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Jeepers Creepers

A movie directed by Victor Salva

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Jeepers Creepers - 2001

  • Jun 10, 2002
Pros: he was a decent enough looking monster

Cons: probably a lot but who cares?

The Bottom Line: Why not? What else are you gonna do on a Saturday night?

Where'd ya get those peepers?
This movie is what acting is all about. Whoa there, before you look for a stake to impale me on, I didn't say there was good acting in the movie, I said it is what acting is all about. These two kids were my brother and I, only I'd be the one saying ‘Let's go see what is down that pipe', not him. They looked enough alike to be believable as bro and sis and their playful interaction rang oh so true. Better yet, their expressions, and yes, their eyes.

When they got that slack-jawed, glassy-eyed stare I could almost forgive them for being such nimrods for being somewhere they shouldn't be in the first place. But that is the entire idea of the story, these two have apparently lived this way their whole lives, running straight man for the other one. The acting phase comes in with their expressions. More was conveyed through their looks, eyes, even their mouths hanging open, than in the complete written script.

"You know that part in scary movies when someone does something really stupid and you hate them for it? This is it"
Don't bother to wonder why these kids do all the stupid things they do in the movie, apparently this is just what they do. For me it started with the car, probably won't see too many college kids driving that old beater these days, but that makes these kids ‘friends' to us. Secondly, their interaction, the playful bickering, it reads sibling rivalry to the nth degree. Finally, the license plate game. Anyone that plays car games with the vengeance these two do, you just know they are gonna go places and do things they really shouldn't. Plus, they stopped to pee in the woods together. You believe these two are really related.

Who the Hell is that guy and what does he want?
Naturally these two white-bread, middle America kids have no business running these old country roads in that beater car. Besides police vehicles we saw what - two other cars in the movie. Well, technically a motor home, a hay wagon and the pain mobile. As soon as I saw that baby roll up behind them I thought, this isn't gonna go well, not with all those reinforcements on that old truck.

Once Trish and Darry (Gina Phillips & Justin Long) pass the old truck parked at the abandoned church and see Mr. Creeper (Jonathan Breck) doing his nasty, things pretty much were settled between the three of them. He had ‘their scent' so to speak and one of them will be his next victim.

Mr. Creeper takes on many forms in the movie, yes I enjoyed him in a weird and unusual way. But I wouldn't wanna meet him or antagonize him or even look down his nasty drain pipe to see if those were really bodies he was dumping down there.

Curiosity killed the cat and Mr. Creeper brought him back
Eileen Brennan makes a short and sweet appearance in the movie as ‘The Cat Woman'. Any time you can get Eileen to stop in with her hair all disarrayed and those wild eyes of hers is a bonus in my book. This is probably the point in the story I would have said screw the dead kids in the drain pipe, screw the dead state police, screw the cat woman - I've spent way too long in this one horse town and I'm getting outta here. Of course, the kids don't do that because, well, they are who they are.

Never ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee
Even though the psychic (Patricia Belcher) tells them twice to get out, it really doesn't matter. Once the Creeper has you in his nostrils you are basically dead meat anyway. The question is though, which one of our little babies will be his next morsel? This is where the true relationship between these kids comes into play as each is willing to sacrifice for the other.

Morals? We don't need no stinking morals
Yes, yes, I know. This is nothing but a really bad slasher flick. But think on it a minute. There are several moral situations that arise in this movie.

1. Would you look past your own pitiful existence for one moment and go back and investigate those pipes? I liked the way they worked that in, while Trish is firmly arguing ‘no friggin way', Darry looks her in the eye and says ‘What if it were you back there?'. So I wonder, would you risk your own life to make sure this apparent body is really dead, or if you hesitate and you later find out you could have saved them, how would that affect you?

2. Would you be willing to sacrifice your own life to save another. Really, this kinda goes back to #1, but delving even further into it, as this sacrifice would involve your sibling. Of course, most humans would immediately answer a resounding YES (at least I hope so), but would you?

3. Would you consider suing the inept police department that stood, with their riot gear on and guns drawn, and did nothing to stop the damnable Creeper while he had his arms/wings wrapped around your sibling? Of course, I understand they were at first in shock and why not, it wasn't something you would see every day, or was it? According to the psychic this creature is something that lives around these parts and everyone is aware of, but ignores, it - so why did they just stand there like slack-jawed hyenas and do nothing?

And they lived happily ever after
Actually I've told you little about this movie. There is no way to describe the story without filling the page with spoiler alerts. The basis is there is a demented soul[less] that captures prey [humans] and eats their body parts in order to survive. He takes the remaining bodies and apparently petrifies them, gluing them to the walls and ceiling in the basement of this church.

Darry and Trish catch him in the act, he sees them seeing him, and the hunt is on.

The beginning is good, the middle typical, the ending sad. When there is gore it is very gory, the Creeper was kinda cool in an offbeat way, and Salva used remarkable sense to focus on the eyes of each character throughout the movie - even the Creeper, when Trish is talking to him.

It is every teen slasher flick you have seen and the kids are amazingly dumb for being in this time frame and knowing about urban legends. It is worth the buck 90 for a rental but I would have felt cheated at laying down a ten spot at the theater. Written and directed by Victor Salva.

The movie has been nominated for Saturn Awards - Best Horror Film and Best Young Actor (Long), as well as IHG, Best Horror Film.


Infinity squared


This movie just blew the Bacon to bits.


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A brother and sister on spring break from college decide to take the scenic route home--an endless, desolate stretch of road through central Florida. Along the way they are run off the road by a strange truck, and later they see its driver disposing of what looks like a human body down a drainpipe near an old church. Derry (Justin Long) convinces his older sister, Trish (Gina Phillips), that they have to investigate, and despite all better judgement, they do. That's just the beginning of this wild horror film, directed by Victor Salva (POWDER). Salva keeps the audience guessing by never settling into any particular style or formula. The film veers gleefully in all directions, referencing such classics as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and even THE TERMINATOR, along the body-strewn way. There is no shortage of clever humor amid the shocks, gross-outs, and nail-biting suspense, and Phillips and Long exhibit a refreshingly believable brother-sister rapport. The supp...
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Director: Victor Salva
Genre: Horror
Release Date: August 31, 2001
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release Date: September 11, 2007
Runtime: 1hr 29min
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