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Piranha 3-D (2010)

A movie directed by Alejandre Aja.

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Munch On Some Hot Bods, Bring On The Blood, Gore and Comedy!!

  • Jan 14, 2011
Remember how the now-classic monster film “Jaws” had inspired many films that portray of sea beasts on a rampage? Movies like “Orca”, “Alligator” and even the 1978 Roger Corman classic “Piranha” were a dime-a-dozen in multiplexes. Corman’s classic film was a great time; it was filled with comedic overtones with a successful low-budget execution that inspired the viewers’ imagination. Directed by Joe Dante, the 1978 classic was just so much fun, that now in 2010, Alexandre Aja is now re-issuing the cult classic with loads of gore, bucket loads of blood and tons of beautiful bodies (naked and not). It is the next generation of undersea “munchers”, as Aja brings a supposed distraction in the movies into a fun bloodbath.

Lake Victoria and it is Spring Break. You know that this means a huge incursion of college students ready for a good time and this translates to drunkenness, nudity and sex as they party to death. Trying to keep order amid all the drunkenness and parties is Sheriff Julie Forester (still a hottie Elizabeth Shue) who may have found more trouble than Spring Break is worth when an underwater earthquake opens a huge fissure in the bottom of the lake; this opening allows thousands of supposed extinct piranhas to ravage the partying vacationers. Panic and fear ensues, as Sheriff Forester tries to save as much people as she can; helping along is her deputy (Ving Rhames) and a fish expert (Adam Scott). Meanwhile her son, Jake (Steven R. McQueen) and her other two kids are stuck at sea with “Wild Wild Girls” video mogul Derrick Jones (Jerry O’Connell) and his pack of sexy babes (Kelly Brook and adult film star Riley Steele)…what is a mother to do?


                      Jerry O'Connell in "Piranha 3-D."



                      Munch On Some Hot Bods, Bring On The Blood, Gore and Comedy!!

There is nothing intricate nor is there anything inventive with the plot in 2010’s “Piranha”; it is as straight-forward as can be. Hungry monster fish gets awakened by a tremor during a time when the lake is crowded with hot bodies and what results is a rampaging eating buffet. When you are watching a film like “Piranha” one needs to abandon logic, suspend his disbelief and just allow oneself to be swept up for the ride. Aja overloads the screen with a lot of wild gore and bloody effects to keep the film moving with its bites and laughs. It captures the spirit of the original film and Aja seemed to have redeemed himself after the less than impressive remake “Mirrors”.

The direction plays the film in a very simple manner, it isn’t pretentious as going into the first few scenes, you’d know exactly what to expect. The film has very light characterization, little environmental commentary and even a shot at parental concerns; there is some hot lesbian underwater action and lots of nudity (even full frontal nudity) to go along with the gore effects. Aja goes into overdrive serving up the a lot of gore and blood as he ups the body count. The CGI piranhas are fitting to deliver the carnage, no, they don’t look particularly that realistic as was intended; the direction delivers as much carnage to expose a lot of its low-budget horror sensibilities. The direction maintains a solid pace throughout, you know there will be a third act showdown set up in the film and Aja keeps up the blood splatter and violent blood thrashes to build up to its climax. The CGI effects in the film aren’t bad but it sure wasn’t anything impressive. What I did enjoy was Aja’s return to splatter horror sensibilities as he remembers to incorporate gorgeously cheesy prosthetics to display the mayhem brought about by the ‘munchers’.




                        Ving Rhames in "Piranha."


The film is also hilarious but it never became totally over-the-top in the way of humor. It has a healthy sense of humor as it even plays homage to the classic film “Jaws” (complete with an opening cameo of Richard Dreyfuss) and Shue plays a homage to Scheider’s Chief Brody complete with a subtle theme of woman empowerment. O’Connell feels at home with his role as the frenzied skin flick producer as he stumbles around in his sorry state. Aja knows what he is going for here; the film is complete with breasts shots and bottoms to titillate the viewer; there are even some crazy CGI penis shots. The dialogue has some intended cheesy moments as well; as someone halfway eaten is more worried about losing his penis than actually dying, and yes, the direction is just so comfortable with what it is serving up in the screen.

“Piranha” is just genial fun and to be honest it is a film for a very acquired taste. I guess this is why the Weinsteins tried to hide the film from advance critics, they feared that the film may push the boundaries of immorality that the stuck-up crowd may just boo the heck out of it. Well, if the “boos” from the stuck up viewers are indicative of the film’s charm to low-budget horror fans, then it succeeds in what it set out to do. “Piranha” is just a fun time; it is playful, funny, sickening, disgusting and the bloody mess displayed is such a joy to behold. (I almost feel bad that I didn't see this on 3D)

Highly Recommended! [4 Out of 5 Stars]

Poster art for "Piranha 3D" Piranha 3D Poster


Munch On Some Hot Bods, Bring On The Blood, Gore and Comedy!! Munch On Some Hot Bods, Bring On The Blood, Gore and Comedy!! Munch On Some Hot Bods, Bring On The Blood, Gore and Comedy!!

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January 18, 2011
Yuck, GROSS!!!
January 18, 2011
that's why I like it LOL!
January 16, 2011
After High Tension I had very high expectations for Aja, but he's turned out to be a solid director, but plays it too safe like Piranha. He fills the movie with gore and nudity to cover up a lazy film and sadly too many people eat this up. I LIKED the movie, but feel as if Aja is so much better than using nudity and gore as a gimmick. High Tension was the perfect balance of gore and suspesne and even The Hills Have Eyes remake to a certain point. This was just used a gimmick and it saddnes me to see Aja doing that when he's better than that. I liked Piranha for what it was, but again also a let down. I have no problem with gore and nudity, but I hate how its used as a tool since it cheapens the horror genre. Guys like Karloff and James Whale must be spinning in their graves seeing how the horror genre has gone the past 30-years. I know it sounds like I'm dogging the film, but I did enjoy it, but I have my issues with it. Hopefully Aja can make another one like High Tension and more importantly STOP REMAKING MOVIES!!
January 16, 2011 is gore and the good stuff! I guess if you put it that way, this would be lackluster compared to High Tension. But me, I didn't see this as a horror flick but a guy movie with a lot of cheese. I just had a lot of fun with this one. As for remaking movies, I agree with that unless they could pull off another TRUE GRIT which expanded on the 1969 original with John Wayne by adapting the novel instead of remaking a classic. 

Hey, I heard this movie was a lot better than HATCHET LOL! 
January 14, 2011
I was thinking of reviewing this one myself, along with the classic first one and the second one [they had wings in that one]. Excellent review WP this was indeed just a fun throwback meant to be just that, a fun throwback.
January 15, 2011
I think you should go for the whole thing, Alex. This series was just too fun!
January 14, 2011
As I sat in the theater with my 3D glasses on, all I could think of was the "Time" magazine article discussing the future of 3D movies, specifically in relation to "Avatar." When the piranhas fought over the severed penis, and then spat the remains directly at the screen, my exact thought was, "Ah, so THIS is the future of 3D." There was no malace, just a profound sense of resignation.
January 15, 2011
Yeah, I thought that segment was funny. I feel rather tired of all these movies coming out in 3D; they feel like an excuse to charge more for a ticket. 3D sure didn't improve on the GREEN HORNET and many others. I hate to admit it, but this movie may find its way to my extensive dvd collection. I found it quite fun.
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      PIRANHA      Ah remakes, they are some tricky little things. It seems like so many come out that you hate them all. You swear them all off and then a good one actually makes its way out. This kiddies is one such remake, one that is actually good. Of course with Alexandre Aja behind the boards you knew this was going to entertaining. I mean how could it not be as he really knows how to make these types of flicks. I knew this was going to be a fun ride.   …
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This is one of those meant to be fun flicks that were never meant to be taken seriously. If you went into this expecting a real dramatic scary flick then I know you were surprised. Of course any film that is in theaters as a 3-D flick can not be taken seriously in my opinion. Also how could a remake from a classic be anything but awesome fun. From the kills to the T&A this is just a popcorn flick.
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Debating the merits of Piranha 3D, director Alexandre (Mirrors) Aja's testosterone-driven valentine to Joe Dante's 1978 original and the excesses of '80s genre films in general, is a fool's errand; it is, after all, a movie about prehistoric fish preying on hormonal partygoers in various states of undress--and in 3D, mind you--so any review must answer the question--does it deliver what its key audience (young men, ages 14 to 24) require? On that front, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Special effects creators Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger present a veritable buffet of gruesome ways for the thinly drawn characters to die, from a piranha burrowing through a swimmer's head to the horrible encounter between a boat propeller and a longhaired victim. The sheer amount of nudity on display rivals a week's worth of Cinemax late-night screenings, rendered all the more excessive in 3D; as for the gimmick itself, it lends some unsettling depth to the underwater attacks. In short, if one attends Piranha 3D for grindhouse-style yucks, it's bound to be a rollicking good time. All others may find its relentless, Red Bull drive wearying; the whole affair is clearly meant to be a goof, just as Dante's original (produced by Roger Corman and penned by John Sayles) was, but where Dante's target was monster movie camp of the '50s and '60s (as well as Jaws), Aja and writers Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg take aim at either ...
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Director: Alejandre Aja
Genre: Horror
Release Date: August 20, 2010
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: Josh Stolberg
Runtime: 89 minutes
Studio: Dimension
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