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The Expendables 2

The Sequel to the Expendables movie of 2010 directed by Simon West

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You Can Never Beat A "Classic"

  • Aug 18, 2012
2010’s ensemble action film ‘The Expendables” was an ode to the time when action movies ruled the multiplexes and when adrenaline-pumping stunts and explosions took precedence over plot and substance. Directed by Sylvester Stallone, the film did have some rough spots but proved to be a escapist fun. It also brought together the past and present array of action stars that satisfied action junkies. Well, this time, with Simon West at the helm as director and script written by Stallone and Richard Wenk, comes its sequel in the form of “The Expendables 2”. As expected, it tries to out-do the first film with a lot more action, explosions and adrenaline. As with the first movie, "Expendables 2" is the kind of movie that you will either love or hate.

                     Yu Nan as Maggie, Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross, Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen, Terry Crews as Hale Caesar and Randy Couture as Toll Road in "The Expendables 2."

The films begins right in the middle of the action as Barney Ross’ (Stallone) group of rag-tag mercenaries (Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Liam Hemsworth) are dispatched to Nepal to rescue a rich businessman as well as Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Barney’s rival. After the successful mission, Yang (Li) leaves the team to accompany the businessman in his return to China while the rest of the group goes back to the States for a little R and R. But things never slow down for the team, as Church (Bruce Willis) collects on an old debt from Barney and this sends them on another mission to accompany a Chinese female operative named Maggie Chan (Yu Nan) to retrieve some lost item from a safe. This puts the team at odds with a man called Jean Vilain (Jean Claude Van Damme) who has other plans for the item. Now, the team must track, hunt, find and kill those who had done them wrong and maybe preserve the balance of power in the free world.

                        Chuck Norris as Booker in "The Expendables 2."

                       Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Expendables 2."

“The Expendables 2” is your tough, no-nonsense, adrenaline pumping action movie that is a throwback the 80’s action movie era. The plot of the movie is pretty standard and admittedly, there is nothing intricate or surprising with the manner the film is executed. It is your typical revenge, explosive action movie where the ’heroes’ are anti-heroes hunting down those who crossed the line in their own definition of honor. The screenplay is rich with action “fan service” and the dialogue is filled with one-liners to promote a lot of attitude and some macho humor. True, the film’s script has a lot of plot holes, but this really isn’t the kind of movie you go see for an engaging story. “Expendables 2” is loud, crude, bombastic, outrageous and it does it so well.

I do have to admit, while this movie is another one of those Stallone and Statham movies since the story and its devices revolve around their characters, I felt that the direction this time around was a little bit more balanced than the first movie. It is difficult to distribute screen time among the many ‘action movie hall of famers’, but Simon West does try and the screenplay was a little smoother in bringing in the set ups for the action as well as delivering the ‘punch lines’ in the scenes. Willis, Schwarzenegger and a surprising cameo by Chuck Norris were truly a welcome element that drove some of the film’s machismo humor. Jet Li may have very limited screen time but what he does in the first act got a huge reaction from fans. I liked the way the dialogue also played on some of the famous lines of the action movies from the 80’s, as if to poke fun at them. It also had some subtle musical cues that mimicked those same movies. I heard some musical nods to “The Terminator”, “Missing In Action” and even some Asian martial arts movies (God knows what else).

                       Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean Vilain in "The Expendables 2."

                       Randy Couture as Toll Road, Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen and Terry Crews as Hale Caesar in "The Expendables 2."

                       Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis in "The Expendables 2."

The film really embraced what it is wanted to do. It has some one-on-one action to generate some machismo, as if saying “you fucked with me, now this is the time for payback” kind of deal. Stallone takes on Van Damme while Statham takes on another martial artist, Scott Adkins (who plays Hector). It is all about some macho payback in this sequel. The direction also does not hold back on the bucket loads of blood that he uses to express the action violence. You can say that there is a lot more gunfire and fights than meaningful dialogue in this film. One scene leads to another as West allows the film to wallow in its display of an action extravaganza. You see some classic “Expendables” attitude and gadgetry (meaning guns and cannons) to allow the action to dictate its pace. I also liked the cinematography with its grainy, dirty look that seems to emulate the film's intended violent and rough delivery.

                        Jason Statham in "The Expendables 2."

Yeah, “The Expendables 2” is your standard action movie that brings action fanatics their sense of nostalgia when action sequences took precedence over substance. Those were the good old days, and even what very little characterization to be had with Barney and Lee, it all revolved around Maggie and Lacy (Charisma Carpenter), then it all comes down to pure action adrenaline. One can say that this movie franchise is all about ‘novelty’ as it brings together all the action stars of old (too bad Donnie Yen could not make the film due to scheduling issues), and delivers what it is supposed to. There is a strong hint of a third movie, and if so, I am all in. They do need to hurry up since these stars are beginning to really “show their age” (LOL!), but then there is always a younger version of “The Expendables” hanging around the corner…please just NO 3D gimmicks!

Recommended! [4- Out of 5 Stars]

Poster art for "The Expendables 2." Poster art for "The Expendables 2."

Poster art for "The Expendables 2." Poster art for "The Expendables 2."
You Can Never Beat A You Can Never Beat A You Can Never Beat A You Can Never Beat A

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August 21, 2012
August 21, 2012
I have to say, this was better than the first movie. But, buddy--YOU WILL LOVE THIS.
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Director: Simon West
Genre: Action
Release Date: August 17 2012
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Nu Image, Millennium Films
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"You Can Never Beat A "Classic""
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