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A 2011 movie directed by Steve McQueen.

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Courageous, Truthful and Mesmerizing Portrayal of Sex Addiction

  • Jun 15, 2012
Addiction has its many shapes and forms. I’ve always believed that no one wants to be an addict to hurt himself or to ruin his life--I believe that one becomes an addict for the promise of becoming better. Stronger. Smarter. Suaver. Cooler. Richer. Braver. The promise is always fulfilling but that promise is always a lie. It is a lesson that a lot of people have learned or are learning, if you never had to learn this agonizing human lesson then you are fortunate.

So, how does this all fit in with sex addiction? This kind of addiction is very different since it not only hurts the person with the addiction, but it also hurts the people around him both directly and indirectly, depending on his own situation. Director/writer Steve McQueen boldly goes into this subject matter with his film “Shame”. This film reunites McQueen with Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) after their first film together “Hunger” that took the viewer into a different and yet powerful portrayal of another sensitive and social issue. “Shame” has been rated NC-17 because of its explicit sex scenes. Sensitive viewers may be turned off with the nudity and graphic sex scenes, but if you can get pass it, you will be rewarded with what this film has to offer.

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a young, handsome thirty plus bachelor living in New York. He looks pretty normal and mostly keeps to himself. However, unknown to those close to him and those who know him, Brandon is a sex addict. Brandon sleeps around a lot and enjoys the company of prostitutes. He manages to keep things to himself, and despite the occasional one night stand, Brandon is very low key. Things get complicated when his sister, Sissy (Carrie Mulligan) moves in until she gets back on her feet. Sissy has her own share of problems, and she tries to look up to Brandon for understanding. But Brandon has enough problems of his own and he may not be able to help anyone out emotionally--not even himself.

I have seen several films with this premise. Most of the ones I’ve seen are either a black comedy or something that barely scratches the surface. Steve McQueen’s “Shame” dares to go to the many layers of this premise. The writing and the direction is never afraid to go into the darkest borders of this agonizing addiction. It isn’t all about the addiction, but McQueen engages with a raw, honest to goodness portrayal of a man stricken with such an addiction. “Shame” is impressive that it became a movie that I never cared about its graphic nature since it was done tastefully and with class. The script was able to illustrate the consequences of being a sex addict, and its devastating emotional effects on the person suffering the addiction.

While most movies illustrate the effects of this addiction to the addict’s wife and family, and perhaps his own job, “Shame” does it all. It managed to exhibit that raw power needed to bring the many layers of this addiction forth. It also helps that the lead character is a simple guy with a regular job; it makes the story much more relatable. Effects of Brandon’s addiction to his job is subtly brought forth with light conversations of a computer virus in his work computer. Sexual addiction demands a lot of privacy and so Sissy is the ’monkey wrench’ in this respect. Bringing forth the emotional and psychological detachment that such a person can have is in the person of Brandon’s co-worker Marianne (Nicole Beharie).

Now all the great screenwriting in the world would mean nothing if the film did not have the right actor for the right role. Fassbender was amazing in his portrayal. He was able to bring about the right tone, emotions. Well, he just nailed the role. Fassbender made Brandon more than a character, he became the character. The guilt, the embarrassment, the confusion, self-destructive qualities and most of all anger were all on display. I could not name one or two key scenes that breathed life into his character, I mean, Fassbender was fantastic. Each scene was significantly more complex than the one before, and he just grew along with the script and it was indeed a stunning performance. Carrie Mulligan (Drive) was just as good as Brandon’s sister, but I did feel that her character had several missed opportunities to really grow within the script. Some details behind her were a little standard, but Mulligan and Fassbender made it work as I became engrossed with the story. This film isn’t just a story about Brandon, but it is also a story about a brother and a sister.

The script says it all, and everything was magnificently rounded together by the direction that just makes each scene stand out. McQueen executes the shots with careful timing and areas where he believes can bring forth the emotion behind each scene. The shots are simple and yet it never was afraid to go a little stylish. I mean, McQueen’s direction makes a simple jog in the night to mean a something and it becomes a strong opportunity for drama. The cinematography by Sean Bobbitt used a muted color scheme for most of the film and keeps the shadows within focus to exemplify the film’s dark premise and execution.

“Shame” was a gem that I could almost kick myself for missing it in theaters. As good as it was, it wasn’t a perfect movie, but my complaints were so little to even try to nit-pick. There were times that I did feel that the film rushed into some areas in the last act, but at that point, I was already had by McQueen that I was ready to ignore its small flaws. This film is not an easy watch, but the way it was performed, scripted and shot were on the nose that it was easy to get immersed with the film. “Shame” is a captivating film; I would not say entertaining, and it is definitely a little hard to watch but it is one of 2011’s best  films.

Highly Recommended! [4+ Out of 5 stars]

Courageous, Truthful and Mesmerizing Portrayal of Sex Addiction Courageous, Truthful and Mesmerizing Portrayal of Sex Addiction Courageous, Truthful and Mesmerizing Portrayal of Sex Addiction

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June 18, 2012
Excellent review WP
June 20, 2012
thanks for checking it out, man
June 17, 2012
Wow this one sounds intense and I want to see this. Sex addition is a tricky subject, but it sounds as if this was done in pretty good taste (despite the graphic sex scenes) and if Fassbender was that good in his role, it should be interesting. Thanks Will!!!
June 17, 2012
Fassbender won best actor in the Venice film festival. But he didn't even get nominated here in the U.S.. This is a great movie!
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