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The Simpsons Movie

A comedy movie directed by David Silverman

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The Simpsons Are Going to the Big Screen

  • Jul 15, 2009
  • by
Let's get one thing straight from the get go. The Simpsons is one of the most beloved TV shows in the world. Let's also get another thing straight, the show has been around for nearly twenty years and has actually caused a divide among fans. Those who believe the show is still good (or sometimes better than ever) and still has legs; and those who believe the show has been declining in quality for years. I warn you of two things before you read on. The first: I am one of the Simpsons fans who believes the show has been declining for years. I still sit down and watch the show, but in all honesty, the last good season was probably season 10. The second: Because of my stance, this review is heavily biased. I love the Simpsons. I've sat down and watched it since the first episode aired. But sometimes even fans have to realize when their favorite show churns out something that doesn't live up to the standards of fans. Perhaps its because I've been with the show since the beginning that it's easier to find fault with the newer episodes.

Despite that, this movie will please people from both sides of the specturm. Whether you think the show is is better than ever or you think it has declined in quality as I have, there's something here for you and it's partly because every writer who has ever been a part of The Simpsons chipped on.

The movie begins in Springfield where Green Day is giving a concert at Lake Springfield. Unfortunately the lake is so polluted that the stage Green Day is singing on (it's floating on the lake) that it eats away at the stage and it sinks taking Green Day with them. This forces Lisa Simpson to hold a town meeting where she presents her lecture entitled "An Irritating Truth," (obviously a parody of Al Gore's documentary). In addition, Homer and Bart have some fun (a moment so hilarious you'll miss out on some of the dialog because you'll be laughing too hard) which eventually lands them in Krusty Burger where Krusty is doing a shoot for a commercial. When its over he orders the Pig be killed... and Homer can't let that happen. So instead he saves the pig's life and takes him home.

The citizens of Springfield agree to stop dumping trash in the lake. Of course, there is one man who will dump something in there, of course... Homer Simpson. When Marge asks him just Homer has been doing with the pig's "leavings" he shows her a silo aptly marked: Pig Crap. Of course, Marge is disgusted and says that Homer still has to do something about it. So what does Homer do? Dumps it in Lake Springfield which causes a series of events that soon reach Washington D.C. and a corrupt politician. In the end, Springfield gets encased in a giant glass dome. When they wonder why, they eventually find out that Homer is to blame. Through strange circumstances the family manages to escape Springfield and go to Alaska where they no longer have to worry about Sprigfield's state. What they find out later, of course, is that the corrupt politician (voiced brilliantly by Albert Brooks) plans to destroy Springfield. Its up to The Simpsons to save the day.

The movie is complete with all the humor you'd expect from the show itself. Parodies, clever and witty dialog (there are some keepers here), physical abuse of Homer, Bart's shenanigans, Lisa's unpopularity... even the over the top zaniness that some from my side of the spectrum have come to loathe. And of course, the movie pokes fun on a political and religious scale. The whole plot of the movie is based around environmentalism and corrupt politicians while they also do their share to make fun of religion. The Simpsons has never been shy about tackling controversial issues and this movie is no different. Take some things too seriously and you'll surely be offended.

Still, it's actually a very funny movie. Especially the first twenty minutes. There wasn't a single person in the theater not laughing at what was happening. This movie is fun of memorable moments. The infamous Spider-Pig is but one ingenious example.

And then there are some bits of the movie that just fall flat. This would be the humor that has been coming out within the past couple of seasons. There are some parts that so over the top in stupidity that you'll either love them or hate them. Homer's character is also unbalanced. Homer has always been an oaf but at some moments he is unreasonably stupid. At others he's not nearly as dumb. In other words, the mesh of Classic Simpsons vs. Newer Simpsons is all too obvious in many areas.

There are some other nit-picky things. Some stories just aren't complete. Lisa, for example meets a boy who she falls head over heels with, but the movie never completes this story arc. Another nit-picky fan gripe is that a lot of the film just isn't in Springfield to begin with. This means that while you see many of the residents, you don't spend much time. Most of the Springfield denizens we've come to love (Principal Skinner, Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum etc.) are on camera for mere seconds and hardly say or do anything. It's almost like playing "Where's Waldo" only with The Simpsons cast. It's not too big of a gripe, however. With so many residents in Springfield you couldn't expect to see them all. Just the same we don't really explore Springfield to begin with. We don't go inside the school or the police station or anything. Most of it is spent either at The Simpson's home or various places you've never seen in the show.

But the biggest gripe? That this is a Simpsons movie where Mr. Burns is not the main villain. While watching this, I couldn't get over the fact that you only see Mr. Burns twice. He's one of the most malicious characters in the show. He's been involved in some of The Simpsons best lived moments, but here he doesn't even use his famous, "Excellent" phrase. Not that the corrupt politician voiced by Brooks is bad, but it would've been far better had Mr. Burns been the main adversary.

The final thing is that the movie is rather short and feels more like an extended episode rather than a full blown movie. At 87 minutes it goes by in a flash. And yet, despite which side you fall on: Classic vs. New, you yearn for the movie to be longer because regardless of anything, it's funny. But it's also because you wish you could see more.

It can't be easy to make a movie to a series that's been around for nearly two decades. Especially with expectations so high. The Simpsons Movie succeeded by having a successful run at the box office. However, if you're from my side of the woods: Meaning you love the classic Simpsons episodes a lot... there's something to be desired that isn't there.

For what it's worth it IS a good movie. It's just a movie that had so much potential to be so much better.

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July 19, 2009
thoroughly engaging review. I'm with you, Sean, I am one of those old-school fans of the series, and while I haven't fully shunned out the current TV show, it is no longer a part of my daily routine. I guess I am in between; while I still think the recent seasons are funny, it's not as good. Maybe it's the fact that I've become jaded or maybe the writing is just isn't as good. I haven't seen this movie yet, but it is in my rental queve. Nice work!
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THE SIMPSONS MOVIE may not qualify for the honor of "Best. Movie. Ever," but even the harshest critics like Comic Book Guy will find little to dislike in this hilarious comedy. Springing from Fox?s hit series, the movie expands the adventures of the Springfield residents into a feature-length film. Here Homer?s selfish antics (and a hankering for free donuts) are responsible for a horrific ecological disaster that could spell the end for Springfield. So it?s up to the paunchy patriarch to save his family and the town from the mess that he has created.

Just as in the Emmy-winning show, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE skillfully combines smart satire with inspired silliness. Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, and other regulars of the series provide laughs with their vocal talents, while Albert Brooks is hilarious as the film?s villain. Though THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is best seen after a lifetime of watching reruns of the show and repeating its endlessly quotable lines, viewers don?t have to be die-har...
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