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Kick-Ass 2

The Sequel directed by Jeff Wadlow Based on the comic book of the same name.

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Three star movie with five star fun

  • Aug 15, 2013
Kick Ass 2 will probably disappoint a lot of people who, like me, loved the original to one degree or another. There are just too many flaws in this film to not, at some point, feel a little jilted. There are many times when it matches the greatness of the original film but as a whole this film comes nowhere near the level of ass kicking awesomeness we all fell in love with just a few years ago. It’s just not as well made, and doesn't have the same love and attention it seems to me as the first movie. To make a comparison, this is The Dark knight Rises whereas the first movie was Dredd mixed with Iron Man. It even has the same kind of big nonsensical finale. That may not sound like a bad thing, after all a whole lot of people (not including myself) loved Dark Knight Rises, but for a movie like Kick Ass 2 the overly long and convoluted plot and wishy washing direction put a damper on this film. Like Dark Knight Rises, most of the movie is spent trying to get both our main hero's back into their costumes and doing the things we all wanted to see them do in the first place. First Hit Girl is a hero and Kick Ass is out. Then Kick Ass is a hero and Hit Girl is out. Then both are out, and then they're both in. Come on, was all that really necessary? I mean you have two much liked, well established "super heroes" already here, there's no need to spend almost the entire movie with at least one of them out of game entirely. What I wanted more than anything in this film was to see Hit Girl doing her thing like she did at the end of the first movie, but nothing she does here comes close to the jaw dropping action sequences she had before. Don't get me wrong, what she DOES get to do is really cool, but there's just not enough of it.
What saves this movie from a three rating is that, for all its faults, there's no denying the huge grin I had while watching. Hit Girl may not have that huge action sequence that steals the show like in the first movie, but as I said before when she does don the purple jumpsuit and whips out her swords what follows is always a treat. Kick Ass doesn't get as many big action scenes, but he's always been more bumbling sidekick "super hero" then the Batman like ninja assassin Hit Girl is. His action scenes fit his character, and are a lot of fun in the same manner as his fights in the previous movie were. But who really steals the show is Jim Carry. Nick Cage played a great character in Big Daddy in the last film, and it’s a real shame he died as he would have been great to have here. Fortunately for us, we have Jim Carry to take his place. I never would have imagined Jim Carry could have pulled off a role like this, especially after the long absence from notable films he’s had. Jim Carry owns his role as ex mafia enforcer, and new leader of the Justice Friends super group, Colonel Stars and Stripes. The crazy grin, the way he gleefully peruses criminals and even trains his dog “Eisenhower” to bite off the dicks of pedophiles and human traffickers, all come together to make one of the more memorable characters in the entire series. If not for the trailers I wouldn’t have even known it was him until his demasking.
It’s a real shame they killed him off, like they did with Big Daddy, but I understand the reasoning behind it. This isn’t the “Colonel Stars and Stripes” show with Kick Ass and Hit Girl being background characters, this is Kick Ass, and you can’t have Kick Ass being upstaged by Jim Carry. 
The main villain, mob boss son Chris D'Amico from the first film makes a return as The MotherF’er, a whiny “super villain” who’s only claim to power is a fortune he inherits when he accidentally kills his mother which he then uses to buy an army of super badies with comically racist names. The villains can be fun at times, but there are just too many of them and none of them get any sort of attention besides Mother Russia who’s pretty much the female version of the Russian from Rocky III. Other than her though, it’s pretty slim pickings when it comes to memorable villains. Sure they do bad things, but besides the before mentioned Mother Russia none of them do anything of note to make them stand out. There was a short guy, an Asian guy, a black guy, and that’s about the extent of their characters. Funny names, no personality. As for MotherF’er, he has his moments but again its nothing special. In fact the director seemed to go out of his way to make this guy as whiny, emo, and annoying as possible. He wasn’t bad persay, he just wasn’t good either.
If it sounds as if I didn’t like this movie, trust me, that isn’t the case at all. Even for all its problems Kick Ass 2 never bored me. My eyes were glued to the screen for its entire run time, and I can honestly say I had a blast watching it. Sure it’s full of corny one dimensional character, plot holes, and is at times sloppily written, but at the end of the day this is a fun as hell movie that should please the inner nerds in all of us. It’s not as good as the original, that’s for sure, but for what it is it still manages to deliver hours of fun.
Replay value: moderate.

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August 17, 2013
this was fun indeed.....I skimmed your review before I saw the movie and I think we are in agreement in some points...nice job
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Director: Jeff Wadlow
Genre: Action, Comedy
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MPAA Rating: R
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