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  • Oct 13, 2010
The Island


I don't know but I kinda like Michael Bay, at least the man knows how to deliver on the action even though he is not known for great story telling. But I think he is a pretty good director and he hires Steve Buscemi [probably my favorite actor] a lot so at least he can recognize talented actors. But regardless of the over all assumption that he can't really tell a story I would say to those people to check out this flick right here, it may not be your favorite movie but it may turn out to be your favorite Bay film. There is a quote on the back of the case that states "great story, great action, great film" and I could not agree more.

Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson star as two people who live their day to day lives as told by the government, eating when told, working when told, sleeping and waking when told basically everything when told. Still they are fine and awaiting their turn to be chosen to go to the last place on Earth not affected by a plague that wiped out humanity almost, The Island. But Ewan's character is suspicious about what is really going on and his suspicions are only heightened by Steve Buscemi who some how has all these things that he should not have. It turns out that they along with every one else down there are clones inside an underground bunker, they are clones of rich people who want fresh matching organs when they need them. So they make an escape that sends the owner and employees into a panic because this thing is far from legal. So as they make their way through a world they do not know on the surface and come to terms with what they are and that there is no island they are being hunted by the best money can buy. They are out to find the people they are cloned from and try to convince them they are just as alive as them.

Producer/director Michael Bay really did a great job with this film and deserves to be recognized for doing so, I think for a director who was only known for action really did a good job with a story as well. The fact is that the first half of this movie and that includes the escape from the underground prison is very un Bay like, he gives the characters time to develop and lets them interact on a level he had yet to do. Still credit needs to go to the writers as well; Caspian Tredwell-Owen, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci wrote a great story that while not the greatest thing ever is still very entertaining. Mauro Fiore did a great job shooting this movie and made it look like an epic.

Ewan McGregor was great in the lead role and played it with a kind childish charm in the way that everything was new and exciting to him, he really felt he was learning. Of course he was going crazy and scarred as well and that shows just as much. Scarlett Johansson was excellent as his partner in crime so to speak but of course that is expected, she is always one of the show stealers no matter what film it is. Djimon Hounsou is great as the lead hunter going after these two who has a change of heart, and Sean Bean is brilliant as well. But it is of course Steve Buscemi who steals the show in my opinion as the only friend that these two have on the outside since it is him that got Ewan thinking. He is the reason I went to see this and also the reason I wanted to buy it when it came out but luckily the entire movie going experience was great.

Of course this film does have a flaw but it is not a big one at all, in fact it still was enjoyable. The last half of the film seems to lean a little too much on the action and kinda forgets the story a little bit, so I guess Bay falls a little on what he knows but that is not a bad thing. So with that said this is actually a really good movie that most people should enjoy, I know I did. I recommend this as a purchase just skip the rental; I think it is worth it.


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November 03, 2010
Sounds like a good one. Oh, I can't find anything that's not horror movie in your list of reviews, lol... I don't do horror movies ;p
November 05, 2010
Yeah that was mainly for the Halloween month, I have alot prior to those that are non horror. I also just posted a few non horror ones.
October 21, 2010
Sounds interesting, at least the cast sounds good.
November 05, 2010
Cast was great in this.
October 21, 2010
Scarlet Johanssen 'nuff said! I do agree though, this may be Bay's best movie.
November 05, 2010
Yeah I think it might be,
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When you add up all the best things aboutThe Island, you might just conclude that there's hope yet for Hollywood's most critically reviled hit-maker, Michael Bay. Recruited by Steven Spielberg to direct this lavish and often breathtaking sci-fi action thriller, Bay rises to the occasion with an ambitious production that is, by his standards (and compared to Bay's earlier hits likeThe RockandArmageddon), surprisingly intelligent as it explores the repercussions of cloning in a sealed-off society where humans are cultivated for spare parts, surrogate parenthood, and full-body replacements for wealthy clientele. But when two of the clones (Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johanssen) begin to question their fate and the motives of their keepers, they escape into the real world andThe Islandbecomes just another Michael Bay action extravaganza, albeit an impressively exciting one. With elaborate chase scenes and a high-tech feast of CGI to dazzle the eye,The Islandrecycles much of the plot from 1979'sClonuswhile borrowing elements fromLogan's Run,GattacaandMinority Report, and while it's not as smartly conceived as those earlier films, there's no denying that, in many ways, it's Bay's best film to date.--Jeff Shannon
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