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An automated music recommendation and Internet radio service created by the Music Genome Project.

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Pandora Radio- The shepard to all us sheep

  • Oct 18, 2010

Pandora Radio is a blessing to the ears. In a time where music is centered around worn out singles, there are few ways to introduce fresh songs and artists to the brain.

As of late my music library has grown stale. The solution was to fire back up my Pandora account. I use channels such as: Nirvana Radio(gotta have the grunge fix), City and Colour(relaxation at its best), Blink182(nostalgia), the Cool Kids(little hip-hop now and then), Girl Talk(hurray sampling), and Sufjan Stevens, among many others. I really like the thumbs up and thumbs down rating system. With a thumbs down the song is banned from your channel and with thumbs up, well you get it.

I decided a few weeks ago to start jotting down artists that I enjoyed, and here I am with more than twenty new(to me) artists from City and Colour Radio, alone. Another aspect I really enjoy is that singles don't fill your playlists. Just now, for instance, Coldplay came on. Rather than listening to Yellow for the 100th time, Sparks is gracing the airwaves. I have also found myself plugging the headphones into my droid phone instead of my Zune. Pandora's free app is great, and for the time being, will replace my MP3. As a side note, the app has a built in bookmarking system for both songs and artists for referencing later on.

The Ads can be annoying and you are only allowed six skips per hour per station, however this is a small price to pay. I was always the stereo control freak, picking every song, and it kept me from hearing many great songs off many great albums. Not to mention my productivity was way lower from sifting through my several thousand song library looking for a mood pleas-er every five minutes.

All in all Pandora leads to a horizon broadening and more satisfactory music experience. Even if your a pirator, I'd suggest you look into it for some stuff you wouldn't normally find yourself listening to. 

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October 26, 2010
I love Pandora! It helps my workday go by so much easier. What's your favorite station? Check out my list of my Pandora stations- yes, there are so many that I had to make a list of them LOL
October 18, 2010
I certainly agree with the title of your review! I'm a Pandora addict. I do find the six skips per hour limit annoying, too, but that's a small price to pay for an awesome, free service. Thanks for sharing this great review, Cam!
October 18, 2010
Nice review! I like Pandora as well and do find that it introduces me to other artists that I usually enjoy. My pet peeve is definitely the ads though! Thanks for sharing:)
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I'm in love...again. All I need is a WiFi connection and my Android tablet and there it is - from music I've loved for years to gems I've never heard. The Pandora mobile app ties in with my online Pandora account, takes my choices and tailors "radio" stations to suit my every mood. It's easy to use and almost always spot on.  With the mobile app, I'm loving it all over again.
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Listen to any style of music for free on Pandora Internet radio - let Pandora select artists that suit your tastes
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I'm a big fan of pandora. With just a few simple inputs, pandora can predict and play music you will like. The more inputs you give it, the closer it gets to your personal taste...kind of like lunch.
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Pandora works a lot better than for me. I discovered several bands via Pandora and bought a bunch of albums
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Im twenty yearsold and i find myself somewhat lost in the vastness of the interweb. I do a lot of pondering on where exactly our society is going with the boom that is technology. I am thankful that i … more
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Pandora is an automatic music recommendation and Internet radio service created by the Music Genome Project. People enter a song or artist and the service plays a list of songs that are similar. Pandora refines the personalized radio station with the person's thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback on each song. Over 400 different musical attributes are considered when selecting the next song.

People can buy songs they hear from Amazon MP3,, or the iTunes Store.

The Pandora media player plays through a web browser and on portable devices such as iPhone. The service is supported through advertising and subscriptions.

Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Create custom web radio stations, listen free.
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