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reviewed Christine O'Donnell. September 16, 2010
Christine O'Donnell
First, it is important to note that; a political “seismic” event took place on September 14, 2010, as Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell beat Rep. Mike Castle for the Republican …
reviewed Tea Party. September 16, 2010
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Tea Party
I am a fiscal conservative but have not attended any Tea Party events.  However, as an observer of politics I am very interested in how this burgeoning Tea Party has the potential to change the current …
reviewed Steven Slater. September 13, 2010
Steven Slater
NEW YORK TIMES 5 Sep 2010 – Sometimes there's no going back.      JetBlue Airways says that there will be no second exits for famed flight attendant Steven Slater— …
reviewed Hurricane Earl (2010). September 03, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Hurricane Earl
It is Friday morning 10:00 am, I have lived on the east coast of Virginia since 1986, and I Have owned a beach front house in Nags Head, North Carolina since 1994.  That can make me as nervous as …
reviewed Restoring Honor Rally. September 02, 2010
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Restoring Honor Rally
The contrast could not be more striking.  Last Saturday between 300,000 and 500,000 Americans descended on our nation’s capital from every corner of the country.   These were ordinary …
reviewed Tiger Woods Car Accident & Affairs. August 30, 2010
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Tiger Woods Sex Scandal
First, I have never played golf in my life!  Second, I am a retired army officer, an adjunct professor in history and have studied philosophy in graduate school.  So, why am I weighing in on …
reviewed CSPAN. August 29, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
So I have this theory as to why important issues are not resolved in the Congress and why for the past, say 30 years, bipartisanship has been on a steady decline.  It has to do with the mission of …
reviewed Sarah Palin. August 28, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Sarah Palin Headshot
It never ceases to amaze me to see how many undereducated people get a gig as a talking head on TV.  The shame of Sarah Palin's story is that she was done a political disservice by McCain.  …
reviewed Chris Matthews. August 27, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Chris Matthnews
Up until Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president, I enjoyed watching "Hardball" with Chris Mathews.  Yes, I knew he was a liberal and had a biased leaning to the left; however, …
reviewed Steven Slater. August 27, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Steven Slater
Steven Slater is a loser.  As the story develops there are no passengers that can confirm his side of the story, that he was hit in the head by baggage in the overhead storage, or that a passenger …
reviewed Cordoba House. August 21, 2010
Cordoba House
All religions are a mess because they all demand exclusivity.  Even religions that profess to be open finally come down to, at the very least - our way is better, no matter how gently preached.  A …
reviewed Laura Schlessinger. August 18, 2010
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Laura Schlessinger
Dr. Laura who like Dr. Phil is not really a doctor but because she is on the air giving "advice" and because she has that "doctor" title, believes that what she says is always ok.   …
reviewed Steven Slater. August 12, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Steven Slater
If you've ever dreamt of giving upper management and your clients the ultimate f-you and causing a major stir as you quit, well then, one brazen man lived out many people's wildest fantasies earlier …
reviewed Steven Slater. August 11, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Steven Slater
I can't see why everyone is so enamored with this guy.  Basically, he got tired of dealing with some of the annoying passengers on his flights and decided to quit in a colorful way.  He …
reviewed Tea Party. August 08, 2010
Tea Party
The Tea Party movement is a reactionary group of angry right wing conservatives who have vented their frustration of President Obama's plans for sweeping social programs and changing in the policies …
reviewed Wyclef Jean Runs for Haitian Presidency. August 08, 2010
Wyclef Jean Runs for Haitian Presidency
So Wyclef Jean is running for despot er President of Haiti.  Well all I can say is good luck. Haiti is an example of being a victim to western imperialism.  Ever since it gained it's independence …
reviewed Arrest of Bradley Manning for WikiLea.... August 08, 2010
Arrest of Bradley Manning for WikiLeaks Scandal
I am not a fan of our involvement in the Middle East.  But what this dude did is treasonous and dangerous.  When you are a government employee you ,must follow the rules that your boss (i.e. …
reviewed Judge Overturns California's Ban on S.... August 05, 2010
Judge Overturns California's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
Does this decision to block Prop 8 overturn a majority of voters? Yes, 52.3%. But, whatever one's leanings from ballot to ballot, one must remember: we Californian voters are unpredictable: 187 (stopping …
reviewed Brilliant Woman Solves All of Califor.... July 30, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Brilliant Woman Solves All of California's Problems
Forget about the beauty pageant contestants that can't answer questions!  Nothing that you can catch in news bloopers can top this video.  A woman gets in front of a town council and goes …
reviewed Resignation of Shirley Sherrod. July 22, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Resignation of Shirley Sherrod
I only rated this topic low because I feel it was an embarassment to the Government, the USDA, FOX, the NAACP and to Shirley herself in the cowardly way she was told to resign.  Shirley will be the …
reviewed Immigration Reform. July 08, 2010
Immigration Reform
Let's get real!  There is no simply possibility of resolving the deep divisions in this country until the matter of illegal immigration is settled once and for all.  …
reviewed Immigration Reform. July 01, 2010
Immigration Reform
Few Americans are unaware of the significant immigration problems currently rising on the political agenda of the United States.  While Arizona made the headlines a month or so ago, this morning, …
reviewed Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the T.... June 23, 2010
Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of
Alexander Zaitchick's critical biography of Glenn Beck is well researched, revealing and tedious. You'll learn more than you probably want to know about Beck, but if you buy this book you're probably …
reviewed Joran van der Sloot. June 12, 2010
posted in Los Angeles
Joran van der Sloot
Imagine the blinding terror as Joran Van Der Sloot hovers over your nearly lifeless corpse ready to deliver what will be your death blow.  Picture in your minds eye the flush of pleasure …
reviewed Joran van der Sloot. June 08, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Joran van der Sloot
I have followed all the televised interviews with this individual and he comes off as someone who is smug without any concern for his actions.  The way he maliciously killed that promising young …
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