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a question by Jan 9, 2012
With the Iowa Caucus complete, who do you think will win the Republican nomination for President? Who will be selected to run as VP?
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answered:    January 10, 2012
Mitt Romney. The only reason the others have gotten enough attention to be the top of the polls for a couple of weeks (at max) is that the Anybody But Mitt crowd casts its gaze on someone in the pack until they crash and burn.

Wanting to be president of the US should be a mental disorder in the DSM-V when it is finally released.  But there has to be a special sub-disorder for anyone like Mitt.  Just what is the psychology of someone who wants to be the nominee of a party that is openly trying to get anyone but him to win?  The outright begging for Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie to join the race failed which leaves only three options: enough super PACs to run enough negative adds so that John Huntsman rises above the fray by total accident (which may not be any better depending on why they dislike Mitt), paying him to stop running (which isn't very likely and sets a bad precedent -- getting paid not to run for president seems like one of the best possible jobs on the planet), and a violent one that I want to believe is out of the question but these times indicate otherwise.

As far as running mate.  Gov Bob McDonnell of VA has all but promised to pay to join the ticket (and this seems to be true no matter who is picked as headliner).  We don't view Veeps the same way now that we did even just 40 years ago, but we still pretend to.  That said, Mitt will need a Southern conservative who can pass the "do you have any love children", "do you still beat your wife", "can you read", "would you raise taxes if there was a gun your love child's head" tests (and the answers would be "um", "um", "yes", "absolutely not, no taxes ever"). In what will pass for all seriousness, if Gov McDonnell could pretty much guarantee VA goes red this year, then he is probably the front runner.  I cannot imagine that any of the people who have paid money to run for president this time around would entertain the notion of being Mitt's #2.  I would say that he wouldn't consider them, but given that he doesn't have any trouble being openly hated by the people he wants to lead ... there's just no telling.
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answered:    January 12, 2012
I'm a Dem so I'm in the Obama seat. That being said, I'd love to see Ron Paul for the Republican nomination. He's refreshingly honest and straight-forward and has no problem pointing out the issues in both political parties. I do think that Mitt Romney has had a stronghold that his haters are having difficulty knocking him off. For VP, I'm not sure, I haven't really looked into it. But, I agree with what @ had to say.
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