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The Proposal

A 2009 comedy movie directed by Anne Fletcher.

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A Date Movie

  • Dec 12, 2009
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A pleasant, sweet, predictable movie about a nasty boss, Margaret Tate (don't call her anything but Margaret), that corners her assistant, Andrew Paxton; into marrying her so she won't be deported. You see, she is Canadian, and was too busy with her career to file the right immigration papers. So she must marry an American. What follows is standard classic romantic comedy that has been replicated thousands of times, starting back in the forties.

This would be an awful movie if it weren't for the performances, starting with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and ending with Mary Steenburg and Betty White. Sandra Bullock is absolutely radiant, she is losing that bland white bread acting that she perfected in Speed (Speed (Widescreen Edition)). Since marrying Jesse James, she has acquired some style and spice in everything she does, (witness her recent appearance on the George Lopez show getting a Latina makeover). In the first half of The Proposal, she is rude and demanding, and never gives a sense of reading her lines or stumbling on ad libs. Ryan Reynolds plays the smart, driven assistant, with shades of Van Wilder (National Lampoon's Van Wilder - Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)). It's a decent combination. They both have honed their bodies to near perfection. There is a completely nude scene (with no private parts ever shown) that shows off both of their incredible bodies, all will be very happy with this scene.

Betty White plays Grandma Annie, and moves between crazy funny old lady, doting grandmother, and minx. There are few moments where Betty delivers some flat lines, but overall she is funny. Mary Steenburg is the perfect accepting loving mother. She understands exactly how to put her husband Craig T. Nelson in his place. Actually, aside from Ryan Reynolds, the male characters are mostly throw away roles. Oscar Nuñez, (Oscar the gay accountant on the Office), plays, a cringe inducing waiter, stripper, clerk, and clergyman. Most everyone will want to close their eyes, or fast forward, when they hear the song, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Trust me; you might want to scratch your eyes out if you watch it.

Although the movie is predictable, I like the His Girl Friday role reversal twist, the chemistry between Ryan and Sandra, and the scenery. So overall this is a funny worthwhile film. The first half is the strongest. There is a difficult transition at about half way, which lingers for about 20 minutes.

There's one thing that I really didn't care for. Something felt a bit wrong about the location of the film, it's supposed to be Sitka, Alaska; and New York City. I listened to some of the alternate soundtrack with director and producer commentary. It turns out the darn thing was filmed entirely in Massachusetts, in and around Boston. All the beautiful scenery was added digitally. I actually feel cheated by the director. And a quick Google Images view, it's clear that this film has nothing whatsoever to do with Sitka, a far more gorgeous town than was ever portrayed in the film. It's sad that the screenwriter and director could not come up with a real town to film, instead of the totally made up one they used. Northern Maine is equally remote. Sorry, I felt cheated by this fact.

The film is an hour and forty eight minutes long, of which, 20 minutes could have been easily removed and made the film tighter. The film is rated PG-13. It's a very chaste film. There's a silly joke about morning wood, the previously mentioned naked scene, and a 'Chippendale' scene where a man ends up in a Speedo. Otherwise, it is a mild PG-13. Not much strong language. No violence. I don't even remember much drinking.

There's a single special feature, the director commentary. That soundtrack is kind of whiney, and rambling. Sandra Bullock gets called Sandy throughout. And there's a long monologue about Betty White. All the outtakes were played during the credits, very silly Disney like.

Role reversal His Girl Friday. I think this makes a decent date movie. There are enough funny jokes and Sandra Bullock to keep men interested. The romance is spot on, Sandra Bullock's clothes are amazing, Ryan Reynolds is very handsome, and there's a whole three generation aspect to keep women interested. This is a pleasant and enjoyable film.

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Charming and Heart-Warming
I'm not much a fan of the rom-com genre, but I do have a place in my heart for both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I have only recently viewed this and had very high hopes due to the glowing reviews that have surrounded it, and I must say, I found it to be rather enjoyable. The film follows a fairly cliché plot line; man hates woman; woman is insufferable; man gets to know woman; woman gets to know man; they both fall in love and live happily ever after.      Sandra …
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Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite female stars, so it was no surprise that she gave a fine performance as Margaret in The Proposal (Single Disc Widescreen). She's a lovely, likable person in real life and was perfect casting for this role of a New York editor who blackmails her assistant (Andrew, played by Ryan Reynolds) into proposing to her so she can avoid deportation to Canada. Turn-about being fair play, he then blackmails her for a promotion. Although she's a workaholic and a demanding …
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Heres a proposal, more original content in these romantic comedies and it can make them better
Theres a lot of romantic comedies out there and much like James Bond movies they follow a pretty predictable formula.  Two opposites attract for one reason or another.  Put an old flame in the middle, a non violent antagonist to attempt to break them up, have some comic relief in the form of a sidekick or an older woman, parents who can be a mix of sweet and doting or scrutinizing and hard to sell and an embarrassing reveal which will usually lead to the pair getting back together again …
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   Anyone who has seen Greencard or any other movie where the main characters are at odds and forced together, can pretty much figure out the direction of this movie.  That doesn't mean it is fun nonetheless.  Bullock plays a tough New York book editor (Margaret) that has the whole office cringing in fear of her.  Reynolds plays her pandering assistant (Andrew) who will do anything to be promoted to editor and get his book published.      Though Andrew …
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Marry me!
Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock), a high-powered and much disliked editor, is facing deportation back to Canada unless she can force her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in a hurry. He reluctantly agrees and takes her to Alaska to meet his family which includes his 90-year old grandmother (Betty White).      I liked this movie a lot. Bullock is talented, mature, and naturally funny and Reynolds is very likable. On the down side, Bullock almost looks old enough to be his mother …
review by . July 04, 2009
 There may be nothing new under the sun in romantic comedies, but if this is your genre, there is lots of fun to be had in "The Proposal." Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have a slight implausibility issue as a couple but they make the most of the clever script and as you knew it would, it all turns out happy in the end.       Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a harpy of a boss in a New York publishing firm. Reynolds is Andrew Paxton, her baby-boy secretary, …
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I like Sandra Bullock, but this movie didn't do much for me. It has some funny scenes, but overall isn't that funny. The who tyrannical boss - obsequious assistant dynamic just doesn't translate well into a love story. The fact that Bullock is an immigrant is almost forgotten. Unlike the excellent Green Card, The Proposal never really plays up any cultural differences because, well, Bullock's character is Canadian. This is a shame.    Overall, one is left with too many unbelievable …
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I thought Bullock was simply unbelievable as a tyrantical boss, and therefore the movie just flopped.
review by . June 14, 2009
Romantic comedy junkies are in for a treat. As a Bullock fan I couldn't resist the sneak preview of The Proposal. Even after the first five minutes of the film were soundless due to technical issues in my theater, I have to say it's one of the best films romantic comedies I've seen in quite some time.       Ryan Reynolds doesn't need words to act, his eyes and facial expressions make his thoughts loud and clear. Are there more expressive eyes in Hollywood? And sarcasm, oh, there …
Quick Tip by . June 09, 2010
Sandra Bullock at her best!
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Rom-com favorite Sandra Bullock and the affably charming Ryan Reynolds’s superb chemistry turnThe Proposalfrom otherwise standard romantic-comedy fare to one that is entertaining and sure to garner laughs. Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is a workaholic, tyrannical book editor (reminiscent ofThe Devil Wears Prada) who suddenly finds her career in jeopardy as she faces deportation back to Canada. Her solution is to simply fake an engagement to her unsuspecting assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who in turn blackmails her for a promotion. However, when Margaret is forced to head to Alaska with Andrew to visit his family in an effort to make their story believable to the deportation officers, they soon realize that their plan may not be so simple after all. The supporting cast of Dad (Craig T. Nelson), Mom (Mary Steenburgen), and kooky Grandma (Betty White, still a scene-stealer at 87) is great casting that makes for many amusing scenes. Bottom line: witty Reynolds and Bullock are perfect sparring partners for each other and not half bad to look at either. --Lisanne Chastain

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Director: Anne Fletcher
Release Date: 19 June 2009 (USA)
MPAA Rating: PG-13
DVD Release Date: October 13, 2009
Runtime: 108 minutes
Studio: Touchstone Home Entertainment
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