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Iron Man

A 2008 movie starring Robert Downey Jr.

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The Truth Is...I'm Not Iron Man, but Robert Downey Jr. is as "Iron Man" Molds Onto Blu-ray

  • Jun 18, 2009
  • by
When you think of Jon Favreau, you don't necessarily think that Iron Man would be a film he would direct, but as it turns out, Favreau is a huge comic book fan and was dedicated from the word go to make the best superhero movie ever, which is exactly what he did.  Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man was probably one of the best casting choices ever made for a film and is also a huge part in what made Iron Man so successful.  The film has been transferred onto Blu-ray HiDef, capturing everything you loved about watching the film in theaters and bringing it home onto your television.

When Tony Stark, a genius weapons manufacturer, Playboy and owner of Stark Industries is kidnapped by Afghan rebels, his life is changed forever when he is forced for the rest of his life to rely on an arc reactor to keep shrapnel from entering his heart.  When Stark builds an iron suit that is powered by his arc reactor instead of building the missile he was ordered to, he is able to escape easily.  After Tony returns home, he vows never to have Stark Industries build a weapon again, after he sees that the very weapons he created were getting put into the wrong hands.  Instead, Tony gets to work on perfecting his armored suit and creating a more powerful arc reactor for his chest so he can fight the people who did this to him.  Not everyone is happy with this move however and Tonys life long "friend" and partner Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) tries to lock him out of his own company.  Now, after figuring out that it was Stane who hired Ten Rings to kill him in the first place, Tony Stark with the help on his assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and his friend Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Terrance Howard), must stop Obidiah from building a more powerful Iron suit and tarnishing the name of Stark Industries before it's too late.

Let's face it, the reason that Iron Man was so amazing was because Robery Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.  Both people are/were alcoholics, Playboys and celebrities.  When I first heard that it was Downey who was going to be playing Tony Stark, all I had to say was, "he is Tony Stark."  When I watched the movie for the first time, I felt like I was watching Tony Stark on that screen, not Robert Downey.  It was almost as if there was nothing to playing the role, Downey knew exactly how to play him because of all of their similarities.  It also helps that RDJ looks creepily identical to the Tony Stark character from the comics.  There really could not have been a better casting choice.  

Iron Man
was also very successful due to its great supporting cast.  It's not everyday that you have a superhero movie that has actors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges in the film.  I don't mention Terrance Howard for the sheer fact that while I thought he did really well in this film, I think the fact that "Rhodey" was recast with Don Cheadle for Iron Man 2 was a very smart choice.  Getting back to the other actors though, Bridges did a really good job playing a bad guy, something he doesn't do very often, if at all and it really surprised me how well he did.  I liked the fact that while he came off as nice, he was a really nasty person with his own selfish needs and agendas.  Paltrow as Pepper Potts was a great casting choice as well as she did a really excellent job becoming the character.  Iron Man is another one of those films that if not for its cast, would perhaps not have been as good.

Unlike other recent comic book films, Iron Man had adult themes which is another reason it might be the best superhero ever made.  There was drinking (can't have Tony Stark without alcohol), there was sex and the general them of terrorism itself was very adult.  Most superhero movies and comic books are kid friendly for the most part, but Iron Man isn't your prototypical hero, he's more of an antihero.  While I would take my children (if I had any) to see this, I think Iron Man is aimed more at adults than it is youngsters.

While Iron Man had a decent story, with hints layered in the film to the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. , The Avengers and The Mandarin (Starks nemesis), the film was so visually stunning that at points I didn't even care about the story.  This was another job well done by the guys at ILM.  Each film they have done recently seems to just test their digital skills and they really outdid themselves again with Iron Man.  When Iron Man is flying along side those F-22's, it looked so real, it truly was amazing.  I really can't wait to see what they do with Iron Man 2. 

The Blu-ray version of Iron Man is stunning.  The picture is crystal clear and more than Transformers, Iron Man's sound made my house shake (The Transformers Blu-ray sound is still better though).  The best scene to watch and listen to on the Blu-ray is when Tony goes back to Afghanistan and takes out those soldiers and that tank.  You really hear and see every little detail, from the bullet holes in Iron Mans armor to the little rocket he shoots that clinks off the tank.  While I feel there could have been more scenes that utilized surround sound, this movie still sounded great and was very pretty to look at.  The Special Features on the second disc are a delight as well as there's a documentary feature that follows Jon Favreau around from the very beginning of conceptualizing the film, to production and all through post production and the premiere.

All in all, Iron Man is the best superhero movie to date.  I honestly can't think of one that tops it.  Robert Downey Jr. takes the role of Tony Stark and completely nails it.  This is a must own for any Iron Man fan and for any comic book fan out there for that matter.  It's a shame that Downey actually didn't get nominated for his role, he deserved it.  Iron Man gets a BIG 5/5! 
Iron Man Blu-ray Cover art Iron Man Poster

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June 19, 2009
It could hardly be more perfect than it was. While casting can not be under estimated when it comes to the success of this or any other movie you still have to have a screenplay that (at the very least) doesn't get in the way of the actors. So we have to give some credit here to the writers for keeping the plot moving along for non-comic fans while at the same time not screwing up the things that Iron Man purists would be looking for. I'm with you, I can't wait to see what they do with the second flick!
June 19, 2009
It could hardly be more perfect than it was. While casting can not be under estimated when it comes to the success of this or any other movie you still have to have a screenplay that (at the very least) doesn't get in the way of the actors. So we have to give some credit here to the writers for not botching things up and keeping the plot moving along while not screwing up the things that Iron Man purists would be looking for. I'm with you, I can't wait to see what they do with the second flick!
June 18, 2009
How do you post the photos onto the review itself? I was thinking of doing those to mine..
June 19, 2009
Hey there. In the review editor itself up top there is a little square box that looks like a frame. That is there so you can embed photos :)
June 19, 2009
Thanks for your reply! great review by the way!
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This movie def changed the way super hero movies are watched. The humor in it made it much more enjoyable and it def opened it up to a much larger more commercial audience!
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I was never really into the comic book, but I thought the movie did a great job telling the story while keeping the action constant.
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I'm more enthusiastic about films (or maybe I have lower standards) - the only false note, to me, was the slut-shaming Pepper directs at Christine: I'm gonna blame bad writing, but the rest of the movie was above that. Good and actiony.
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Iron Man
tells the story about a wealthy man who becomes involved in building an armored suit after a life- changing experience, and then begins to use his new suit to fight evil.

Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man was released on May 2, 2008, and won two awards at the Golden Trailer (Summer 2008 blockbuster), MTV Awards (Best summer movie) and was nominated for 3 other wards.  The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Terrance Howard, Jeff Bridges, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Director: Jon Favreau
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Release Date: May 2, 2008
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 2hrs 6min
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