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Well, they got the "LOAD" part right

  • Nov 20, 2009
As in what a load for those who didn't catch the sarcasam.

Everyone knows that The Matrix is one of those trend setting, change the way we look at it pieces of movie making and likewise ANY kind of follow up would have been tough to match what the original did.  I REALLY hated giving this one a low score but when you cover up the lack of new ideas with as much pretentious talk and pointlessness I really don't feel so guilty anymore.

The plot having really been set in motion in the previous film more or less continues that thread with Neo and Trinity's relationship which has grown, and mankinds continued hidden existance from the evil computerized hunters that are after them and their hidey hole near the center of the Earth, Zion.  Agent Smith thought seemingly destroyed has somehow returned through will power (who knew computers could do that?) and the machines are coming close to accomplishing their goals of taking over mankind. 

Sounds good right?  Sure until you realize that A LOT has happened in between apparently and filling in those blanks meant watching The Animatrix.  Great, I love looking at supplementary material to fill in blanks and using anime as the medium just adds to the trendy attitude.  No I do not hate anime but using it as though it's some new idea to impress people doesn't impress me much like how any martial arts scene or action sequence that may have done 100 times in Asian cinema.  It may be new HERE but it's not some revolutionary new process either.

Adding on top of that is Neo's newfound powers of flying across the digital world and being able to have a fight with 100 Agent Smiths and not get a finger layed on him.  Neo sure learned a lot in the mean time not that much of it got explained other then Neo is now a full fledged master of the Matrix world now instead of being a rank amatuer who had natural abilities.

Okay, so goofy action and unexplained plot threads notwithstanding how does the rest fare up.  Badly.  The first film had some liberty with playing "is it there or not" games with the audience but they reallly up the ante here with talk along the lines of "The door is there and it is not, you can choose to enter it or you cannot, but the road exists."  I think I pulled that line out of my memories of seeing this but if someone told me that it is in fact spoken by a character from the film with their sunglesses on and hands steepled together while other sunglasses wearing people were looking on, I'd belive you.  LOTS of this for lack of a better term, "phoney far east philosophy" talk of this exists in the movie and it's I hate using this word all the time-PRETENTIOUS!  A bad movie is one thing but a bad one that tries to sound more intellectually superior then it really is, is a crime.  I can enjoy dumb movies fine and well and certainly welcome their dumbness, it's only when they try and sound smart is when I start to hate them.  The Matrix didn't have this, but this sequel does.

One real key scene-and oh boy is this my favorite (READ SARCASAM) has a character seemingly dying, a scene repeated throughout the movie.  The scene involving this actually does happen while Neo travels to the machines mainframe of sorts and has a war of words with a leader machine type who gives him a very important choice to make while the possible death is going on.  THIS IS WHERE TO END THE MOVIE and you would assured a ticket purchase from me to see the finale, but no they blow it so Neo can go on with his mission and the movie ends with a lame infiltraitor sub plot.  Really, what would have been better way to get you into the next show?  Wondering what choice Neo will make to save his friend's life,or a possible spy in the mix?

Anything good?  Well yes.  One FANTASTIC scene involves a car chase with our heroes trying to keep an important figure away from more of the Agent programs including two Twin Phantom creatures who REALLY should have been featured more.  I don't know what it was about these guys, since they were new and seemingly had cool powers they stood out more then other elements.  The action during this scene IS nice and fun and fast, especailly a motorcycle going down the opposite direction of traffic.  The Zion homeland is also a nice set and looks good.  I had no idea what Zion would look like and while it looked like something from the Anime Ah! My Goddess, it at least looked fantastic despite what I thought was an obvious influence.

Like I said up top, I really didn't want to score the follow up to a major movie so low simply by comparrison but that isn't the case.  Too much is ballyhooed and ridiculous, it insists that you've seen a fill in product to get the story and even worse nothing ever seems in doubt the way it should with Neo being all powerful and mastering his enviornment you gotta wonder why those machines are even a threat to him at all anymore.  You can choose to accept all this, or you cannot, you can ignore this fact or you can accept it but the road is there for you to follow yet there is no road.
Well, they got the

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October 25, 2010
these flicks were ok, never got into them because of the over hype.
October 25, 2010
I love how there were some die hard fans out there who even bailed out on this and the sequel. I love that "Elf" beat Revolutions butt in theaters in terms of ticket sales.
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Considering the lofty expectations that preceded it,The Matrix Reloadedtriumphs where most sequels fail. It would be impossible to match the fresh audacity that madeThe Matrixa global phenomenon in 1999, but in continuing the exploits of rebellious Neo (Keanu Reeves), Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) as they struggle to save the human sanctuary of Zion from invading machines, the codirecting Wachowski brothers have their priorities well in order. They offer the obligatory bigger and better highlights (including the impressive "Burly Brawl" and freeway chase sequences) while remaining focused on cleverly plotting the middle of a brain-teasing trilogy that ends withThe Matrix Revolutions. The metaphysical underpinnings can be dismissed or scrutinized, and choosing the latter course (this is, after all, an epic about choice and free will) leads to astonishing repercussions that madeReloadedan explosive hit with criticsandhardcore fans alike. As the centerpiece of a multimedia franchise, this dynamic sequel ends with a cliffhanger that virtually guarantees a mind-blowing conclusion.--Jeff Shannon
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Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: May 15, 2003
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release Date: October 14, 2003
Runtime: 138 minutes
Studio: Warner Home Video
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