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The Book of Eli

A 2010 American film starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.

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A Quick Tip by Count_Orlok_22

  • Dec 9, 2010
Good grief, this was dull. I enjoy a well-done post-apocalyptic film and that sub-genre has a long and interesting history. However, this film adds nothing to it and its insufferable and hypocritical message was annoying as could be. The strange twist near the end also made the film completely unbelievable as well as meandering. The only positive things I can say about it is that the camera work is quite good and Denzel Washington delivers an okay performance.
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December 10, 2010
I still need to watch this one
December 09, 2010
Hmm. I liked it. There were many elements of it that were a tad predictable, as apocalyptic thrillers go, and there were more than a fair share of stereotypical characters (even for an apocalyptic flick), but, all-in-all, I felt there was a balance that made me perhaps forgive its indiscretions more than you did. I didn't mind the twist ending, though I suspected it was coming in a slightly different fashion than it did. Oldman? I could've seen anyone else in this b/c it was WAY too close to so much work that he's done. It would've been nice to see someone else give that whackjob a go instead of Oldman, and, though I love me some Mila Kunis, I thought she was also miscast (it was nice to see her stretch a bit theatrically).
December 09, 2010
Mila Kunis has proven she's talented, but she has a very light air about her and it's hard for her to fit into something dark and gloomy like this. She just doesn't seem like she could survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
December 09, 2010
Agreed. Those whackjobs would've chewed her up and spit her out, the frail li'l thing!
December 09, 2010
ha-hah. I agree her character should've been more developed. But I think the other guys wanted to 'keep' her for himself...
December 09, 2010
can't say I'm surprised that you didn't like this one. I've told several people that this wasn't a sci-fi film, it was a story about faith with some themes releated to Biblical warriors. Don't forget that Oldman was also good in this flick.
December 09, 2010
I wasn't expecting a straight-forward sci-fi film, but I was expecting something more original. Plus, that whole twist at the end of the film was just silly and pointless. As for Oldman, his character in this reminded me a bit too much of his character in "Leon: The Professional". I think it was the egomaniacal tendencies and the slicked back hair.
December 09, 2010
as I've been trying to say, the climax would definitely alienate you since it references a lot from the themes of the Old and New Testaments. I knew this wasn't your movie. as for the back hair....LOL!
December 09, 2010
I got the Biblical references and that wasn't the issue. My big problem is that the character of Eli is intentionally misleading in that he is portrayed by both the script and by the acting as if he can see whereas he is blind. It was just incredulous.
December 09, 2010
And I said slicked back hair, not back hair. LOL!
December 09, 2010
Spoiler alert: actually, the groundwork for him being blind was laid out throughout the film. When he woke up, the sun was in his eyes and his eyes didn't blink, at the tunnel he sniffed and went to shadows before he engaged his opponents, at the village, he didn't see that the woman was also blind and so forth.... it is a story about faith and serving a purpose despite one's handicap. It also makes an allegory that faith makes one see more not less, and because you can see more, you may be willing to see less. :)

back hair is eewww....whether it is slicked or not...LOL!
December 09, 2010
How can a blind man shoot a bow and arrow and hit a target in the groin without killing the girl that the target was intending to rape. No matter how good his hearing was, unless he had sonar vision then it's just too implausible. Plus, Denzel kept looking in the direction of sounds. Blind people turn their ears to sounds not their eyes. And if the Bible was in Braille, then why protect it so fiercely? He could have handed it over and it would have made no difference since he was likely the only person left who knew how to read Braille.
December 09, 2010
It is called faith and miracles....Samson and the story of David and Goliath. ..but you want to get technical Shaolin masters have practiced their art blindfolded at times--catching arrows and shooting arrows. It is called CHI. No one knows how they do it either. :) The Bible represented something else and it could not be tainted. Just because it was in Braille doesn't mean it can't be translated--Oldman did have a lot of books or they can just find a blind person...
December 09, 2010
Catching arrows when blind is one thing, but shooting them is another. First of all, the bad guy was about to commit rape and his being shot in the crotch at that time is beyond the realm of coincidence, so you have to assume that Eli was aiming for that area. But unless there was a noise being emitted from that general area, then Eli has no context to put it into and no idea what he is shooting at. In fact, the only thing making noise at that time was Solara, so he would have been essentially shooting in her direction without knowing her or her assailant's position. Another example can be found in the scene where he witnesses the marauders attack a traveling couple. He's on a cliff up above them and he looks down. He doesn't tilt his head so that he can better hear what's happening, but rather looks at it. And in the fight scene in the tunnel, he wouldn't have been able to detect direction because sound would be echoing and bouncing all over the place, so there's no way in hell that he could have defended himself so proficiently against seven guys. These are not the actions of a blind man. As mentioned in the film, most people that survived the flash became blind afterward and therefore wouldn't have read Braille. The flash was 30 years before the story took place, so finding a bunch of Braille readers is more than improbable.
December 09, 2010
Terrific observations and you make a good arguement. But like I said--it is a story about faith and how God guides his warriors; it is an allegory that your faith can move mountains and can do wondrous things. It was never sci-fi to begin with. It was supposed to be magical and a story about one man can change a world. Science and technical knowledge can never explain such a thing. :)
December 09, 2010
But he didn't change the world. I saw the film as being more of a commentary about how people misuse religion to try to control one another or pass judgment. Washington's character does live by the laws of the Bible yet he used the Bible to judge others. Oldman wanted to use the Bible to give himself authority and order people around in attempt to gain power. As a result, Washington dies having passed the information onward and given up his violent ways, thus redeeming himself. Oldman on the other hand still lusts for power and covets the Bible which turns out to be of no use to him because he is corrupt and unable to understand the true meaning of the stories therein (plus, it's in Braille which he doesn't read).
December 09, 2010
That too, you are correct religion can be used for the wrong reasons. As for Eli judging people...remember he mumbled "stay the path" when he saw the couple being attacked? then he met the attackers later, and he killed them anyway? I think Eli was an instrument...there may have been times that God was speaking to him much like He was with Samson. Yes, he didn't change the world but he put the Bible where it needed to be. Bloodshed and violence is permitted by God as long as the cause is just and to bring hope. He died because his purpose was fulfilled. Oldman's character is a false prophet and they exist even these days. :)
December 09, 2010
Except that the violence committed by Eli, except when saving Solara, served no purpose. It was purely for self-preservation, which is an act of the ego and not one of a spiritually enlightened person. However, at the end he chose not to fight back and allowed himself to be shot, thus showing that he had transcended fear and the instinct for self-preservation.
December 09, 2010
His saving of Solara embodied his emotions (harsh times require a response that may be just as harsh), and Solara's purpose was to be his successor in a way. I am not a violent man, but if I see an adult molesting a child or raping a woman, I will also do what it takes to take him down; moreso if it was someone I cared about, yes, maybe even kill to protect. Being a spiritual person doesn't mean you have to be a wimp. When he was shot, he was near the end of that purpose and I know it sounds cliche, but it was destiny for him to get shot and then transcend a different level. The film's theme was "believe" and so I guess it got it right when it asks viewers to simply 'believe'....
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3 ½ + Stars:
At first impression from its trailer, the Hughes Brothers’ (From Hell) post-apocalyptic action drama “The Book of Eli” appears to be a film that borrows heavily from other movies such as “Water World” and “Mad Max”. Such movies have their plots revolving around survival and/or the search for a natural resource. This film does have the post apocalyptic theme going for it, but the ’resource’ that humankind is searching for isn’t oil, water …
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The Book of Eli was a highly anticipated film for me and although some of my friends had their issues I loved it. This isn't a perfect movie but it was a damn good one. Anywho, here goes the synopsis, In 2042, thirty years after an apocalyptic event, Eli (Denzel Washington) travels on foot toward the west coast of the United States. He keeps very little on him, somehow he has a working ipod, sunglasses, and a heavy arsenal that makes him one the deadliest men still alive.      …
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**1/2 out of ****      Out of all those apocalyptic action films of the new generation, "The Book of Eli" is one of the better, yet imperfect ones. I can't guarantee that many will be able to forgive its visual bleakness and pretentious story-telling, but there's something about this film that makes it fun. Sure, it's a flawed apocalyptic tale without depth and devoid of power. But it's also fun, especially when there are action sequences. These little …
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Don't let the first 30 minutes or so of The Book of Eli fool you - it comes off as a bleak and moody mix of other post-apocalyptic stories like Mad Max and The Road, but by the time the credits roll you'll see the heart that beats beneath this cracked skin.      There's a lot of story to uncover in The Book of Eli, more than I initially expected, and the themes and ideas expressed here surprised me. In a very good way.      Denzel Washington pulls …
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Kicking Butt After the Age of 50
A quick visit to Wikipedia and I discover that Mr. Gary Oldman is starting to live up to his namesake. No offense, of course, to those over the nice round age of 50. In fact, take it as a compliment. It means that at the age of 51 you can still intimidate the heck out of us younger-folk. That is, if you are anything like Gary Oldman. Even past his 50s he remains one of the most unnerving personas to hit the screen. And boy does he rattle the nerves in The Book of Eli.      Another …
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Pros: Washington & Oldman     Cons: none for me     The Bottom Line:   "Not At This Time In My Life  How Can I Hear Your Call In This Windy Night"  ~Houston Calls       It has been a while since the Hughes brothers, Albert & Allen, have offered us a project, but joining with writer Gary Whitta, they have given us The Book of Eli.  It is rated R for language and violence and has been nominated, …
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All of a sudden I was blinded by a flash, devil of a man with a gun
Years ago, the educated in the church were the only ones who could read scripture and keep themselves in power and the world stupid.  The ones in power who are lacking benevolance are in danger of ignoring Santiago's most famous maxim, the one about those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.  So sets into motion The Book Of Eli, a fantastic post apocolyptic western movie where a lone traveller heads west on a quest of faith with an important piece of cargo to take home.   …
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      Real short:  watch it if you get a chance. Slightly longer: The Story of the Christ meets Mad Max The Road Warrior. And just a bit longer: Fans of post apocalyptic scenery will love the devastation. Fans who have been clamoring for post apocalyptic tales with more of a Christian message will enjoy the message. Fight scenes - pretty darned good.  Acting - pretty darned good.  Cinematography and musical score - pretty darned good (I'm a pushover …
review by . September 28, 2010
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One of Denzels coolest flicks yet.
Just when you thought you've seen it all (post-apocalyptic movies) comes The Book of Eli. This movie takes place a few years after a war destroys most of America. The main Character Eli is in the possession of what seems to be the last bible on earth. There is something about this movie, it just pulls you in and your instantly hooked. Denzels acting was phenominal and after all these years he's still got it. The story seemed odd but it was enough to keep you intrested. I loved the twist …
Quick Tip by . September 25, 2010
Wanderer after the apocalypse travels across the US with an important parcel to take to the west. Great action movie.
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The Book of Eli is a 2010 American film starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.  It was directed by Albert and Allen Hughes and written by Gary Whitta.  The film was released on January 15th 2010.

Based in post-apocalyptic 2043, The Book of Eli follows the life of one man (Washington) who in his posses ion holds the last bible on Earth.

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Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: January 15, 2010
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: Gary Whitta
Runtime: 118 minutes
Studio: Alcon Entertainment, Silver Pictures, Warner Bros Pictures, Columbia Pictures
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