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About Papeversomniferum
Well...  First thing you should know is Im not the best typist in the universe and my grammar and punctuation is horrible too. Basically im telling you this to let you know, that I know it!   
So it is established ahead of time that I am not an idiot. Just too lazy to go back and edit everything.   I know when things are wrong.   I just don't care to bother  to take up precious time to edit to please the grammar, spelling and punctuation nazi's when they are perfectly well aware what I meant to say in the first place.   So keep it to yourself please!  Im well aware!

Second... Im a poet and I write mostly prose,  not because I don't know what Iambic pentameter or octosyllabic verse  is, because I do... That is just one more thing I can't really be bothered with unless I want to.   Life to too short to kill yourself over terms forms and theory. 

Third...  I tell it like it is. Don't get into it with me if you can't deal with that. Im not always the nicest person anyway, but when provoked... I can be downright mean.  But in an Alexander Pope or Dorothy Parker kind of way. So you might not know what hit you, only that you have been hit!
I love philosophy.  It is a passion of mine to dissect the human psyche and see what makes people tick.
When you pick a lock... You don't waste your time figuring out what is right with it,  to be able to open it, It is counterintuitive.     To open something with hidden machinations and secrets that it doesn't so easily yield...  You first find and then use it's defects aginst it.   Then... *Pop!  It opens effortlessly.    Remember that... It may just come in handy when you deal with me in the future. *Don't say I never warned you!

I love good classic literature.   I collect and deal in old and rare books. My favorite writers are; James Joyce, Baudelaire, Bataille,  Dostoyevsky, Faulkner, Kerouac, Robert Lowell, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Lorca, Nietzsche, Aristotle. Too many to mention really...  

Im horrible at math... I wish I could learn but I just can't seem to retain anything that has anything at all to do with numbers.   If I were good at it, who knows...  I might have been a physicist? 
If I were good with rules in general... I could have been a literary scholar.
But im not...
Im Just a wishful thinker with great taste and style.
Im like Saleri to Motzart's genius... I envy it, when it is natural and effortless. I have Aristotle's  potential as all men do... But the fact that some are blessed beyond their own comprehension annoys the sh*t out of me to my own detriment.

Basically... Im easy going for the most part. I see the reasons behind all things. Im a big picture thinker and seeing things full spectrum, can sometimes make me seem unsure of myself or vague with my own process which annoys people sometimes. But I am never adamant about anything really and don't like to take up for one side or the other, for or against anything.  I adopted that outlook upon reading what I feel is one of the greatest little books in the universe.

It is called Finite and infinite games. It is by: James P. Carse. Read it and understand me. I am neither finite nor am I infinite... I am decidedly both and see the purpose and beauty in each aspect of both extremes.
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“"L'enefer C'est les Autres."”

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