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A 2008 horror film directed by John Erick Dowdle

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Bland, shot-by-shot remake.

  • Aug 1, 2011
** out of ****

You might as well not listen to anything I say in this review. "Quarantine" was not made for me, or anybody who saw the original film that it is based off of, "REC". It was impossible for me to enjoy myself, as the film doesn't intend on delivering much new; but maybe that's what some people will like about it. Formula works with some people and tells others, almost instantly, to stay far away. The formula that "Quarantine" is using works, but that doesn't really matter, when you've seen the original film, now does it?

The set-up hasn't changed one bit; a beautiful television reporter (Jennifer Carpenter) goes to a fire-station to visit with the firemen and report anything that she learns. What begins as an exciting night turns into a disaster, when the firemen are called out to a building, and the woman comes along. Shortly after arriving, we meet the sickly residents of the building as well as the surviving humans. As it turns out, an infectious virus is spreading through people; as they turn into mindless, insane zombie-type beings and bite those who are non-infected.

The entire film is shot through the lenses of a camera; thus the cinematography-style of the film is shaky-cam. Those who disliked "Cloverfield" and "Blair Witch" might want to say no to "Quarantine" as well. I can't say they're missing much. The film is a very basic, very unrealistic fight-for-survival. There are some scares; most of them existent to shock. There's a particularly disturbing scene which goes as followed: an infected dog is seen in a hallway, a survivor unknowingly takes the elevator to that very floor, and when he arrives, the dog pounces on him. He had already hit the button to go back down. Thus, he's stuck inside the elevator; getting chewed upon by the pooch. Well, at least it's not a loss; the guy was an ass anyways.

I do not mind "Quarantine". For what it is, I think it's much better than it needs to be. Most horror movies are cheap, stupid, lame and derivative; and I don't think that, to most American audiences, this film will be any of the four. If you have never seen "REC", then I can picture you having a good time here. Who knows; even if you have seen the original film, you might still like the remake. I can't say anything for you; I speak only for myself. And I do the same when I say that "Quarantine" bored me.

So "Quarantine" is nothing to keep you up at night? But what are the good things about it, if there are any? Let me tell you; there are things I liked and things I didn't like; sometimes, they were in equal measure. Jennifer Carpenter is effective and beautiful as the lead, and her supporting actors do well too. Some of the kills via the infected are entertaining and gory, but then again, some are also uninspired, uninventive; all-the-same, none of them are memorable.

The film was directed by John Erick Dowdle. It was written by the director and his brother Drew. They are not first-time directors. They made "The Poughkeepsie Tapes", which if I'm told correctly, is a creepy little movie; although I never saw it for myself for two reasons: one being because the brothers refuse to let loose a DVD copy of the film into the world, and the other reason is because just recently, it was taken off Youtube. The two brothers are talented filmmakers; and "Quarantine" is a well-made horror movie, but that does not, in any way, insinuate that it's a good one.

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August 06, 2011
agreed on all points. Have you seen "Quarantine 2"?
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review by . February 21, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Yeah its another Zombie flick.
I love these shaky camera movies. Movies like these really ramp up the tension for the viewers. Quarentine was a great movie. Yeah I know its a zombie flick GOD KNOWS HOW MANY OF THOSE IVE SEEN. But what makes Quarentine different from all ths others is where it takes place and the circumstances that the characters find themselves in. Quarentine like all horror movies starts off mondane, then quckly makes its way to the supernatural.The basic plot of the movie is that a new network whats to do a …
review by . March 31, 2009
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Movie Poster
I am not exactly fond of remakes. True, some of my favorite films like Cronenberg's "The Fly" and Carpenter's "The Thing" were major remakes which are arguably better than the original. I do somewhat believe that sometimes remakes are necessary because of the generation and the age of the original. However, the recent remakes of Asian horror were more disasters than successes. (I think "The Ring" was the last decent Asian horror remake) "Quarantine" …
review by . April 30, 2010
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QUARANTINE       Angela is a reporter who is working a story on a local fire department; she is having fun but is looking to go out on a call. So she films herself hanging out with and playing around with the firemen waiting to get some really good footage. She finally gets her wish when the alarm goes off and every one is rushing to the fire trucks. When they come across the building the call came from they notice it is not on fire, but something wicked is waiting inside. Turns …
Quick Tip by . July 20, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Such a pointless plot, it made no sense and thought they were clever with the "camera eye". Been there, done that.
Quick Tip by . July 18, 2010
awful, the Spanish version is way better... so watch rec
Quick Tip by . July 17, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
This movie was scary to me I am not sure I would watch it again think of swine flu!
Quick Tip by . July 10, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
A movie filled with bad acting, horrid camera work, and a predictable storyline, all based around a form of rabies. A bad attempt at a scary movie.
review by . February 20, 2009
This review will contain spoilers. You've been warned.      When I first even heard of Quarantine, I was at a rental shop checking out some games for the Nintendo Wii, and the cashier was watching it on a TV next to the register. At first I thought I was watching the Blair Witch Project due to the style of filming the movie incorporates; all shot from the perspective of one of the actors on a hand-held camera. Instantly intrigued, I shortly thereafter sat down with …
review by . April 23, 2009
Quarantine is a creepy remake of the Spanish film REC (which is far superior). A news reporter and her camera man are shooting a story about a firefighting crew. One night the crew receives an emergency call to a apartment complex. What they inside will lead to a night of horror as they find out that the building has been pit under a mandatory quarantine, leaving the people inside to deal with whatever the government authorities do not want to leave the building. Inside the news reporter, her cameraman …
review by . May 08, 2009
A fire crew, reporter and camera man get locked in an apartment building where the residents have a rabies-style zombie disease spreading on the inside. The building is under quarantine by CDC, and one-by-one everybody dies (about ¬†20 people)?  I can imagine [REC] is a far superior film, but I still enjoyed this, hunkered down on the sofa tending a cold. The cast do a pretty good job with the material, and the pace is well-maintained up until the last 20 minutes (more so than The Blair …
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Quarantine is a realistic horror film released in 2008, directed by John Erick Dowdle and written with his brother Drew Dowdle. The film is shot entirely from the perspective of one man's camera as he and a news reporter (the two played by Steve Harris and Jennifer Carpenter, respectively) shadow a unit of firefighters as they answer a call for assistance that turns into a terrifying experience for everyone involved. Also featuring Jay Hernandez and Greg Germann.

It is a remake of the Spanish Horror film titled "REC" which was released in 2007; which had achieved major box-office acclaim all over Europe. Jennifer Carpenter plays the lead role in place of Manuela Velasco. Part of the "Americanization" of Horror films. 
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Director: John Erick Dowdle
Genre: Horror
Release Date: October 10th 2008
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 89 Mins.
Studio: Vertigo Entertainment
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