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The Tooth Fairy Movie Trailer

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A Comedy Movie Trailer featuring the Rock (Dwayne Johnson). A hocky player turned magically into a Tooth Fairy


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Tooth Fairy, you're gonna get ‘rocked'

  • Jan 20, 2010

This is a typical Dwayne Johnson kid movie.  Derek (Dwayne Johnson) is your typical meathead sports guy.  In this trailer he is a hockey player.   Granted his physique is not that of a hockey player, but hey who is looking at technicalities.  The fans call him the ‘Tooth Fairy’ because he likes to knock out other players teeth.
Derek likes to shit on everyone’s parade.  He takes pleasure in especially crushing the dreams of little kids!  That is the best part about the Rock.  He can deliver a line with a smile on his face that will crush the heart of any little kid.

Needless to say, some old hag in the background (I assume it is a minion of “God”) decides to sentence Derek to become a  real  Tooth Fairy for “killing dreams.”  Why is he getting a reward for killing dreams?  I would love to be a tooth fairy and fly around at night. 

Derek is an idiot thought. He does not want to become a Tooth Fairy.  I think it is because he is a meathead and doesn’t realize how cool it would be.

Being a tooth fairy is a lot like being James Bond.  He gets invisibility spray to become invisible(how cool is that!) shrinking spray to become a ittty bitty fairy, and a whole host of other James Bond like gadgets. I’m so jealous!

But Derek the meathead couldn’t be a Tooth Fairy the correct way. He had to do it the ‘meathead way.’   He wears his armor (hockey gear) and instead of using his shrinking spray to fly in through the cracks, he goes rogue and does the criminal thing of breaking and entering.  Nice, real nice, Mr. Tooth Fairy. 

Let me ask you a question.  What would you do if someone like the Rock broke into your house wearing hockey gear and wearing wings?  Would you freak out on him?  Would you call the cops? Would you run like hell?  I know I would do all 3 of the above.

The parents in this movie have to be the worst parents in the world.  They don’t freak out, or call the cops.  They ask him ‘who are you?’  Well the answer is simple stupid! He’s the dude that just broke into your house!

According to the minion of “God” Derek is the worst Tooth Fairy that they have ever had. Yet for some odd reason, nobody does anything about it.  Where can I get a job like that.

I am going to have to wait for this to come out on video. I’ll rent it for sure because I’m a huge Dwayne Johnson fan.  This does seem like a fun movie for little kids.

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The Tooth Fairy Movie Trailer
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