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1987 romantic fantasy film, directed by Rob Reiner and based on the book by William Goldman.

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True Love and High Adventure in the Land of Florin

  • Dec 23, 2008
Screenwriter and novelist William Goldman's book, The Princess Bride, was first published in 1972. For years Goldman, who wrote the screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, attempted to have a film adaptation made, but every time an unforeseeable obstacle prevented this from happening. Then in 1985, Rob Reiner, director of This Is Spinal Tap and Stand by Me, began work on the now classic film. Though the film wasn't a Box Office smash, this can be blamed on 20th Century Fox's poor marketing campaign, it has since become a classic and has often been imitated by other lesser films seeking to capitalize on the film's success. However, there can only ever be one film like The Princess Bride.
The Princess Bride (Special Edition DVD)

When a ten- year-old boy is sick and forced to stay home in bed, his grandfather comes to visit, bringing him a special present. When the boy unwraps the package, he is disappointed to find only a book. But his grandfather explains that The Princess Bride is no ordinary book. It's a book that has been in the family for many years, read by one member of a generation to the next. As for the story contained within the book, it tells an exciting tale of "fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles."
"It doesn't sound too bad. I'll try and stay awake," the boy replies.
Along time ago, in the land of Florin... a handsome farm boy and beautiful peasant girl, Westley and Buttercup, fall madly in love. But Westley can't afford to marry Buttercup, so he goes to sea to seek his fortune. While he's away, Buttercup hears rumor that his ship was attacked by the Dread pirate Roberts, who never left captives alive. Buttercup was left heartbroken and so five years passed. Prince Humperdinck, who by law has the right to choose his bride, takes Buttercup to be his wife. Before they can be married, Buttercup is kidnapped by a trio of strange mercenaries: Vizzini, a supposed mastermind, Fezzik, a gentle giant, and Inigo Montoya, a Spanish swordsman. On their voyage to the neighboring land of Guilder, where they intend to start a war, they discover that they are being followed by a dashing and mysterious masked man. One by one, the masked man defeats the three mercenaries and escapes with Princess Buttercup, just as they are being pursued by Prince Humperdinck and Count Rugen. The masked man reveals himself to be Westley, and then he and Buttercup seek shelter in the deadly Fire Swamp. After surviving the many dangers of the Fire Swamp, including Rodents of Unusual Size (or ROUSes), they are both captured by the prince and his soldiers. Buttercup is taken back to the castle to marry Humperdinck and Westley is taken to the Pit of Despair, where he is to be tortured by Count Rugen, but after a series of unexpected incidents everyone (well, almost everyone) lives happily ever after.

The Princess Bride (2-disc Dread Pirate Edition DVD)

The film features an amazing cast including Cary Elwes as Westley, Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya, Chris Sarandon as Prince Humperdinck, Christopher Guest as Count Rugen, Wallace Shawn as Vizzini, Andre the Giant as Fezzik, Fred Savage as The Grandson, and in her first major film role, Robin Wright as Princess Buttercup. The supporting cast includes such great actors as Peter Falk, who plays The Grandfather as well as narrates, Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Carol Kane, and Billy Crystal. Every single member of the cast gives a pitch-perfect performance.
The Princess Bride
also features some of the most memorable lines of dialogue in recent movie history, as well as some truly iconic scenes. The film is hard to categorize as any single genre. It's equal parts romance, adventure, fantasy, comedy, satire, and fairy tale. Though it only did modestly at the Box Office when it was released in 1987, the film found its largest audiences through the home video market, and is now considered a classic (as it should be).
The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition DVD)
True Love and High Adventure in the Land of Florin

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October 21, 2010
With out a doubt one of the best movies ever, love this film. Also Andre The Giant is just straight up cool.
October 21, 2010
It's funny. I own three DVDs of this (shown above), I've seen it probably a hundred times, I know every line, and it still makes me laugh riotously. And yeah, Andre is great.
January 24, 2010
One of my all time favorite films and books. Both stand the testament of time. I own 3 copies of this movie! I can't seem to throw away or give away my old ones. They all have special sentimental value attached to them. I'm planning to listening to the book on CD next. It's been a while since I have read it, and I was curious as to how good a job they did on the audio version (which is abridged).
January 24, 2010
Ooh, I hate abridged anything. I can't imagine what they'd be able to take out that wouldn't diminish the overall comedic value of the story. It's odd, but most people think of either "All the President's Men" or "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" as being writer Willam Goldman's greatest achievements, but I always felt that "The Princess Bride" takes the cake. It somehow manages to be romantic, exciting, and very, very funny all at once.
January 25, 2010
I've read the book in its full format and in its abridged format. I usually only like the complete work as well, but they did a good job with the abridged version of the book. There were a lot of details to the book that can be considered unnecessary and take away from the humor. They only make an unabridged version on CD; they probably thought it would sell better. :P
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review by . July 15, 2010
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Based on a novel by William Goldman, The Princess Bride is the best fairytale ever. It’s got love, sword fighting, magic, humor, and it is appropriate for any audience. You can enjoy this movie at any age, in any mood, with anyone. It is a go-to movie. I give it 10/10 stars!      I think director Rob Reiner did a great job visualizing this story. The scenery of the countryside is beautiful. There are some places where (humorously) the set and/or props are quite campy, but …
Quick Tip by . October 20, 2010
it's a lovey dovey chick flick that even men appreciate, so who doesn't love this movie.
Quick Tip by . September 25, 2010
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Great fantasy film about robbers, a princess, her love and more.
Quick Tip by . June 02, 2010
My family and I quote this all the time.
review by . December 03, 2009
Pros: Oh everything     Cons: (but I don't believe they exist)     The Bottom Line: Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...     Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot. You should see my DVD collection.  Action, adventure, love, and fantasy.  The Princess Bride is sandwiched between Willow and Mirrormask.  And …
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Pros: Epic tale, great adventures, no bad language     Cons: Well, it's silly and some folks don't have a sense of humor     The Bottom Line: I would recommend this to anyone with multiple children. They will love it and thank you for sharing this movie with them.     Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot. I'm inspired, or uninspired by recent reviews I've read of this movie.      I …
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Each time I watch this movie, it seems to get better. I watched it with my teen children years ago and now have the pleasure of watching it with my grandchildren. It has lost none of it's charm. This is one of those movies that both children and adults can appreciate. I highly recommend you add this one to your collection.
review by . February 15, 2004
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Well this movie has a number of flaws....They aren't in the storylines both of which, (the story and the reading of the story) are engaging and interesting.They aren't in the characters which are creative and fun.They aren't in the performances, there isn't a bad one in it from Andre the Giant, to Billy Crystal.It isn't in the action which is quite well done and in the great hollywood tradition of the 30'sIt isn't in the comedy which couldn't have been timed better if an atomic clock was used.It's …
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I am a 16 year old guy that has been watching this film since the crawling age! I wrote my subject "Longing is a term," Because I long to know why there aren't more films like this one? I love it as much as any other -Have you noticed every one has given 5 stars? Please do your self a favor and get this- if your dating- get this if your a parent- Ask for it for your B'day or christmas! It stomps Titanic into a titanic flop! It makes you wanna waltz up to De Caprio and say, "Hah, beat that you wart …
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Director Rob Reiner breathes vividly colored cinematic life into William Goldman's THE PRINCESS BRIDE, effectively evoking the wondrous, wide-eyed spirit of the witty 1973 novel. When a sick boy (Fred Savage) receives a visit from his doting grandfather (Peter Falk) who intends to read to him from his favorite book, he's not exactly pleased to be extracted from his world of video games. However, his mood quickly changes as he, along with the viewer, is transported to a place out of time--to Florin, a kingdom in the ultimate imaginary land, complete with dashing heroes, cowardly princes, rhyming giants, shrieking eels, rodents of unusual size, fancy swordfights, and yes...even some kissing.

The lovely Buttercup (Robin Wright) learns that "As you wish" really means "I love you" when she falls for her charming farmhand, Westley (Cary Elwes). While trying to seek his fortune, however, Westley disappears at sea, an apparent victim of the Dread Pirate Roberts, who takes no prisoners. A few years lat...
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Director: Rob Reiner
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: September 25, 1987
MPAA Rating: PG
Screen Writer: Rob Reiner, William Goldman
Runtime: 1hr 38min
Studio: 20th Century Fox, MGM
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