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  • Jun 11, 2012
My husband brought this movie home, and while the premise sounded intriguing, I was a bit disappointed to hear that Chronicle might be one of those manically videotaped Blair Witch Project type of film.

Yes, the movie does have handheld camera elements, but after the first twenty minutes, the camera not only becomes integral to the storytelling...but also the theme (observing and analyzing life rather than truly living it).

Anyway, we just got done watching Chronicle and to call it "gripping" almost seems like a cliche...but it's an apt description.

I won't go over plot details because others have done so. What surprised and thrilled me about this movie (that has now bumped Joy Ride out of my "favorite movie" spot) is:

1. The acting. Totally believable high school dudes with distinct personalities. And Andrew's background sets the stage for what happens when a marginalized, bullied and abused kid finally gets the power to fight back.

2. Special effects. For me, special effects have to SUPPORT a story for me to like it...not just be there to try to wow the crowd. I have no idea how they filmed the amazing flying stuff, but it was just...CRAZY. Crazy good. There were times--I kid you not--when I became aware that my mouth was hanging open.

3. Intense plot that escalates. Just when you think it can't get does. I reached out for my husband's hand more than once...and squeezed the living daylights out of it. My heart still feels like it's trying to calm down from the experience (and it's been about 20 minutes since it was over!)

4. The ending. It rocked. Totally satisfying.

Like Joyride, there's some funny first (especially when they're in the toy store messing around with their new-found "gifts"). There's some emotional roller-coaster stuff going on as well, with Andrew's home life. So combining the emotional range of this film with the special effects, acting and satisfying ending...

Wait. Are you still here? For crying out loud, you should be watching Chronicle already! ;o)

-- Janet Boyer, author of Tarot in Reverse: Making Sense of the Upside Down Cards in a Tarot Spread, Tarot Basics, Back in Time Tarot and more.

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October 18, 2012
great movie!
October 22, 2012
Yes, it is! :o)
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If you should come upon a glowing, possibly extraterrestrial object buried in a hole, go ahead and touch the thing--you might just get superpowers. Or so it goes for the three high-school buds inChronicle, an inventive excursion into the teenage sci-fi world. Once affected by the power, the guys exercise the joys of telekinesis: shuffling cars around in parking lots, moving objects in grocery stores, that kind of thing. Oh yeah--they can fly, too: and here director Josh Trank takes wing, in the movie's giddiest sequence, as the trio zips around the clouds in a glorious wish-fulfillment. It goes without saying that there will be a shadow side to this gift, and that's whereChronicle, for all its early cleverness, begins to stumble. Broody misfit Andrew (Dane DeHaan), destined to be voted Least Likely to Handle Superpowers Well by his graduating class, is documenting all this with his video camera, which is driving him even crazier (the movie's in "found footage" style, so everything we see is from a camcorder or security camera, an approach that gets trippy when Andrew realizes he can levitate his camera without having to hold it). Trank and screenwriter Max Landis (son of John) seem to lose inspiration when the last act rolls around, so the movie settles for weightless battles around the Space Needle and a smattering of mass destruction. Still, let's giveChroniclecredit for an offbeat angle, and a handful of memorable scenes.--Robert Horton
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