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The Things You Need to Know About Limitless - New Express Review Format!

  • Jul 28, 2011
  • by
This is my new express review format since there's more to say about TV commercials these days than most films. It's a super-sexy new format that will help you save time, get to the good stuff, and wish you were reading something else all at the same time.
  1. Limitless has the most egregious use of voice-over in modern cinematic history. It's actually the only film you can watch on a radio since Bradley Cooper tells you exactly what he's doing every two seconds. It's grating, it's annoying, it's completely unnecessary and I hope to God it's not the beginning of a trend. "At this point, I sighed loudly and pressed the enter key, waiting to think of my second point."
  2. I thought Bradley Cooper was headed to the B list after being attacked by imaginary insects in Case 39. But it turns out that was just the death of Renee Zellweger's career and Bradley's star is shining bright. He's a bankable lead guy.
  3. Robert de Niro has finally become the caricature that comedians have perfected over decades. Criminally underused by the director or just a lazy actor? Who knows but it's hard to imagine Raging Bull and Al Capone we once the cinematic offspring of the modern de Niro.
  4. The film's core concept is very engaging - a pill that let's you use 100% of your mind blah blah blah. Unfortunately the screenwriter needed to take this pill before handing in the script. Having the central character cast as a writer with writer's block, a drinking problem and a failed relationship might be interpreting "write what you know" a little too literally.
  5. I'll have to remember the next time I'm being chased by mobsters to find a little girl on an ice rink and swing her around like a nunchuk with little razors on the end. You'd think the parents would be unhappy but apparently it's ok.
  6. There's a good point around 40 minutes in that's perfect for a sandwich, a shower or drinking a bottle of red wine since nothing happens for the time it takes to make and eat a sandwich, have a reasonably cleansing shower or put a straw in a wine bottle a glug enthusiastically.
  7. I hope there isn't a sequel but since Final Destination 5 is about to be released, maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

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