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Ryan Dan

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An album by Ryan Dan

   Song List: Disc 1   1. Like the Sun   2. Face   3. High   4. Prayer, The (Italian)   5. In Us I Believe   6. Wind Beneath My Wings   7. I'll Be There   8. … see full wiki

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Who's Singing? Who Cares—It's RyanDan.

  • Jul 29, 2008
Pros: This CD makes me sing. No, it really does.

Cons: Cover songs are boring, Italian pieces might throw some off

The Bottom Line: Looking for the next best silver notes on the wind? The twins have it right here for you.

After settling on the lesser of two evils in terms of headphones, as my good pair decided to die on me, I popped in this CD to test run sound quality because RyanDan demands clarity.

I found the magic that is RyanDan several months ago while perusing Doctor Who music videos like the geeky semi-fangirl that I am. I found one that had me pretty much gawking and afterwards scouring the internet for more songs and information. When I first got the CD and saw the cover, I didn’t quite understand. Two guys that looked the same and then name RyanDan on the cover. I don’t know if it makes me stupid or not, but I thought it was one guy and his name was, somehow, Ryan Dan.

It turns out that Ryan is one guy. Dan is another. They’re twins. And they sing like…well, like pure fantastic. They sound exactly the same so you never have any idea who is singing what and half the time you forget there are two people involved and just fall into the song and one voice. It’s crazy and awesome. While as of right now, the boys are moseying around Canada, I’d like to think that this review will bring more listeners in and expand their fan base and sales so that we can get more of the duo. Jackpot.

1.) Like the Sun - My #2 favorite song on this CD, and my favorite part within the song at about the 3 minute mark. I love hearing these guys just let a note go on and on, flying through the air with amazing power. Love it. I’ll sing to this, I just can’t help it. It builds up from the start into such a bright, flourishing piece, it’s just wonderful. (go to to hear this gem for free!)

2.) The Face - My #3 favorite song on here. Mostly because it works in a similar fashion to “Like the Sun” in terms of brilliant midway vocals at full vigor. That’s not to say the rest of the song is dull. No, it’s very flowing, silk-like with extra chorus just below the surface. The piano is a nice touch, and with these guys using essentially orchestra instruments for their songs, I’m even more in love with them. I don’t know who gets the long, lingering bit just before the 2:30 mark, but that’s the sweet spot right there.

3.) High - This is a song that made me wonder if RyanDan classified themselves as religious singers or not. I’m still not sure if they’re referencing God here or something else. This song kind of grew on me, God-related or no, with the exotic, Arabic feeling at the start with the drums and instruments. It’s a positive song, complete with vibrant chorus. ”If we all work together, we could be stronger...”

4.) The Prayer - This song may very well be on here due to influence by their father who was an opera singer. The song slips into Italian and total operatic style, with soaring vocals and amazing range. Soft for the most part, aside from the few powerful sections. Once again, impressive.

5.) In Us I Believe - Though the song is a little over 3 minutes, it still feels short. It’s rather simple and with the strings and piano, has a very classical style to it, with down-to-earth lyrics and an overall pleasant song.

6.) Wind Beneath My Wings - I’ll tell you right now I’m not a fan of cover songs. Never have been, never will be. I will admit that if I hear a song and don’t know it’s a cover, then I may enjoy it and compare everything else to it (if I really like it), but otherwise, covers bore me; it’s been done. While the boys sing extremely well and use their vocal chords to the fullest, it’s still the same song with little change.

7.) I’ll Be There - Another obvious cover, and despite the chorus in the background and the slightly updated style, it’s still the same song. There’s no denying the duo’s singing skills, but otherwise it’s nothing too new.

8.) Bring Him Home - A little harp action starts things off, and similar to “The Prayer,” we get a slice of the opera style once more. Simple once again, with just one singer (at a time?) with a backdrop of flutes and harps and strings. Quite pretty and something you could easily imagine on a stage in an expensive theatre.

9.) Dentro Me - A song sung entirely in Italian. I hope you have your Babelfish ready because there isn’t a lick of English in this song. Operatic once again, though this one feels more full bodied, so I could see it easily placed in a major motion picture. Both boys are singing this time (I think) and if you know the language, it’s quite a beautiful song (okay, still beautiful even if you don’t know the language).

10.) Stay With You - Definitely the sense of a song more pop-like here, both in instrumentation and in lyrics. It isn’t fast by any means, but it has a slightly faster pace than some of the past songs. May very well make you hum along.

11.) You Needed Me - Upbeat and strong, I tend to lose myself in this song. I sort of zone out and sink away and actually forget I’m listening to it. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good thing. If you didn’t catch the difference in their voices (range that is), you’ll definitely notice it here.

12.) Tears of an Angel - My first RyanDan song and absolute favorite, discovered in a Doctor Who video (yes, I know I’m a dork but it was a damn good video). I immediately fell in love with this song. It’s just so beautiful and haunting and powerful all at the same time. I turn this song up like there’s no tomorrow. What makes it even more touching is that they wrote it for their niece (who, sadly enough, eventually passed away from a brain tumor). It’s so simple, and yet the composition makes this the closest thing to the perfect song I’ve ever heard.

If you like Josh Groban, in terms of power and clarity, RyanDan matches Josh, hands down. Frankly, I like their voices more and feel that, somehow, they have more clarity. So if they sing so wonderfully and have such fantastic songs, why did I give the twins 4 stars?

I mentioned before, I don’t do cover songs. I don’t see the point of cover songs. Everyone’s heard “Wind Beneath My Wings” about a gazillion times, and as soul-soaring as these guys’ voices are, that song just doesn’t do them justice. It’s dull and unimpressive because it’s been played to death. I skip it. I skip “I’ll Be There” as well because it’s not new. Ryan, Dan—you boys are both new, you are fantastic, you created “Tears of an Angel” and I don’t care how simple that song is, it’s brilliant and you need to create more original songs for yourselves, or at the very least, pay someone to come up with good, original songs for you. There. I’ve said it.

That’s my biggest beef. The Italian is kind of odd, but I’m open minded, and even though it threw me off, I’ve grown fond of it. It’s one of those things you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Otherwise, the orchestra, piano, and the fact that these guys haven’t had a formal lesson a day in their lives, makes them a nugget of gold in my treasure chest of music. I’m also happy to say that these guys woke up a sleeping muse in me and got me writing like I haven’t written in a long time.


P.S. There’s also a song out there by RyanDan titled “Always.” If you find yourself enjoying any of these songs, then I suggest seeking it out. It’s like their tribute to one another and very sweet.


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Ryan Dan
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