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The Switch (2010)

A movie directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck

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  • May 8, 2011
*1/2 out of ****

Why anyone will actually like "The Switch" is beyond me. You don't have to be a cinephile such as (probably) you and (most definitely) me to know that films such as this one come out every week. The concepts, the lamely-written characters, the plotting; all of them are old, old, old. Now, the problem with "The Switch" is not that it's any worse than most rom-coms that tend to release nowadays. In fact, it's better than SOME of them, but all-the-same, just as clichéd. This film is harmless, ambitious, and wants to do well. It wants to charm us with its stars and its romantic plot, but it also wants to be funny. Sound familiar? If it does, then ask yourself a question: out of all the movies out there, why would you pick this one? Think about it for a while, and then come back to me when you have an answer.

The film concerns two best friends- a woman (Jennifer Aniston) and a man (Jason Bateman)- as one of them approaches a child in her life, while the other simply does not approve. But it's pretty much destined to happen, but the woman wants a sperm donation. She does not trust her best friend; she trusts a complete stranger. They throw a pregnancy party of some sort. The man gets drunk. He switches the sperm of this stranger with his own. And you can imagine where it goes from there. That is because the whole thing is rather pointless and predictable; and I only say this because the movie has little to be about due to its unoriginality.

The kid grows up, about seven years later, and he's a real smart-ass. He's depressed because he lacks a father figure, and the Bateman character sympathizes for him. They start to have a relationship, which often times becomes the films only redeeming element. Of course, there were moments where the thing actually tried to be sweet and touching, but it never really hit me as it wanted to. Such a shame.

Calling the whole affair "pleasant" would be an insult to better films which have not abused the word. This film is not very pleasant, but that does not make it unpleasant. I suppose the film could be good if it had some source for its humor, and for its drama. There were some chuckles near the beginning, but as the film keeps going and going, you begin to loose sympathy. Ironically, so does this movie.

It's relentless in its boring portrayal of clichéd, Hollywood romance. It has initially likable stars, sure, but no matter how much you love them: this movie does nothing for their careers. Jason Bateman attempts to shy away from his "Arrested Development" days with this role. I can't say it's different material for the star, but Bateman fails to make us sympathize, care, of give two shits about his character. And then there's Jennifer Aniston, who is just about as boring and bland as ever. The two stars fail to create solid chemistry. However, this film has some good supporting actor-work, which is almost completely wasted due to mediocrity. I mean, come on guys. You've got Patrick Wilson on your side! Not only that, but you also have Jeff Goldblum. Anyone who can't work with actors like that and make them timely must not be worth my time. That must be the case this time around.

This film isn't horrible. It's not even unwatchable. As I said, it's harmless, it does not offend, but it does not hit my sweet spot either. This material could have made for something funny, but this movie is rather pathetic in how it makes NO ATTEMPTS to turn itself into a "one joke movie". It would be one of those, but where's the joke? There's another question for you to ask yourself upon viewing this comedy yarn.

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Jennifer Aniston continues her breezy success as queen of the contemporary romantic comedy in the offbeatThe Switch, which brings together elements ofWhen Harry Met Sally…and even episodes ofFriends. Aniston is charming and capable as Kassie, an accomplished New York career gal who decides it's time to have a baby--husband or no husband. But inThe Switchit's the men around Kassie who become truly memorable, and for whichThe Switchbecomes a must-see. Kassie's best friend is Wally (the wryly and neurotically hilarious Jason Bateman), who may have deeper feelings for his good friend than he's willing to admit. Kassie's recruited sperm donor is Roland, the handsome Nordic hunk with a sweet heart, played with finesse by Broadway star Patrick Wilson. And the fruit of the insemination is Kassie's son, Sebastian, acted with gravitas and thoughtfulness by the young Thomas Robinson, who's so talented he should grow up to be a huge star. Special mention goes to Jeff Goldblum, who takes his own befuddled persona stereotype to new heights as Wally's concerned friend Leonard. All Aniston really has to do is not overdo the "cute" as she dances among these talented actors, and she accomplishes far more than that. "The switch" of the title involves a snafu during the process of Kassie's insemination--and the results of that plot twist shape the rest of the movie. Though audiences can see much more quickly whom Kassie belongs with,...
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Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 20, 2010
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Allan Loeb
Runtime: 101 minutes
Studio: Miramax Films
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