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reviewed Sunset Boulevard (movie). April 17, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard is set in Hollywood during the 50s. Joe Gillis (William Holden) is a screenwriter, not one that is very well known, and is loaded with debts. He plans to return to his hometown and get …
reviewed Deer Hunter. April 17, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Deer Hunter
  Michael (Robert De Niro), Steven (John Savage), and Nick (Christopher Walken) are lifelong friends that all work in a factory together during America's war with Vietnam. They are all three …
reviewed The Town. April 13, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Town
A neighborhood in Boston called Charlestown is well known because it has the most number of armed robbers in the U.S. Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), Albert 'Gloansy' …
reviewed Buried. April 12, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
 Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is an American truck driver that is working as a contractor in Irag in 2006, and one day he wakes up to nothing but pitch darkness. He feels around trying to figure …
reviewed Source Code. April 12, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Source Code
Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is an american soldier who wakes up in the body of a man he does not know. On a train to who knows where, his last memory is of him flying a helicopter in Afghanistan. …
reviewed The Blind Side. April 11, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Blind Side
Michael Oher, also known as "Big Mike" (Quinton Aaron) is a teenage, homeless African-American who does not know who his father is, and has a drug addict for a mother. But one night driving …
reviewed Moon (2009 movie). April 11, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Moon DVD
  Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is a man working for the Lunar Industries on a trip by himself to the moon. He has a three year contract to live there alongside the most helpful computer GERTY (Kevin …
reviewed Pinocchio (1940 film). April 10, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
  Geppetto (Christopher Rub) is a clock maker who one day decides to create a wooden boy, Pinocchio (Dick Jones). Geppetto wishes on the evening star that his new creation would become a real boy, …
reviewed Halloween (1978 movie). April 09, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
 It is Halloween night in Illinois in 1963. Young six year old Michael Myers brutally stabbed his sister to death for a reason unknown to most. His parents come home only to find him standing completely …
reviewed District 9. April 09, 2011
District 9
  District 9 begins when a very large star ship lands in South Africa during 1982. These are aliens called "the prawns" and are initially welcomed by the human race. Now, twenty-eight …
reviewed Braveheart (1995). April 09, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Braveheart (1995)
   Edward the Longshanks (Patrick McGoohan) is an English ruler who plans to inherit the crown of Scotland just after Scotland's previous king had died without and heir. William Wallace …
reviewed A River Runs Through It (film). April 09, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
A River Runs Through It (film)
A River Runs Through It tells the quite extraordinary story of two boys, Norman Maclean (Craig Sheffer) and Paul Maclean (Brad Pritt). They are growing up in the 1920s with a very strict father who is …
reviewed Goodfellas. April 06, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) is a young boy growing up in a rough neighborhood full of trouble. Instead of doing normal things like the rest of the kids his age, he decides he will quit going to school and …
reviewed The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. April 05, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  Tuco aka The Ugly (Eli Wallach) is a bandit that is trying to escape the hands of the law, or he will be hanged. Angel Eyes aka The Bad (Lee Van Cleef) is a bounty hunter that will always finish …
reviewed Up. April 05, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Carl Fredrickson (Edward Asner) is an adventurous, young boy, who meets a girl named Ellie who shares his same passion. Once they are older they fall in love, and get married. They had once planned to …
reviewed Hop. April 04, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
        Hop is the story of a man named Fred O'Hare (James Marsden). He is young, but obviously has much more growing up to do than even his much younger sister does. During …
reviewed Gnomeo & Juliet. April 04, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Gnomeo & Juliet
  Gnomeo and Juliet, as expected, is basically just a remake of the old famous shakespeare play "Romeo and Juliet". Though as seen by the title, this film stars Garden Gnomes, instead …
reviewed How to Train Your Dragon. April 04, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
  Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is a young boy living on an island with the great vikings. He explains in the beginning that it is a very old land, but with new houses. This is because their houses are …
reviewed The Grapes of Wrath (1940). April 02, 2011
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
  The Grapes of Wrath is set in Oklahoma around the thirties, during the dust bowl and the great depression. The film begins with our tale's hero, Tom Joad (Henry Fonda), just being released …
reviewed Fantastic Mr. Fox (movie). March 31, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox
  Fantastic Mr. Fox is the crazy story of Mr. Fox (George Clooney) and his many wild adventures. Back in the old days he and his wife, Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep) would steal birds for a living, and …
reviewed Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie). March 31, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie)
  Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his assistant Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) have just closed another case by capturing Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) who has dealt with murder, and been very …
reviewed Iron Man 2. March 31, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Iron Man 2
The United States government is now demanding of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) that he hand over his advanced armor technology to the military. Stark publically refuses in a fashion that gets him a …
reviewed 2001: A Space Odyssey. March 31, 2011
Movie poster
  2001: A Space Odyssey is a film concerning the developement of the human race, and is broken down into four parts. The Dawn of Man, TMA-1 or Monolith on the Moon (no title card), Jupiter Mission, …
reviewed TRON: Legacy. March 29, 2011
Tron Legacy
Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is taking his normal night shift at work when he mysteriously disappears with no evidence of where he was going, or for how long. Many years later when one of his old friends …
reviewed 9. March 29, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
 9 is a post-apocalyptic film where the human race was entirely destroyed by stronger, and more intelligent machines that completely blew to pieces any army the world could come up with. But just …
reviewed Mary and Max.. March 29, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Mary and Max. DVD cover
 Mary and Max begins during the 70s with a young girl named Mary Daisy Dinkle (Toni Collette). She is a different little girl, much unlike any of her classmates at school, or any young child her …
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