010
I'm serious! Those 13 year olds can bring down Lunch's servers in between 5-hour games of Team Fortress 2 and bitching about how only Batman understand's the pain of teenage angst. The denial-of-service attack on Google by China has the technical mastery of my Dad tried to open Firefox compared to what they'll do until you publicly knowledge that Nolan is the Second Coming! Recant! And, you know, just to let you know - there's a rumor going around that you don't like The Dark Knight either...
August 12, 2010
ha! i actually haven't seen Dark Knight... don't tell anyone.
August 12, 2010
Wow. I think Woopak's head just exploded. :-)

*And*... I just discovered he's a Vine Voice on Amazon in a completely unrelated moment.
August 12, 2010
:o Even I'VE seen Dark Knight and I only venture out to theaters like, twice a year! 

James, does IMDB reeducation really exist?  I might need a couple of lessons myself ;P
August 13, 2010
I believe there are IMDB Reeducation Squads out in the public as we speak. They find you, they trap you, they don't let you go until you agree that the best films ever made are The Godfather, The Dark Knight and Inception. There's very little information but it's pretty scary. Before you know it, you'll think Anime is a legitimate category of film.
August 13, 2010
you keep talking like this and they will be coming after you to shut you up.
August 13, 2010
Too late -- they're here! ARGH!!! :-)
August 13, 2010
(my head just exploded) no more community founder...LOL!
August 09, 2010
whoa. Ok, while I loved this movie, I do see where you are coming from. I know this movie is going to have some folks who aren't going to like it and I am not surprised at all that you felt this way. (I Think there's also a couple of others here who didn't like it) I dimly recall "Vanilla Sky" but I do remember that I somewhat liked it despite the fact that some scenes were heavy-handed. What I liked about your review is that you were perfectly honest with how you felt about a blockbuster movie such as this one; it has a personal touch and that is what we are all about in this COL, how we see a movie! Thanks for your first movie review here in Movie Hype, JR! We look forward for more...I am also featuring this ;)
August 09, 2010
thanks Woo! It's great to have an environment where having a different opinion is welcome and encouraged.

on my rating of the film: I actually woke up this morning feeling like my -3 might have been a bit harsh after i took a little time and evaluate it against all the movies i've ever seen. I'll me moving it up a spot or two.
August 11, 2010
Did you really wake up JRJ? Did you? Are you sure? You might still be in the dream...
August 11, 2010
August 12, 2010
actually, i just woke up... what a weird dream. In my dream a actually wrote a movie review in Woo's community. Wait... i was awake... wait... i'm still dreaming. okay... this constantly questioning reality thing is kind a fun!
August 12, 2010
LOL! This comment thread itself made your seeing the film worthwhile. : )
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Inception is a 2010 American science fiction film written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, and Michael Caine. DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a thief  who extracts information from the subconscious mind of his victims while they dream. Unable to visit his children, Cobb is offered a chance to regain his old life in exchange for one last job: performing inception, the planting of an idea into the mind of his client's competitor.
Development began roughly nine years before Inception was released. In 2001, Nolan wrote an 80-page treatment about dream-stealers, presenting the idea to Warner Bros. The story was originally written as a heist film, inspired by concepts of lucid dreaming and dream incubation. Feeling he needed to have more experience with large-scale films, Nolan opted to work on Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight. He spent six months polishing up the script for Inception before Warner Bros. purchased it in February 2009. Filming spanned six countries and four continents, beginning in Tokyo on June 19, 2009 and finishing in Canada in late November of the same year. Composer Hans Zimmer scored the film, using parts of Edith Piaf's song "Non, je ne regrette rien".
Inception was officially budgeted at $160 million, a cost that was split between Warner Bros. and Legendary ...
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Director: Christopher Nolan
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Release Date: July 16, 2010
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Christopher Nolan
Runtime: 148 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures, Syncopy Films, Legendary Pictures
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