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posted "Why economic liberty and religious liberty are inexorably linked." about Tea Party Catholic: The Catholic Case for Limited Government, A Free Economy and Human Flourishing.   September 24, 2013
Why economic liberty and religious liber
"Subsidiarity points toward limited government. Though an important form of social organization, government is only one of a number of communities and
posted "Precious memories and shattered dreams." about November 22, 1963: Reflections on the Life, Assassination and Legacy of John F. Kennedy.   August 30, 2013
Precious memories and shattered dreams.
"John Kennedy helped us believe in ourselves, that we, as Americans could do big things.  He lifted our spirits and made us proud of oursel
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posted "The evidence speaks for itself." about Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama From Office.   August 19, 2013
The evidence speaks for itself.
Wouldn't it be nice if we had a President who was actually on our side?  The evidence is clear and overwhelming that since January 20, 2009
posted "Maginnis dismantles the argument for placing women in direct fire, close ground combat situations." about Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat.   August 07, 2013
Maginnis dismantles the argument for pla
"Now it is up to the American people to decide which military they want: the one that vanquished every totalitarian threat it encountered during the t
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posted "WARNING: Reading this book just might cause your blood to boil!" about Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign To Remove Faith From the Public Square.   May 28, 2013
WARNING: Reading this book just might ca
"Under the guise of protecting First Amendment freedom of religious rights, the ACLU has conducted a decades-long War on God, with the goal of erasing
posted "A great way to engage that "progressive" young person you really care about." about Letters to a Young Progressive: How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.   April 17, 2013
A great way to engage that "progressive"
Mike S. Adams has been there. In his own words the author "was once one of those bright kids, lost for seventeen angry years because of professors who
posted "Thomas Sowell's treatise on the state of race relations in America is simply brilliant." about Intellectuals and Race.   March 18, 2013
Thomas Sowell's treatise on the state of
"There is no subject that is more in need of dispassionate analysis, careful factual research and a fearless and honest discussion than is race." -- p
posted "Essentially the play-by-play of the Left's vicious and relentless attacks on those who dare disagree" about Bullies: How The Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America.   January 13, 2013
Essentially the play-by-play of the Left
"When we talk about political bullying, we're talking about the bullying of private citizens by government actors, media heavies, Hollywood,
posted "Voter fraud continues to be a threat to the future of our republic." about Who's Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote At Risk.   September 11, 2012
Voter fraud continues to be a threat to
"Americans must produce a photo ID to obtain a library card, drink a beer, cash a check, board an airplane, buy a train ticket, or check in to a
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posted ""Wouldn't it be better to connect the dots, imagine the unimaginable, and take necessary precautions" about Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals and the Media Refuse To Say.   June 15, 2012
"Wouldn't it be better to connect the do
This observation from author Glenn Beck on page 81 of his important new book "Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, and the Media Refuse to Say" s
posted "Barack Obama lacks the temperament, management skills and vision to tackle the job." about The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.   May 28, 2012
Barack Obama lacks the temperament, mana
David Scheiner, MD has been Barack Obama's personal physician for the past 22 years. And he is none too happy with the health care program that w
posted "A prophetic commentary from 47 years ago." about If I Were The Devil.   April 15, 2012
A prophetic commentary from 47 years ago
      I heard this 1965 essay from the legendary ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey for the first time just a few weeks ago. It i
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posted "The intense ideological battle for the heart and soul of America is really nothing new..." about Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.   April 09, 2012
The intense ideological battle for the h
Take a look around at the sad state of our nation. In the 100 years since the self-proclaimed "progessive" Woodrow Wilson was President of t
posted "A principled conservative leader reflects on the past two tumultuous years." about The Great American Awakening: Two Years That Changed America, Washington, and Me.   October 21, 2011
A principled conservative leader reflects on the past two tumultuous years. A principled conservative leader reflect
When Jim DeMint of South Carolina was elected to the United States Senate in 2004 he hardly expected to become a household name.  After all, DeMi
posted "Learn why The Tea Party movement is a growing force in American politics." about The Tea Party Goes To Washington.   August 12, 2011
Learn why The Tea Party movement is a growing force in American politics. Learn why The Tea Party movement is a gr
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have." ---Thomas Jefferson     
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posted ""One person can make a difference. I will make a difference."" about Chris Christie.   February 17, 2011
"One person can make a difference. I wil
Such was the pledge made by the newly elected Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie in his inaugural address on January 13, 2010.  Chris Christie
commented on review of Decision Points, "Great read about 43!".   January 18, 2011
commented on review of Marijuana Legalization, "Restore some sanity to drug laws.".   December 02, 2010
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