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reviewed Suspect. August 25, 2013
If Police Officer Scott James had done something different that evening his partner Stephanie Anders would still be alive. But, she isn't because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time as …
reviewed Great Falls a book. August 16, 2013
Greaat Falls a book
I had no idea about this wonderful book as I was sent a reviewer copy by the author having reviewed similar genre books. The book has some time travel elements (similar to Diana Galbadoon's Outlander …
reviewed Unleashed a book. August 06, 2013
Unleashed a book
I have read every Rosenfelt Andy Carpenter tale and the author never seems to run out of fresh ideas and intrigue to keep wisecracking Andy busy.  This book is no exception.  Andy is getting …
reviewed This Green Hell a book. July 31, 2013
This Green Hell a book
This is the third installment I have read in the Alex Hunter (Arcadian) series and it is by far the weakest of the three!  Hunter is a special forces soldier (HAWC) who took a bullet to the head …
reviewed The Sound of Things Falling a Novel. July 16, 2013
The Sound of Things Falling a Novel
Antonio Yammara, a law professor meets Ricardo Laverde, who he plays pool with. The time is 1996 and the place is Bogota, Colombia. Yammara knows very little about Laverde except that he may have spent …
reviewed Stillwell a Haunting on Long Island. July 09, 2013
Stillwell a Haunting on Long Island
My review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author.  This was a fairly quick and pleasant read.  But unlike a truly scary tale like Richard Matheson's Hellhouse or King's …
reviewed A Tap On The Window a Book. June 29, 2013
A Tap On The Window a Book
Cal Weaver is a private investigator whose son Scott had died falling off a roof.  Thinking that is was due to drugs, Weaver was doing his own investigation trying to find who gave Scott the drugs.  …
reviewed Life II a book. June 13, 2013
Life II a book
Having previously reviewed Replay by Ken Grimwood, I was approached by the author to provide a review of this book which uses a similiar premise.  Max Thorning is 42 and in a rut with his life.  …
reviewed If You Were Here, a book. April 30, 2013
If You Were Here, a book
McKenna never knew what happened to her friend Susan Hauptmann, who had disappeared ten years prior.  She is presented a video of a woman rescuing a teen that had fallen on the subway tracks.  …
reviewed The Boyfriend. April 18, 2013
The Boyfriend
Jack Till is a retired detective, now private investigator.  He is hired by some parents to find the killer of their daughter who worked as an escort.  Till uses the on-line ad system to search …
reviewed No Way Back a book. March 22, 2013
No Way Back a book
Wendy is mad with her husband and lets a lapse of judgement ruin her whole life.  While drowning her "sorrows" at a bar she meets Curtis, who she is immediately attracted to.  Against …
reviewed Madam President. March 17, 2013
Madam President
This novel looks at the presidency of America's first black, female President.      In 2012, things are not going well for Kalinda Resbo. She can't get anything through Congress, …
reviewed Madam President. March 17, 2013
Madam President
This novel looks at the presidency of America's first black, female President.      In 2012, things are not going well for Kalinda Resbo. She can't get anything through Congress, …
reviewed Airtight a book. March 14, 2013
Airtight a book
I have read all the Andy Carpenter books and the five or so previous one-off books that Rosenfelt has put out and have never been disappointed having always given a four or five star rating for each.  …
reviewed The Absurd Adventures of Mira. March 08, 2013
The Absurd Adventures of Mira
The Absurd Adventures of Mira, Sujata Rayers, 2012, ISBN 9781612961088      Mira is an Indian-American living in present-day Louisiana. She is also swarthy, weighs 250 pounds, and …
reviewed The Cellar Door. March 05, 2013
The Cellar Door
This is the tale of a young boy and his amazing adventures.      Sam Bixby is your average nine-year-old. His parents have been divorced for most of his life. The concern and uncertainty …
reviewed The Revised Fundamentals of Caregivin.... February 20, 2013
The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel
I really tried to like this story, especially having read so many positive reviews on Amazon.  But I just couldn't get with it.  Firstly I tried to like Benjamin Benjamin Jr., the main …
reviewed Sea of Crises a book by Marty Steere. January 11, 2013
Sea of Crises a book by Marty Steere
I was lucky to receive a reviewer's copy from the author for this book.  This book has both a lot of good parts and some not so good.  The premise of the book is that there was an additional …
reviewed Goodnight, Brian. January 08, 2013
Goodnight, Brian
Here is a story about one family's journey through life, in the face of some considerable obstacles.      Brian Mauretti is the second child of Jan and Frank Mauretti, residents …
reviewed Tularosa. January 07, 2013
Kevin Kerney is approached by his old friend and fellow officer, Terry Yazzi, to help find Terry's son, Sammy. Kerney is Sammy's god-father but Kevin has no love for Terry.  Terry's problem …
reviewed the panther. December 28, 2012
the panther
I've been in the hospital for the last five days and then five more recuperating at home.  To listen to this fun story has made the time pass in a faster fashion.      The …
Quexistence: The Quest For the Meaning of Existence: Time Dreams
This story is about a man who does not just wonder where man came from, he attempts to find the answer.      While granddaughter Angie puts up the family Christmas tree, Gork (so named …
reviewed "The Panther". December 17, 2012
John Corey and his wife, Kate Mayfield, are asked to be part of a group to go to Yemen and find a terrorist and then either arrest the terrorist or kill him.      The Panther is a …
reviewed A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel. December 05, 2012
A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel
Dealing with a health issue and wanting a good story I could listen to, I tried "A Wanted Man," written by Lee Child and read by Dick Hall. The result was an unexciting, boring story.   …
reviewed "The Thieves of Legend: A Thriller". December 05, 2012
In "The Thieves of Legend: A Thriller," Richard Doetsch provides a well written story dealing with greed, master thieves, and family relationships,set in the exotic worlds of Beijing …
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