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A few Song-Masterpieces by Wonder.

  • Sep 8, 2010
Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
1972 - A brilliant Jazz ballad with wonderful Rhodes and Moog playing by Wonder full of sophisticated harmonies and Jazzy guitar solo and interesting lyrics about complicated love affair.

Happier than the Morning Sun
1972 - This is my all time Favorite Wonder song It has the Greatest Clavinet playing ever and really Fat Moog basses and the melody weaves around the great harmonies so beautifully. Wonderful happy lyrics about true and successful love.

Girl Blue
1972 - Fantastic blend of warm sounding clavinet, thick and jucy Moog basses, flowing Synth sounds and interesting electronic percussion. A Great melody and wonderful lyrics about the Girl Blue.

Seems so Long
1972 - Brilliant use of Flowing Synthesizer sounds that was truly ground breaking when this Masterpiece came out. Jazzy cymbals supports it beautifuly and rich Moog Bass in the Background. Wonderful melody with lyrics about Love, saddness and trust.

You and I
1972 - This is one of Wonders truly Great Ballads, he plays the Piano and Synths which creates a Fantastic texture which weaves in and around the melody, the harmony is rich and jazzy with realistic lyrics about both the happy and sad side of Love.

1972 - One of his most famous songs.Starts with a tight and cool drum pattern and then the Increadibly Funky Clavinet riff comes in and fantastic Brass lines in the background, this song just does not get dated, it's just as cool and funky now as in 1972. Lyrics about, well you guessed it, Superstitious nonsense that humans have a tendency to believe in.

Blame it on the Sun
1972 - Another Great Ballad about the sad side of love. Wonder does his magic on the keyboards and his voice is full of pathos.

Too High
1973 - The first song on the Brilliant masterpiece Innervisions starts with a wonderful chromatic melody flowing down. Fantastic Rhodes and Moog playing by Wonder with fantastic harmonies in the Vocals. Stevie also show here his absolute mastery of the harmonica and does a fantastic solo.Lyrics about the stupidity of drug use - " Too high, but her world's a superficial paradise, She had a chance to make it big more than once or twice. But no dice. She wasn't very nice.

1973 - Great melancholy song with warm sounding jazz guitar, double bass and celestial bell like Rhodes about a distant and perhaps unreachable utopian vision.

Higher Ground
1973 - Another example of Stevie's fantastic Clavinet playing and he also does some Great playing on the drums. Lyrics about the endless strive for Higher Ground from stupitdity and sin.

Jesus Children of America
1973 - Stevie brilliant here on the Rhodes and wow what a fantastic sound he gets from it. Spiritual lyrics not just about Christianity but also Trancendental meditation. Very Beautiful melody.

All Is Fair In Love
1973 - Another Piano based Melancholy ballad with jucy harmonies and fantastic melody. Stevie sings about love and war.

He's Misstra Know-it-all.
1973 - Great piano playing here and fantastic melody about The man with the Plan that fools the suckers. " If we had less of him. Don't you know we'd have a better land. He's misstra Know-it-all."

Too Shy to Say
1974 - Fantastic ballad played on the piano with scrumptious harmonies and rich chromatic melody. Stevie's voice here is so great and the longing and sadness of the lyrics are great. Adding to the beauty and sadness is a slide guitar in the background. This is one of Wonder's best pieces and such fun to play on the piano.

1974 - Sad side of love, sleeps alone in his fantasy with you creeping into my dreams. Wonder is great here on the keyboards his voice fantastic and a Great Harmonica solo. His sound on the Harmonica is simply the best, no one gets his sweet, sweet tone.

They Won't go when I go
1974 - Dramatic piece influenced by classical piano, the intro sounds almost like Chopin or Liszt. Sad feeling of loss and stupidity of humans as they won't go when I go to better and higher places. Stevie is of course a Natural and Inspired preacher.

Bird of Beauty
1974 - Brasilian influenced rhythms and harmonies create a flowing sophisticated Beauty here, a rich, warm and sensual song.

Love's in Need of Love Today
1976 - Fantastic vocal harmonies, Rhodes electric piano and clavinet create here Great beauty with lyrics on the importance of true love.

Village Ghetto Land.
1976 - Wonder is a master of creating fantastic sounds on the Synths, on this song he creates a very rich and warm sounding string sound which sounds like a fantastic electric Sting Quartet. Lyrics about the horror of the Ghetto. " Now some folks say that we should be Glad for what we have. Tell me would you be happy in Village Ghetto land. "

1976 - Intrumental track which is a Great Fusion Jazz extravaganza. A Great and Fun Fusion piece.

Sir Duke
1976 - One of his most famous piece, about past Jazz masters like Duke Ellington. Great keyboards and those fantastically sounding Brass riffs are simply wonderful.

Pastime Paradise
1976 - Another spiffing use of string synthesizers and the percussion creates a kind of oriental feeling. Stevie preaching the importantance of Here and Now and not ignoring the evils of the world and loosing oneselves in pastime paradises or future ones.

If it's magic
1976 - Simply Stevie singing a Great song with wonderful Harp Accompaniment. " So...... if it´s Magic, Why can't we make it everlasting."

Same old Story
1979 - Piano and harmonica and Double Bass all played fantastically by Wonder. Great ornemental melody with his ususal complicated harmony and rich and varied melody with text about the stupidity and conservatism of humans facing new things. It's that same old story again.

Black Orchid
1979 - Another beautiful ornamental melody by Wonder with poetic lyrics about love, purity and hope in ignorant times.

1979 - An unusual piece by Wonder, sounds like a Church Piece by some of the old Masters. Wonder creates a rich Organ and String like sound-world from his Synths. Majestic and stately instrumental piece.

The Secret live of Plants
1979 - Great piece with wonderful Piano playing. Very sophisticated melody over rich harmonies and Wonder in top form vocally. Lyrics about the magic of seeds and growth and living things and the beauty it creates around us which we humans often do not appreciate.

1979 - A very delicate and beautiful instrumental piece played on piano and synths,, starts delicately and slowly builds up to great flowing beauty.

1980 - Lately is a Brilliant, sad and very emotional ballad where Wonder playes the Piano and the Double bass fantastically. Lyrics about a person loosing the Love of a partner.

1987 - Free is an uplifting Gospel song with spritual lyrics about true spiritual Freedom of the soul. Stevie is helped here by a Great Gospel choir. Wonderful stuff.

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