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Nepal Rain Gods: A Novel The Alienist Snow Angels Vanished
reviewed Suspect. Wednesday
This suspenseful action thriller tells the story of K-9 Maggie and her handler, Scott James, LAPD.   As much as any character in the story, it is Maggie who is the hero of the novel.      Maggie was with her first handler, Pete, at the start of the story. They are on patrol in Afghanistan when Pete is killed and Maggie wounded. Maggie is so determined to remain with her …
reviewed Eden in Winter" Richard North Patterson. July 02
Eden in Winter
This is the concluding book in Patterson's Blaine family trilogy.    Ben Blaine had died. His body is found at the bottom of a cliff. An inquest is held concerning his death.  He had changed his will so that his mistress, Clara, receives the bulk of his estate, leaving his wife and sons with nothing.\  The question about his death is, was it an accident? Was …
reviewed eHuman Dawn. June 25
eHuman Dawn
This review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author but reflects my own opinion.      I was so lucky to find this well-written and captivating tale crafted by an up and coming SciFi writer.  This is as well written as anything by Robert J. Sawyer (Mindscan) or Orson Scott Card (Enders Game).       Roughly 250 years into the future the …
reviewed The Evil Is Under The Ice. June 16
The Evil Is Under The Ice
This review is based on a free copy received directly from the author but reflects my own personal opinion.      Four human bodies are found buried in ice in Siberia. They are flown to the US for study by a group of scientists, including the narrator Dr. Frederick Orville. His job is to observe and record everything that happens. The bodies are very well preserved and the scientists …
reviewed The Jaffa Resonance. June 04
The Jaffa Resonance
My review is based on an advanced copy I received directly from the author but reflects my personal opinion.      The story opens with a daring theft of a valuable artifact, the Volto Santo, which gets stolen from a museum in Europe. It appears someone in the Vatican is behind it and is looking for something inside of the artifact. This will come into play later.      …
reviewed The Flip. May 27
The Flip
This review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author's publicist but reflects my own personal opinion.      Brad and Julie are a young couple trying to make money by "flipping" houses. This is where the buyer purchase a house that needs some work, fixes the house real fast and sells it for a profit. They have done several of these, each time looking for …
reviewed Russian Roulette. May 21
Russian Roulette
This review is based on an advanced copy received from the writer's publicist but relects my own opinion. I had already reviewed and greatly enjoyed Death By Misadventure, the first in the author's Alexis Smith novels.  So when I was presented with reviewing this work, I jumped at the chance.  I was not disappointed.  This book is a fairly quick read and is divided into two …
reviewed Hounded a book. May 16
Hounded a book
Having just finished Rosenfelt's excellent Without Warning, I was eager to continue with my favorite fictional lawyer Andy Carpenter.  While Andy, Laurie, and Edna are off at a crossword puzzle tournament, Pete Stanton is at the scene of a murder.  Danny Diaz an ex-con is gunned down at his own front door.  Diaz had texted Pete to come as soon as possible, but Pete gets there too …
reviewed Without Warning. May 12
Without Warning
This is one of Rosenfelt's best standalone books (standalone from his Andy Carpenter series). Jake Robbins is a decorated war hero and the sheriff of a small Maine town. A sudden storm causes a flood that may have damaged a time capsule buried a few years before. The town decides to dig it up to check for damage. They find a skeletonized body buried with it along with a bunch of predictions. As …
reviewed The Well House a book. April 28
The Well House a book
I reviewed a copy provided free of charge from the author but the opinions here are strictly my own. This is a book that felt very much like a Stephen King novel as both the characters and the story itself are very much his style.  Ben Carson has a recurring dream about being attacked by winged creatures while driving his car (an old red Mustang convertable) near a well house in the countryside. …
reviewed Auditory Viewpoint. April 17
Auditory Viewpoint
This review is based on a reviewer copy received from the publishing agent but reflects my own opinion.      Gloria Rank is a radio talk show host. On the day she has an information security expert on her show talking about combating identity thieves, her sister Anna becomes a victim herself. Armed with "knowledge" from her radio guest, Gloria suggests that Anna's …
reviewed The Farm. April 14
The Farm
This book is based on a reviewer copy received directly from the author but reflects my own views. This book came in a package with the author's next two books with the disclaimer that they are three separate stories but are best read in order to keep continuity. The author did tell me some things about the next two books which already gave me "spoilers" for this one but I did not let …
reviewed I Am That Fool a book. March 31
I Am That Fool a book
This review is based on an advanced reader copy received from the author but still reflects my own opinion. This book shows how the legal system can be skewed toward the prosecution's way and hints that those without money for representation will fall victim to the system.  Ryan Browne is a top defense attorney who has just gotten a not guilty plea for his client.  The prosecuter is …
reviewed Hollow World a book. March 19
Hollow World a book
I usually love a good time travel story and this one is right up there with some of the best. Ellis Rogers is dying from an incurable lung disease and enstranged from his wife after their son Isley committed suicide. Ellis came across the theories of a scientist on time travel and figures out that some of the calculations were wrong and he is able to correct the math and contruct his own time machine …
reviewed SG - Suicide Game a book. March 04
SG - Suicide Game a book
My review is based on a reviewer copy received directly from the author but reflects my own personal opinion.      It is the very near future and for some reason society has gone crazy for a new game they can bet on. Played in a stadium, the players jump from a high platform. If their rope breaks they die and if not, they continue on to the next round. This continues until only …
reviewed The Devils' Cradle a book. February 24
The Devils' Cradle a book
I received a reviewer copy from the author but this review is totally my own. Every once and a while I come upon a book like this that is so well written with a story so compelling that I want to finish it in one sitting!  Nina Holt is an abused woman being held and tortured by her husband Michael and his very "dark" brother Greg.  Greg is high up in the Tasmanian police force …
Trapped (Brier Hospital Series) a book
This review is based on an advanced copy received from the author but reflects my own honest opinion.      The Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Brier Hospital is the focal point of this book. The NICU is responsible for the care of premature birth babies, many of which will not survive and of those that do survive, many will have disabiities. It is there that Dr. Michael Cooper …
reviewed Daughters of Twilight a book. January 09
Daughters of Twilight a book
My review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author.  However, the views expressed here are soley my own. I was intrigued by this tale right from the start.  The author gives us a little tidbit as a man escapes from an underground place and is almost run over by a trucker.  The man is delirious talking about angels and singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  The trucker …
reviewed Hardcore a book. December 13, 2013
Hardcore a book
This review is based on a free copy received from the author but reflects my honest opinion. Mr. Winters has done a lot of research and gives a good insight into the pornographic film industry, which has evolved greatly since what was depicted in the film Boogie Nights. Ashley was a former star in the industry and is living on the East Coast. She get a call that her sister Tara commited suicide and …
reviewed Deadly Provocation: A Year Of Domesti.... December 09, 2013
Deadly Provocation: A Year Of Domestic Surveillance
My review is based on a free copy received from the author but it is strictly my own opinion. This story seemed to grow from the recent mass shootings and the Snowden case (he is even mentioned in the book). Jake Conley is a private investigator who happens to thwart a mass shooting at a movie theater (note: the author claimed it was a movie that teamed Batman, Superman and Spiderman but this could …
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