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Quantum of Solace

2008 James Bond movie, sequel to Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig

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I'm pretty shaken I know that.

  • Jun 13, 2009
  • by
I am a huge Bond fan.

This movie, a follow up to the amazing Casino Royale was to open on my birthday, and I was all set and raring to go up north and catch this movie on the Ultrascreen for a great Bond time.

To say my birthday was a happy affair would be an undertatement.

There have been bad Bond movies.  Moonraker for it's sillyness, Octopussy for it's overly complex storyline, The World is Not Enough for it's predictability and A View to a Kill for having the lamest way to take money ever.  All of them are still fun to watch, but I don't even know how after a tremendous and fresh revamp of the Bond series how they could have taken such a fall off already.

First off, they are picking up RIGHT AFTER Casino Royale.  Older Bond movies had maybe a small mention or two of the previous film, but not like this. 

The opening action piece is always great isn't it?  Not when the cuts are a millisecond apart and so jarring and fast and hard to follow you get a headache afterword.  It also continues the trend of the machine gun 10 feet away from it's target that can't hit anything.

The title sequence and song?  Forgettable.  The song (I don't even remember who PERFROMED IT, thats how forgettable it is) isn't Madonna levels of bad, but you do wonder why Paul McCartney or Carly Simon weren't asked to come back for a song. 

Now, Daniel Craig is awesome as Bond.  He's a Bond that can kick your ass.  Maybe thats the problem here.  He REALLY looks like he wants to kick ass here, maybe even mine.  I don't know throughout most of the movie he's either really angry or really cold.  I don't think even Timothy Dalton made Bond so harsh.  I will give a point here though, Bonds vengance is what should have been in Diamonds are Forever.

The story when it's not following Bond around on his tantrum for avenging a loved one who died in the previous film involves investors who are scamming other countrys with the promise of new resources.  Time out.  If Man with The Golden Gun tought us ANYTHING, it's that geopolitics not only date movies, they can make them boring.  It also taught us to have a really awesome villian, something this movie forgot about.  The Living Daylights had the same problem.

Not only that, but the movie is inconsistent.  Bond as I said is on a quest for revenge and being followed by his superiors.  What did License to Kill teach us?  You CAN'T catch Bond and you know he's right so why try?  SO much on revenge though for his aforementioned loved one that he STILL finds time to bed a lovely lady.  Must not miss her THAT much.  By the way, no sexy girl names!  No Pussy Galore and Agent XXX or Plenty O' Toole, sigh.

Judi Dench is M but...where are all the other characters?  No Moneypenny or Q?  Theres a million and half guys on a computer trying to track down Bond and not one of them could be the new Q?  I could understand the absense in Casino Royale but they could be showing up by now.

Another crime is that they had the nerve to use the same Felix.  Part of the fun in almost any of the other movies Felix was in was that you don't know who he is half the time and needs to be introduced and it's always a new actor, except for one time.  Here you know who he is and whats going on and the mystery is killed.  Felix with his CIA blowhard boss is seemingly in cahoots with the villians, or are they?  Bond movies are not THAT DEEP!  You don't make us think that the US or UK are EVER the villians!  They never are in Bond!

I guess the last thing to point out is the pacing.  You have a movie that once it starts, it doesn't stop.  Not even for a second!  It keeps going and going and when it's over, your tired.  Bond movies all have a feeling of make it the same, but keep it different every time.  Is this how those Bourne movies are, get up and go and never look back?  Please don't tell me if thats the case.  I haven't seen them but Bond is one of those series that is supposed to innovate not regurgitate.

Well, there you have it.  A Bond movie that takes from all the wrong Bond movies, leaves you feeling tired, breaks from Bonds simple formula and worst of all, isn't fun or even that memorable.  To be fair, maybe I need a second look at it but thats a cocktail that will have to wait for the price to go down on first.  The last few Bond movies for me was a buy it the day it comes out affair.  Here I'm taking my time, what the movie should have done.
I'm pretty shaken I know that. I'm pretty shaken I know that.

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June 14, 2009
Great Review, but I completely disagree with you about the aspects of this film. I think that having Bond the way he is in the past two films makes the character a lot more realistic and the fact that he is so cold and harsh is a great tie in to the last film. I also think not having Q in the films, despite his comic relief makes for a more realistic James Bond franchise. I also like that Felix does have a face. I enjoyed your review a bunch though, nice to have a different take :)
June 14, 2009
Not that it makes much difference but the idea of a Q branch is even in the old Flemming books, but they function more like they did in Never Say Never Again with providing forged documents, guns, prosthetic limbs and so forth. Dalton for what it's worth is a lot like the early Bond of the books, much more cold but he also wasn't as charming or fun.
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I've never been a Bond fan - which is kind of sacrilegious to say as a Brit named James - but the plots are starting to circle the toilet bowl. As a piece of history, Bond films seem to be a time capsule of how the British empire sees itself, preventing world domination in the 1960s and 1970s, sorting out the Russians in the 1980s (because the stupid Americans were too vulgar to figure it out), disappearing for 10 years with no explanation, and now back with confused self-confidence and working …
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Dvd cover
Ian Fleming's James Bond 007, the iconic movie super-agent has had many incarnations. In the character's 22nd feature film, is also the first direct sequel to a previous Bond film. "QUANTUM OF SOLACE" has Marc Forster (Monster's Ball) taking over the director's chair from Martin Campbell (who had directed two other Bond films) and received mixed reactions from critics. After the phenomenal "Casino Royale", expectations were extremely high and audiences were expecting …
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Any more James Bond movies like this  and the franchise is dead.  Here's what went wrong for me:   Everyone in it is hard. No softies. It's like a conversation where everyone is screaming. You need contrast to make a good movie. Judy Dench is a fine actress but, like everyone else in this movie, she's made of steel.  What  ever  happened to James Bond's witticisms, puns, and other verbal play?    I watched 20 minutes of this and turned to making …
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Not as good as the first but still an amazing entry in the long running series....
This direct sequel to the smash hit, critically acclaimed Casino Royale is more brutal and action packed than the first and it relies on explosives action sequences and out of control chases to sometimes fill in the gaps of the adequately made plot and story. But is this second installment in the reboot franchise bad? No way!! Is it a great sequel? Not really, but it is a good one at that.            Quantum of Solace was somewhat of a let down in the character …
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Don't give a license to kill to a man on a vengeance quest. A wounded Bond, stripped of his cool detachment, is a very dangerous agent. Bond fell in love in Casino Royale - the kinetic and intense reboot of the series - and his lover betrayed him and then died violently while he watched helplessly. He needs revenge and closure. There's no quantum of solace for a mourning and betrayed Bond.     The task of this film, it seems, is to bring Daniel Craig's headstrong and impetuous …
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Bond on the sounds like a mid-sixties spy spoof, yet this is the new darker Bond being chased by the good guys as he tries to even the score left unsettled in Casino Royale [Blu-ray].     The secret of the Bond films has always been found in the Bond girls and the chase. Here the girls take a break while James goes rogue and even M can't bring him in from the cold. But the chase, through parts of the world never seen in the series, offers spectacular action and awe-inspiring …
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I'm pretty shaken, I know that
I am a huge Bond fan.      This movie, a follow up to the amazing Casino Royale was to open on my birthday, and I was all set and raring to go up north and catch this movie on the Ultrascreen for a great Bond time.      To say my birthday was a happy affair would be an undertatement.      There have been bad Bond movies.  Moonraker for it's sillyness, Octopussy for it's overly complex storyline, The World is Not Enough for …
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The second film in the re-vamped James Bond franchise, QUANTUM OF SOLACE begins almost immediately where CASINO ROYALE ended. In an adrenaline-fueled car chase, Bond (Daniel Craig) races away from a group of villains to a secret location where he retrieves his cargo from the trunk: the mysterious Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) who was last seen at the end of CASINO ROYALE. Distraught over the death of his beloved Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), Bond wants information about who was responsible for her death …
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Daniel Craig hasn't lost a step sinceCasino Royale--this James Bond remains dangerous, a man who could earn that license to kill in brutal hand-to-hand combat… but still look sharp in a tailored suit. AndQuantum of Solanceitself carries on from the previous film like no other 007 movie, with Bond nursing his anger from theCasino Royalestoryline and vowing blood revenge on those responsible. For the new plot, we have villain Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), intent on controlling the water rights in impoverished Third World nations and happy to overthrow a dictator or two to get his way. Olga Kurylenko is very much in the "Bond girl" tradition, but in the Ursula Andress way, not the Denise Richards way. And Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, and Giancarlo Giannini are welcome holdovers. If director Marc Forster and the longtime Bond production team seem a little too eager to embrace the continuity-shredding style of theBournepictures (especially in a nearly incomprehensible opening car chase), they nevertheless quiet down and get into a dark, concentrated groove soon enough. And the theme song, "Another Way to Die," penned by Jack White and performed by him and Alicia Keys, is actually good (at times Keys seems to be channeling Shirley Bassey--nice). Of course it all comes down to Craig. And he kills.--Robert Horton
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Director: Marc Foster
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: November 14th 2008
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis
DVD Release Date: March 24, 2009
Runtime: 106 Minutes
Studio: MGM/UA
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