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2009 Sequel to the hit film Transformers

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If all you want is smashy, crashy fun then it's good.

  • Jul 1, 2009
Transformers!  THE SEQUEL!  Sequels to comic book, superhero movies lately are always a better bunch then the first film having gotten the annoying origin stories and introductions out of the way.  The first Transformers movie in 2007 got by in my book by having a rock em sock em action scene in the finale that helped redeem the movie by it's conclusion.  This newest movie tones down the human characters, gives us more Transformers, more action, more Baysplosions and....a really goofy story that is hindered even more by needing 2 1/2 hours to spit it out.

In this movie the Transformers have gotten some reinforcements are are now part of a Special Forces branch of the army to destroy the Decepticons who are still on Earth.  Sam is off to college and wants to distance himself from the Transformers but can't since a piece of the Allspark (the Macguffin of the last movie) has been found and Sam is now seeing visions of Transformer glyphs and is having freakouts over them and needs the Transformers help to decipher them.  The Decepticons are attempting to revive Megatron and have their leader simply called the Fallen, return to Earth to use an ancient Decepticon weapon to destroy Earth and harvest more Energon fuel for the Decepticons to create new Decepticons or something like that.

Wow, thats a lot going on and this movie has as I said 2 1/2 hours to cram it in.  When they aren't cramming they're over explaining, when it's not being overexplained it's over complicated and when it isn't that, it's numbing.  There had to be an easier way to say "The Decepticons want to destroy our sun."

All the original Transformers are back but some are limited largly to cameos.  Many of the new characters get maybe one line or two.  Bumblebee who could talk at the end of the first movie is back to communicating AGAIN through songs and movie sound bites.  Forrest Gump even gets heard at one point.  What a missed opportunity it was to have Bumblebee go into battle and not utter some other movie quotes.  Ripley's infamous line from Aliens would've been great.

The movie has more action scenes the the previous film, and while none of them match the finale to the first movie, they are still pretty nice but when a couple of Transformers get together to pound the FIAT out of each other, it gets hard to follow.  The finale here shows many more new characters who are simply on screen to bite the big one or have maybe one line.  Much like Jedi's in prequel Star Wars movies you see them all the time in action figure form or in video games but on screen they are almost nonexistent.  What was the reason?  I think I answered my own question.

The best thing this movie does is show us more Transformers and more scenes with them and shove the humans to the background, and yet there are still scenes that are mindbogglingly bad.  Take a scene where Sam, Mikaela and Sams new roommate Leo who have just outrun a Decepticon that resembles a castoff from Terminator 3, they sit and play cute games like "I'm not talking to you" and in one of too many scenes, Sam and Mikaela can't agree to say "I love you."  Anakin and Padme said it all the time in Episode II and no one believed it, here the leads have chemistry and they can't say it.  Shudder.  The best thing they did in casting was get John Turturro back as Simmons the sneaky pete covert ops guy from the first movie and any scene he's in is helped, sans butt crack.

The most insulting thing that the movie tries to feed us is that the government covered up the Transformers presence after the first movie.  Did Michael Bay WATCH his first movie or does he think we're THAT stupid?  Bay is allegedly real tight in real life with the military and that always allows him to get the cool stuff for his movies like real planes and tanks and so forth.  If Bay wants me to believe that the government covered it all up, then THAT means the military got to that town, anyone who was IN that town and drugged and deprogrammed EVERYONE, or they simply KILLED everyone.  Either of those cases puts the military in a bad light and that would be bad for his relationship with the military.  That paradox right there could be a movie plot.

A lot of people have remarked on the Twin car chararcters.  If you took Anthony Anderson's character from the first movie, turned him into a car, and had an almost exact duplicate roll off the assembly line, you have an idea of these two.  Over the top with their African American patois of sorts and ultimately not funny.  Were they put in to promote that line of car as product placement?  Did the movie think that chacaters like Arcee or Sideswipe wouldn't have been any good outside of another action figure to sell?  Whatever the case they are an annoying bunch.

SPEAKING of annoying, Shia Lebeouf actaully didn't bug me as much here, his roommate Leo on the other hand mostly screams and shouts like a baby.  Shia's nerd personality is still bad but his character is heightened by a few nice moments to bring him up.  His mother on the other hand is as annoying as those two cars I just mentioned if not worse since you know that when the cars are around you can at least expect some action scenes or some semblance of moving the story forward.  The mom just grates nerves.

If you want rock-em sock-em robots on space age steroids then Transformers ROTF delivers, moreso then it's predessesor.  If you want almost ANYTHING else in your movie going diet, then it's time to look elsewhere like say Tarrantino or Coen or maybe something in a foreign model.
If all you want is smashy, crashy fun then it's good.

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October 21, 2010
Yeah this one was kinda fun but a bit of a let down.
October 21, 2010
Every time I think about going back to see it, I tell myself not to. I don't know why.
July 10, 2009
You know, the one thing I could never get over with this film was the absurd amount of Deus Ex Machina present throughout the film SPOILER ALERT:

1. They find an old Transformer who is a Decepticon but just HAPPENS to have switched sides...

2. Our characters have to go to Egypt so out of nowhere we find out that Transformers have magic powers too, and so this old guy Transformer (I had no idea robots aged) magically teleports them there

3. When Agent Simmons contacts the ship out in the middle of nowhere and has them fire the rail gun (in a moment when their radios actually aren't supposed to work no less) all way from there to Egypt... yet another amusing coincidence!

4. The Matrix was really just dust? But because he fought so hard for Optimus those in "Prime Heaven" or whatever decide he's done an awesome thing and bring him back to life and give him The Matrix... but that's not the worst of it

5. ONLY A PRIME CAN DEFEAT THE FALLEN BUT HE NEEDS THE PARTS OF THAT OLD GUY TRANSFORMER TO DO IT!? What?? And why can only a Prime defeat the Fallen anyway (and did anyone else realize The Fallen wasn't actually a group of people but just one guy?)

6. I asked myself the same question you did: About whether Bay watched his first film. Not only was the final fight in the first film out in broad daylight but it was in the middle of a major city... how exactly did the Government cover that up praytell?

7. Sam was holding the cube throughout much of that Final Controntation in the first film... why weren't any of the symbols beamed in then?

8. Sam had that shard of the cube in his hoodie. The shard burns through the floor of his house but can't set his hoodie on fire?

9. When the shard does drop through the floor, everything in Sam's house begins coming to life... and somehow it is ALL Decepticons? 1

0. Beyond that, those kitchen appliances and such actually run out of the house and their house gets a little damaged... no neighbors come out to see what's wrong? No one calls the cops? There's no, "Hey Woodwick---whatever the hell your last name is, are you alright?" No? Nothing?

I actually was able to ask myself these questions as the movie progressed. There's a lot more, but these are but a few strange observations one could make. And don't get me started on those twins. I can't figure out if they were supposed to be funny or offensive. Either way, the two didn't really play a part in the film. Nice review man. Sorry for a long comment. I can admit the movie is fun, but making these kinds of observations is amusing at times.
July 10, 2009
The biggest insult it the whole cover up angle and the idea that they can keep it all covered up as they tear apart Hong Kong or whereever they are in the begining. This movie want's a lot and asks for it in painful ways.
July 09, 2009
Great write up! I agree with all of your points, especially the part where the government supposedly covered up the events of the previous film. It is hard to buy into, but I guess if Bay was a better storyteller he could've fleshed that detail a little bit more; But instead we get comedy in place of an intricate plot....oh, well. We rated this movie about the same.
July 09, 2009
The more I think about it. The more I realize how dumb this movie was. I won't give it "worst movie" but really there is a lot to overcome. I still like it more then the first one.
July 09, 2009
LOL! I'm almost afraid to see just how you'll review the first film! (since you destroyed this movie)
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This is a very disappointing sequel, but the robot fights were better than in the first movie. I think this small cartoon says it all and I'd like to share it via a quick tip:      This is fun as to how it made fun of the movie's many plot holes and mistakes...            This is the Transformers complaining in Bay's office....LOL!        
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I'm pretty sure that when it is all said and done, there's going to be a lot of controversy over Revenge of the Fallen.  Either people are going to really love it or they're going to hate it; that has actually been the case so far.  I LOVED it!  At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I am going to go ahead and say that Revenge of the Fallen is just a touch better than Transformers...shoot me.  I said in my review for the original that it's in my top ten favorite films of all …
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Like Devastator in the movie, the Best thing Bay's 2nd interpretation of the toy line does is SUCK a lot!
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Transformers 2
I can't believe I'm about to write this, but the Transformers sequel isn't as bad as the critics say. It really isn't. Especially if you are a person who never really got into the original animation series. Such a person might be dazzled by the sheer spectacle of 3D cars and planes turning into massive robots. A person unburdened by the history of the Transformers brand would probably care less that virtually all of the characters are so radically redesigned, both in …
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to the hit film Transformers and was released on June 24th 2009.  It is directed by Michael Bay and stars Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox.  The script was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.  The budget of the film was $200 Million

Filming of Revenge of the Fallen started in LA and then moved to Bethlehem, PA.  Michael Bay did a lot of the filming in the city of Philadelphia.  Once there, they shot at the Exelon Power Plant, The University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Fairmount Park, Eastern State Penitentiary, City Hall and Rittenhouse Square.  After filming in Philadelphia was completed, the moved on to Princeton University. A lot of filming was also done in Giza at the Pyramids with the permission and blessing of the Egyptian government. 

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was shot partly in IMAX.  Three of the films main action sequences were filmed in the IMAX format.


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Director: Michael Bay
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: June 24th 2009
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Screen Writer: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
Runtime: 147 Minutes
Studio: Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks PIctures
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