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The Last Unicorn

The 1982 animated cult classic fantasy film directed by Julie Bass.

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"you must never run from anything attracts their attention"

  • May 1, 2011
This is one of those movies that i saw when i was really young (even though it was made before i was born) and tracked down on amazon as an adult. It is based on a book that sadly i have never read...but its on my list for the used book store. This film is about a unicorn that leaves her enchanted forest to seek out other unicorns after hearing a rumor that she is the last unicorn left in the world. After a butterfly tells the unicorn that she must seek out king haggard because he and his red bull are holding all the rest of the worlds unicorns captive. Along the road to the kings castle the unicorn is captured by an old witch named mommy fourtuna where she is put on display with other "creatures of night" who are all just regular animals with spells upon them to make them look like other mythical creatures...all except for the harpy, who i must say scared me as a child...the animation is creepy. The unicorn is freed by a magician who then joins the unicorn on her quest. Before reaching king haggard the little party is joined by a woman named molly who gives them directions to the kings castle. Danger strikes the quest on the way to the castle, the red bull spots the unicorns and attacks them. In order to save the unicorn, the magician turns her into a human girl, much to the unicorns horror. Upon arriving at the castle the magician and molly take up jobs for the king as a cover while they search for the lost unicorns. The unicorn, who is now known as the lady amalifia is becoming more lost and depressed in her new mortal frame, the kings adopted son prince leer does everything he can to win her favor and ease her depression. The longer the unicorn remains mortal the more human she when the molly and the magician manage to find out where the other unicorns are being held the unicorn is torn between her newly found love for prince leer and the unicorns. In the end the good prince sacrifices himself to save the unicorn from the red bull and his wicked father (who sees through the human disguise and knows she is the only unicorn missing from his collection). The newly restored unicorn saves her fellow creatures of myth and returns to her forest a changed beast, by her own admission she is the only unicorn in the world who knows regret. I loved this movie as a child and i still love it, its an entertaining movie and the animation style is so different from disneys style but still an interesting form of artwork. The way the unicorns are drawn looks like they walked right off of a tapestry in a midevil castle.

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May 01, 2011
I can relate, I was immortal until stayed human for too long...LOL!! Thanks for the review, Meghan, I will have to check this out soon!!
May 01, 2011
how you doing?
May 01, 2011
Well then we are opposites sir...i am human awaiting immortality and i must say it needs to hurry up cuz im getting old! Im doing well thank you and good news the android phone can do reviews its just a slow process with no spell check so sorry about that! Other than your allergies how are you?
May 01, 2011
wow! I need to do that with my android phone. I am fine now, allergies went away after awhile and the weather cooled down. You still thinking of re-enlisting? Oh, my allergies were due to lack of blood LOL(joking)
May 01, 2011
Im still technically enlisted, just as a reserveist i havnt decided yet if im going back to full service cuz i know it sounds petty but im not going to protect you fine ppl for free and from what they are telling us military wages are going to be stopped. Oh yea lack of blood related allergies that is really common in CA lol
May 01, 2011
I agree. I think you should stay for awhile. Blood pollen!! hey...sounds like a movie LOL!!
May 01, 2011
Im here for right now and ive done all my reserve hrs required for the rest of the yr so i think ill wait til dec and see whats going on with the government then and my cats get really mad when i leave...hmmm blood pollen...or attack of the congested undead!
May 01, 2011
It'll be great to see you reviewing until December ;P congested undead? LOL! that is a sweet line....sorta like No Pulse, no problem....LOL!
May 01, 2011
That sounds like auto insurance for vampires lol
May 01, 2011
LOL!! have you heard of "Dylan Dog"? it is a pretty funny flick LOL!!
May 01, 2011
Ive never seen it but i will know all about it shortly cuz i was about to check out your review on it which im sure is going to be awsome!
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Weary of being alone in the vast forest, unicorn Amalthea (Mia Farrow) begins to wonder if she's the last of her kind. Following a rumor, she joins forces with feeblish wizard Schmendrick (Alan Arkin) and wayward barmaid Molly (Tammy Grimes) to look for the mystical Red Bull, a creature known to hunt and imprison unicorns. In order to walk unnoticed among men, Schmendrick magically transforms Amalthea into a beautiful woman. Together the three embark on a adventurous journey into the dark land of King Haggard, the man rumored to control the Red Bull. <br> <br> Based on Peter Beagle's novel of the same name, THE LAST UNICORN is a bright, colorful tale about love and loss. Farrow loans her fluttering voice indelibly to the lips of the unicorn, and Arkin is spot on playing the spell-casting wizard Schmendrick. The film also features the vocal talents of Jeff Bridges, Christopher Lee, and Angela Lansbury. Complete with an over-the-top soundtrack by the pop band America, THE LAST UNICORN is perhaps the high...
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Director: Jules Bass
Genre: Family
Release Date: January 1, 1982
MPAA Rating: G
DVD Release Date: Artisan Entertainment (March 16, 2004)
Runtime: 84 minutes
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