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King Kong Vs. Godzilla

A movie directed by Thomas Montgomery

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Godzilla has been sighted, work as quickly as possible-HUH?

  • Aug 20, 2000
Pros: Well, it had the two greats, so I accepted it

Cons: The monkey suit...bad, very very bad

Be still my heart. This is just further proof that there is a God and She is smiling down on me! Lines have been drawn in the sand and the mega monsters are facing off. SusiDee is in hog heaven!

This release, fortunately, was done again by Ishiro Hondo, the originator of the mighty Godzilla. But face it, a Merian Cooper he ain't. Honey, this isn't my King Kong, that's for sure! In fact, I think I made a better ape suit for one of my children for Halloween one year! This Kong has a definite ‘Japanese' flair to his facial features making it even more campy, but my buddy Godzilla remains the same lizard as before. And those native women in their Fredricks of Hollywood push up bras, doing their tribal dance - pplleeaassee! Anyway, on to the action ~~~

King Kong versus Godzilla
High water temperatures in the ocean have the US submarine Sea Hawk on an investigative mission. Running aground on an iceberg, a helicopter flies out to rescue the shipmates. Suddenly they view a glowing iceberg and fly lower to investigate. Bursting forth from the iceberg is my hero Godzilla and that terrific roar (I know you can hear it in your head). Who knows why after 50 million billion years Godzilla has decided to break out again, maybe we will find out but I doubt it, considering the campiness of the movie. Elsewhere........

A boatload of scientists have traveled to Faro Island, in search of a monster that eats (drinks) the juice from some exotic berries that look strangely like cherries on steroids. It appears that this juice acts as a sedative, which is a good thing since these idiots plan to strap the big guy on a raft and haul him back to Japan! The monster (Kong) is being brought back to fluff up the ratings on some TV show, that I lost track of along the way. Meanwhile........

Godzilla has made it to Japan, Kong is on his way! Somewhere along the way Kong has become, oh, I don't know, approximately 40,000 feet tall, since he can walk in the ocean and the water only reaches his knees. Will the nefarious monsters meet up? What will happen? Who will win? And why the Hell are they even here? You know, I'd turn it off if I wasn't laughing so hard!

Switching back and forth between Japanese television reporters and Japanese army field offices and the United Nations, we get a play by play of the meeting of these two mega stars. Despite all efforts, again, by the Japanese army, Godzilla breaks through their lines of defense - they again try that electrical barricade thing that never seems to work - as he tries to make his way to the heart of Tokyo. However.........

King Kong is nearing the city, another electrical blockade has been erected to stop the mighty Kong, but it proves as fruitless as it does on Godzilla, as he bites through the wires and uses them for floss! Of course, then the Japanese powers that be decide that the only way to stop the mighty creatures from destroying Tokyo is to use the atomic bomb. Ok, let me see if I got that straight - uh, use the atomic bomb to destroy the monsters - won't THAT destroy Tokyo? Hmmmm.....let me think this over......anyway,

Kong has reached the city, found a woman (being Japan, he doesn't choose a winsome blonde but a curvaceous brunette) and approaches a building to climb. Of course, the Japanese buildings in this movie are not as tall as the New York buildings Kong is used to climbing in past episodes, he is durn near as tall as the building, no real climbing involved there. They resort to the same music played on Faro Island and shoot off bombs over his head that contain the juice of those aforementioned berries ~ nighty nite Kong. Fortunately......

Godzilla is on Mt. Fuji and the wonders of the world in this movie decide to airlift Kong in his sleeping state to Mr. Fuji to face off against Godzilla. They hook the poor guy up in some incredible rig, fly him out, and drop him on Godzilla. Not very nice treatment, as far as I am concerned! and they proceed.......

Kong and Godzilla talk the talk and walk the walk. Godzilla inflates his ego, lights up his spines and shoots out his radioactive breath. Kong, not a fair player at all, throws boulders at the big guy which bounce off him like the pebbles they are! Of course, Godzilla keeps falling on his back and you know how that is for a lizard to get stuck on his back, arms and legs flailing in the air....poor Zilla! Now if you think there is any way I am gonna tell you who wins this battle, you are outta your friggin gourd. Suffer with me, little children, join my pain!

My comments, ya knew they had to come
While I put my heart and soul into this movie I found it so horrendously ridiculous I couldn't stop laughing while it was on. In the action scenes where they use trucks, jeeps, tanks, planes, etc., I'll kiss your a$$ and call you Charlie if they aren't Tonka toys! Even the cars in a lot of the scenes are so unbelievably funny there is no way that they are real.

Godzilla is probably the worst I've ever seen him, you can really see that rubber suit wrinkle and curl in this gig. He does do that wonderful little dance he is so famous for though, making it somewhat bearable. And they have kept his powers and his roar. I would sit through it again for that roar.

Like I said before, Kong is horrible. I don't know what he is made of but it is really a bad monkey suit on this guy! He does have powers in this movie though, something I was not aware of before, where electrical storms make his claws glow and shoot out charges. Apparently this is only available with your Japanese King Kong, not your Skull Island King Kong and apparently this is why the electrical blockade did little to phase him.

I refuse to let this release bring me down, even with the best attempts by American studios that have cut and slashed this baby to bring it to our screens. What we receive stateside is nothing like what is released in Japan (under the title of Kingu Kongu tai Gojira), as apparently American studios believe us so moronically debased that we could not understand the original release. Instead they stiff us with this puerile narration by leaders at the UN explaining the entire story to us in detail, acting like we are reading a See Jane Run book. Insensitive creeps!

The Acting and the actors
I wish I could give credit to the people that played in this epic. I don't know their names, I can't pronounce them, I can't spell them. This is a pity because there is one actor in particular that absolutely brought me to my knees - all I can tell you is that he was the professor or scientist or movie guy from the TV station that was in charge of catching Kong. Hysterical!

Of course, this was done in Japanese, for the most part, and dubbed in English, so you get that great time/action sense where the mouths and the words don't coincide and the voices in no way go with the actor. Fantastic! The one thing I didn't understand, though, was the use of Asian actors in blackface for the scenes of the tribal natives. Still scratching my head over that baby. And the scenes where they approach Kong while he lies sleeping - in fact, anytime you have monsters and people up close and personal - the people are kinda blue/grey/black, obviously superimposed over the monster later in production. What a campy gig! Be there or be square!

Oh, Hell, I forgot the octopus!
Easily understood because I don't know why he was there, I don't know what he did, and I don't know where he went! One minute we have the lithesome native woman looking for her wayward son and the next thing I know, there is a giant octopus - ummm, on land? I guess he was after that aphrodisiac, the steroidic cherries, but Kong attacks and dispatches him quickly, again throwing boulders. Really, now, Kong, ya gotta learn how to play nice! Next thing you know, octopus gone, assumably back to whence he came....hmmmm...strange.


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In this new plot to the King Kong adventures is a rousing finale, when the two monsters clash.
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Director: Thomas Montgomery
Release Date: 1963
MPAA Rating: PG
DVD Release Date: Universal Studios Home Video (September 15, 2009)
Runtime: 1hr 30min
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