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A 1997 movie directed by James Cameron.

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A film that defined a generation and still has the power to speak to audiences of today...

  • Mar 5, 2010

The sinking of the Titanic was one of the greatest tragedies  in  history more than a 1,517 lives were lost to the frozen  waters it was a  tragedy that shook the  world  in  1912  and left a lasting impression on all those  who   heard of the loss of that day. Many films have been made in 1943 Werner Klinger used the events as Nazi propaganda to discredit British and American capitalist dealings and glorify the bravery and selflessness of Germanic men.  Than  in 1953  Jean Negulesco made a very flawed and inaccurate  take on the sinking of the RMS Titanic  that held up for almost 44 as the best retelling of that doomed voyage.  However, it was not until 1997 when James Cameron, one of Hollywood's most prominent directors, took on the difficult task of constructing a film about the Titanic that no one had ever seen before.  Cameron was looking to create and epic sized film that, while true to the story,   had a fictional romance between two passengers that gave audiences a look at life on that beautiful ship   and showed them a love that like no other, a love that transcends time.



James Cameron's epic romance "TITANIC"  is a film that  defies all expectations with it's breathtaking scenery, it's beautiful set designs and  it's fierce dedication to  the  story of its characters  and the tragedy  that ensues. Cameron has crafted films that  push the very boundaries of  special effects  and Titanic is  one of his films that is groundbreaking while still remaining old fashioned  and  entertaining enough for  mainstream audiences  both young and old. What makes this film so enjoyable and endearing is the fact that it does not patronize you; it does not make you feel like you are ignorant of the facts like most dramas based on real life do. Instead Titanic gives you the facts through the eyes of two individuals a young artist named Jack Dawson and a former rich society girl   Rose DeWitt Bukater.  The romance between them  is not instant but slowly  and surely takes  unfolds in front of audiences, like a little child opening a present on Christmas, it's magical in   every sense of the word  and  the film spreads it's magic on the audience making us feel like were flying high above the clouds with the birds.  James Cameron's "TITANIC" succeeds on every level as a poignant and heartbreaking look at the lives lost on that, as a romance that stands the test of time and as a film that set standards for other films to follow.




Leonardo DiCaprio gives one of his most passionate performances in this film, DiCaprio best for being subtle and even-tempered but here he is wild, crazy and free which is a rare treat for audiences.  DiCaprio does not try to impress you that is not what he is there to do no, he tries to make you believe he the character he is playing   and he succeeds for the most part. But DiCaprio is only part of the team  that helps make this  film such a treat  his other half in this picture, Kate Winslet,   is another reason the films works because the chemistry between   them is so strong  that   you almost don't believe that there actors playing parts. Winslet  is fantastic and  all around  just amazing to watch onscreen  the way she moves, the way she talks and acts is just phenomenal you  feel like she belongs in that era and  to   convince  the audience of this is a feat far more complicated than it seems. Winslet pulls it off without a single problem   making her a remarkable sight and a force to reckon with. The rest of the cast including Billy Zane, Jonathan Hyde, Gloria Stuart, Kathy Bates, Bill Paxton and Victor Garbor are one of the best supporting casts that you will ever see in a film of this magnitude. They give the film such a sense of realism, a sense of right and wrong, good and evil. You see so many sides of a human being just from these characters stuck in this terrible situation.  They do not just deliver on every note they blow you away.




"TITANIC" is a film that has amazingly stood the test of time  it's been working it's magic on  audiences  for the last  13 years  and will continue to work it's magic so long as there is a copy of this film out there. It is not just a testament of love transcending time it's also a bold statement of how humans can treat one another or how sometimes one person can make a difference in someone else life.  "TITANIC" succeeds weather as a romance or as a disaster film, or as a true-life story of the lives lost on   April 15, 1912.

A film that defined a genration and still has the power to speak to audiences of today...

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October 21, 2010
EXCELLENT review, Billy Zane was great in this.
March 06, 2010
nice review. I loved the EFX and the acting, but there was just something missing that I thought it overlooked the actual tragedy and missed the facts about the racial, aristocratic views during this period. It tuned out to be a disaster movie with a Romeo and Juliet backdrop...
December 06, 2010
Still an insult to make a romantic story in place of the actual hardships and suffering experienced by the people at the time. Sorry, the story of a love loss is just stupid compared to the lives that would've been saved if there was no racial and status issues.
December 06, 2010
never said that the production designs weren't good. Titanic is a prime example of "say what people want to hear rather than what they need to hear". This is why some movies make more money than others--fooling the audience. You honestly think that someone in their right mind would want to jump rather than face aristocracy? a bit over-wrought don't you think?

You don't see the actual documentary of the events making loads of sponsors in the History channel do you? It did touch upon the racism a bit bit the filmmakers were cowards. How many people died? so what makes this contrived love story special? are their loss of love more important than the ones caged in the lower levels so rich folks can get a life boat?

Box-office receipts and awards mean nothing and is not a reflection of a film's quality--Transformers and Twilight made box-office history and awards are inaccurate (but admittedly Winslet did a good job as well as Leo). Remember when Penn always shunned the Oscars?

I'd rather have a movie that stays with you, bolder in scope and brilliant in reality, than see one movie that fools me into thinking that the world is all roses and that romance and love supercedes all. Love, romance and heart break happens everyday. A real tragedy happens once or twice in a generation.

Sorry, you are in the majority, but it still doesn't matter in the end. Glad you liked it, but I hated it. This is Cameron's worst movie ever.This movie is dumb and an insult to anyone who really survived the ordeal--an insult to the real people who died, an insult even to the story that one death is made to appear more important than others.  (don't even try to bring up the heroism of Leo's character) Yes, I'll stick to history, why do you think I tossed my dvd of this movie?

wonder why they never made a different story about the politics of the ship? think about it...since it won't make money, not enough for them to make their money back...or so they thought.
December 06, 2010
you want a list of dumb things the Academy did? seriously you don't know? ...having an academy award doesn't mean a thing--even most actors and directors feel this way but they won't admit it. One example a Pixar film winning over Persepolis was a huge insult. Titanic won because of the hype it generated, nothing more.

Yes, there was plenty of death and that was the whole point...and this boy's death was the focus? seriously, ever thought of why? That was the insult right there--a love story is so redundant--the filmmakers had no ambition. Instead of going for costumes, set designs and EFX, they should have gone the distance. There was an older Titanic movie that I liked more since it dealt with the people involved before and after the tragedy.

I guess this is one movie I would never be able to explain to you why it was an insult since you will just find ways to justify how good it was--Rhodes' review was pretty spot on, but I would rate it 2-2.5. A definitive movie about titanic would be RATED R and it would focus on the ship, crew and the political situation and aristocracy at the time. .a real movie about this tragedy would show the dark side of human nature. That people liked feeling important and not care for the unfortunates.

Nope I haven't read your review but at this point we can just agree to disagree.
December 06, 2010
Oh, Lopez, thanks for letting us argue about this movie under your review. Your review was well-written, I may disagree, but that doesn't mean I cannot like a review just because it has a different opinion. Nice work!
December 06, 2010
My pleasure my friend, If you feel passionate about a subject you should express your opinion and I do agree and disagree with what you statement some films have unjustly been snub by the Academy and some have been given recognition when they don't deserve it. And thank you very much.
December 08, 2010
Cameron is a better director than he is a writer. This movie had great set designs and acting; but the story was very contrived and uninspired for something of this historical degree. least it wasn't anything like this:
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review by . July 05, 2009
Almost everyone is aware of the movie Titanic.  It is the world's highest grossing film, and it doesn't look like anything will out-gross it any time.  Despite a huge box office gross, however, it's easy to say that there probably a million movies that are a whole lot better.  In 1997-1998 while it was reigning at the box office (staying at number 1 for fifteen straight weeks) it seemed like an unstoppable phenomenon.  People were seeing it more than once... a lot more than once.  …
Quick Tip by . January 17, 2011
One of the best movies ever, I cry every time I watch it.
Quick Tip by . July 19, 2010
Aside from it's legacy at the box office, Titanic has little that makes it that memorable. It doesn't have a lot that makes it stand out. It's got great film technique and a huge emotional impact, but there are dozens more movies that have the same impact... it's just a movie that had a fantastic run at the box office and a smart director behind the camera.
review by . July 15, 2010
I loved it..But Im really sad.
omg i loved this movie its the best movie ever..But its really sad the way everyone dies and i hate the way they show everything it breaks my heart ecuae thinking of kids and babies omg its soo sad to even think of such a traggic incident happening to you..I am really sad to see this movie..i was soo sad at the end of the movie..I felt so bad for the people who had to suffer the frozen water..i really liked the way Kate winslets toe dancing steps they were awesome..Both of there chemistry rocked...It …
review by . July 01, 2010
This move is moving. It was historical. It was kinda slow. There are just so many things that I don't understand about this movie. Much of it has to do with character motivation. Also one of my biggest problems with it, is that Dicaprio should not have died! I felt like he didn't want it bad enough. In these type of tragic movies I try to put myself into the shoes of the characters and try to think about what I'd do. And maybe it's just me, but I would've survived the tragedy. …
Quick Tip by . June 08, 2010
One of the best movies of all time. I cry every time I watch it.
Quick Tip by . May 03, 2010
Stunning visuals and story of lovers from different castes who meet on the doomed ocean liner. Too sad or long to warrant a new watch.
Quick Tip by . January 07, 2010
Wasting so much $$$ to sink a ship on the screen & then to market the movie as a Love Story? Total waste!
Quick Tip by . January 07, 2010
Reducing a tragic REAL event to a mere cheesy love story is appalling. Missed the social and moral implications of the tragedy...
Quick Tip by . October 01, 2009
Oh man, I totally saw this cheese fest when it first came out. It's something that I'll only ever watch once. Too long.
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is a romantic drama film released on December 19, 1997 and produced by Paramount Pictures.  The film was directed and written by James Cameron.  Titanic was produced by Jon Landau along with James Cameron, and starred Leonardo DiCaprio,Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher, Victor Garber, Kathy Bates, GloriaStuart, Bill Paxton and Danny Nucci

Titanic is a fictional story of a rich woman and a poor man on the Titanic who meet on the unsinkable ship  perfect optimizer.  Featuring spectacular special effects set amidst the backdrop of one ofthe most tragic events of the 20th Century, James Cameron'saward-winning TITANIC stands as one of the greatest Hollywoodspectaculars of all time. Beginning with an undersea expedition in the1990s, in which scuba divers are searching the sunken ship for lostrelics, a painting of young Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) isfound. This triggers a flashback to the young woman's story as ithappened on the doomed Titanic. Rose is a daughter of privilege on herway to be married to an arrogant but wealthy young man (Billy Zane).Despairing, Rose finds herself falling in love with Jack Dawson(Leonardo DiCaprio), a carefree and poor young artist who is alsoaboard. When the great ship strikes an iceberg and begins to sink, Roseand Jack have only each other as their world falls apart around them.

After its releasethe film received 48 nominations, andcelebrated 76 various wins and 11 Academy Awardsin 1998 for ...

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