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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope DVD

The first film made in the "Star Wars" saga and was released in May of 1977.

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30 Years Later and Still a Remarkable Film

  • Jul 6, 2009
  • by
In 1976 a young director named George Lucas had a vision for a movie.  A movie no one thought would get off the ground at all.  When FOX gave Lucas the greenlight the studio thought it could very well be their swansong.  And how could they not?  The budget, for the time, was pretty big (the number itself might seem laughable now as even some independent films are made for more).  Not only that, but there were many problems.  There was a big desert storm the first day of filming some of the scenes on Tattooine, the actors didn't seem to be taking the job seriously enough, the film fell behind production numerous times and had to be pushed back numerous times, and while they had a good guy to play Darth Vader, his voice was laughable for someone who was supposed to be the baddest dude in the galaxy.  The problems were so bad, George Lucas was said to have suffered from a heart condition while filming.  The film finally opened on Memorial Day Weekend in 1977  Apparently very few had faith in the film... it only opened in 42 theaters.  But from 42 theaters (and think about it, 42 theaters in the 70's is miniscule).  That 42 theaters turned into a mega huge phenomenon.  Star Wars is so big that George Lucas gets reprimanded by fans just for tampering with the smallest of things!  From who shot first between Han Solo and Greedo to fixing even obvious movie mistakes.  The slightest tweak draws rage of long-time, hardcore fans.

The movie opens with the crawling text, explaining to the audience that a group of rebels has stolen plans from the Empire's secret weapon the DEATH STAR.  On board is a woman named Princess Leia.  The vessel is being boarded by the Empire.  It takes no time jumping into the action.  As Vader boards the music plays and we are immediately introduced to one of the baddest dudes in the galaxy.  Vader is heartless.  Played by David Prowse (who no one can remember), but voiced by James Earl Jones, Vader is a terrifying man to stand face to face with.  Heartless and cold, he has no problem crushing anyone who stands in his way.  

Leia, finding herself and her allies in danger, puts the plans for the DEATH STAR into the R2-D2 unit, with a message.  Along with C3P-O (hereby referred to as Threepio) R2-D2 blasts off to the world of Tattooine below, while Leia is taken hostage.

Meanwhile, a young farmboy named Luke, who lives with his uncle and aunt, comes into posession of the droids.  While cleaning them, Luke stumbles upon the message.  "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi... you're my only hope..." but who is Obi-Wan, and why does R2-D2 need to find him?  The next day, R2 is gone and so Luke and Threepio set out to find him.  As they do, they come across Obi-Wan.  Obi-Wan, it turns out, is a jedi... who are powered by the force... a mysterious energy that binds us and penetrates us.  You've got to feel it and believe in it.  Obi-Wan then gives Luke what is known as a Lightsaber... the weapon of a jedi knight... that belonged to his father.  They soon find a bunch of slaughtered jawas.  Then they realize that the Empire is tracking the droids.  And if they're tracking the droids they might find out who the jawas sold them to and that would lead them back... home.  It is when Luke finds his Aunt and Uncle slaughtered that he decides there's nothing left for him.  He decides he will help Obi-Wan rescue the princess.

Most of you, I'm sure, know the story of Star Wars.  But I can't help but relive some of it.  George Lucas was no accidental genius (but one who, unfortunately, lost it).  He was simply making his own heroes journey.  There are few better examples than Star Wars of just what The Hero's Journey is.  There is always a young boy who is called to adventure... but needs a little push.  There is always a mentor and a group of friends to accompany him.  In the case of Luke he has Obi-Wan for a mentor, and he has Threepio, R2, Han Solo, Chewbacca and eventually Princess Leia as his allies.  Those who will help him grow and conquer evil.  The hero's journey in and of itself is iconic.  You've seen the hero's journey played out in other movies and pieces of literature such as The Matrix, the Lord of the Rings, Eragon (which might as well be Star Wars) and even the Prequel trilogy (with the opposite outcome).  It's a simple formula that's easy to do.

Admittedly, Star Wars is a grand film, but does have a few setbacks.  The acting, while it certainly isn't bad, is definitely not great.  George Lucas didn't exactly have a good history of working with his actors, and it shows from this.  You're having too much fun to care, though.  Lucas didn't just have a history of not working well with his actors, but also witholding information.  He doesn't do much for the first film, but sometimes you do get the feeling that Lucas was making up some of it as he went along rather than actually having it all planned out.  There's so much romantic tension between Luke and Leia... and we're saying to ourselves, "Awe... they might make a cute couple..." and then you see the third movie and wonder just why Lucas so much of that tension (albeit, sure, they don't actually KNOW, but you kind of feel weird watching afterwards).  We could have plenty of debates regarding Lucas's continuity and whether or not he had it all planned.  But we'll put that all aside and just enjoy the movie.  It's still crafted rather well.

The other thing, I hate to say... is dialog.  There's some that's really funny and witty.  Yet, for all the people who complained about stilted dialog in Star Wars Episode I and II... Star Wars Episode IV shows that George Lucas was NEVER much for writing strong dialog.  While there are memorable lines such as "Use the Force, Luke," and "May the force be with you," you're still getting dialog that sounds a little hokey from time to time.  I'm just guessing that most people settled in and got so used to it that there's nothing about it that sounds a little cheesy at all.  But as with Titanic, it may because Lucas hasn't realized the talent of the cast he has.  Although that may be true enough because from what we can see presently, there wasn't much talent within the Star Wars cast as it was.  Only Harrison Ford really seemed to go on to have a lucrative career of all the main cast members (though Mark Hamill does provide some nice voice talent in that animated Batman series as well as a couple of video games).  So was it really that Lucas didn't work with them well enough, or was it that he happened to have a couple of actors who really just couldn't give it their all?  Well, that really depends on how you view The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

One thing that must get mention however, are those awesome special effects.  Even today there's hardly anything better than just looking at the lightsaber.  Yet the space battles, blasters and different races are still a wonder to behold.  Sometimes when watching it's amazing the movie was made in 1977.  Star Wars pioneered the way to more fantastic special effects from several other movies in the future such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and several movies you see today!  Yet it is nice to know that Star Wars doesn't survive based soley on special effects alone.  We actually come to love the characters.  Not only do we come to love the characters but we come to enjoy the story in and of itself.  And Star Wars is by no means a complex story.  You've got a princess, an evil empire, a dark lord, a poor farm boy and a egotistical rebel and his sidekick along with two comic releif characters and a mystical force that can't be explained.  Is Star Wars supposed to be a Sci-Fi Epic or a Fantasy film?  Aside from taking place in space there's really nothing sci-fi about it at all, yet there's plenty of fantasy.  The debate, even 30 years later is still ongoing, but you can probably guess where I stand (the only sci-fi part it's got, really, is being in space so I lean on the fantasy side).

Even more epic is the film's musical score which is epic, powerful and yet emotional at the same time.  My particular favorite tune is the music we are treated to as Luke makes his trench run and turns off his viewing screen as well as the ceremony at the end.  And, of course, there are the closing credits.  It sounds odd, but I'll always listen to the closing credits of Star Wars, just for the music.  I get mad when it comes on TNT or USA or SPIKE TV or any network television channel and I can't listen to the music as the credits scroll.  Does that sound a little too lost in Star Wars lore?  Perhaps it does, but there are few movies I love as much as the Star Wars trilogy.

In 1997 George Lucas released a special edition in theaters.  This was the first time we were subjected to "changes" made within the Star Wars films.  Although the film in particular (according to internet movie database) has been subjected to changes at least eight times.  If you saw Star Wars so early as 1978 you've long since been viewing an altered version of the original.  The completely original has been lost for over 30 years.  And you can tell whether or not you're viewing complete original based on whether or not it says "EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE."  Yet it would be the DVD release in 2004 that would really turn heads.  

For me, the new scenes really never added anything to Star Wars.  You're only getting four minutes in the special edition and 2004 edition.  It's nothing big, but it's sad that you can hardly find the originals at all anymore.  For those born after 1993 in particular, it's quite possible you've never seen the original edition of the film at all.  If that's the case the 1997 edition is probably the earliest you've known.

Regardless, the movie is still one of the most iconic movies in movie history.  And one of the most influential.  The only real shame is that George Lucas was never satisfied with the film in and of itself...

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July 06, 2009
Great review of an Awesome movie. I agree that the lightsaber remains a really cool effect. I didn't know about the limited release when it first opened, but that is really interesting. The studio must have been blown away by the success since they were expecting so little.
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