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reviewed Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case A.... October 20, 2009
Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an
Considering today's political environment, I feel it necessary to emphasize that this is only a review of "Glenn Beck's Common Sense." It is not a review of Glenn Beck, the man. It is not a review of …
reviewed Universal Health Care. October 16, 2009
Health Care
I don't know why people are against a single payer health care.  This country needs some form of basic health care coverage for it's population.  The argument I always hear is taxes.  You …
reviewed Universal Health Care. September 11, 2009
Health Care
Conceptually, I'm in favor in providing health care to everyone, however I'm also concerned about the costs associated with such a universal benefit.  As part of the cost benefit analysis i started …
reviewed Universal Health Care. August 08, 2009
Health Care
Last night we had dinner with our daughter Elin and her partner Emmanuel: she's just back from teaching at a week-long shindig in Chicago for viola da gamba players.  One of the stories she told …
Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an
I really don't enjoy listening to Sean Hannity and am increasingly finding Rush Limbaugh to be a rich and pompous bore. However, I do enjoy listening to Glenn Beck. He's extremely passionate about what …
reviewed Universal Health Care. July 17, 2009
Health Care
 I am a 65 yr old anesthesiologist/physician-a medical doctor on Medicare and this subject of health care is so complex. Do we have the finest medical care in the world? Not by outcome measurement. …
reviewed Universal Health Care. July 17, 2009
Health Care
With all due respect Sir,  I firmly believe that this time the American people should hold your feet to the fire.  During your campaign for President you made a number of promises to us.  …
reviewed Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case A.... July 09, 2009
Common Sense
In January 1776 Thomas Paine published a pamphlet called "Common Sense".   It has since been hailed as one of the most brilliant documents ever written in the English …
reviewed Jon Stewart. June 30, 2009
Jon Stewart
In 1999, The Daily Show got a new boss.  Jon Stewart.  For ten years now, Jon Stewart has been providing us with political satire and news.  While Jon Stewart is most certainly fake news, …
reviewed Bill O'Reilly. June 29, 2009
Bill O'Reilly
Seeing as how I recently took a stab at Keith Olbermann, I might as well take a moment to review Bill O' Reilly.  Again, I'll point out a couple of things.       I am in …
reviewed Sean Hannity. June 15, 2009
Sean Hannity
I never quite understood the appeal.  Sean Hannity is the host of the second most listened to radio program in the nation.  And while I agree with with Sean on a good many of the issues …
reviewed Men in Black: How the Supreme Court i.... May 22, 2009
Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America a book by Mark Levin
Mark Levin is a dynamic talk show host that never bores the listener. In this book he has gather a tremendous amount of legalese and historical cases and has brought it all together sucessfully in a treatise …
reviewed Ronald Reagan. May 19, 2009
Ronald Reagan
Instead of writing a new review I copied and pasted what I wrote on the day of Ronald Reagan's death in 2004:Ronald Wilson Reagan 1911 - 2004 - my personal epitaph     Not that I have …
reviewed Sarah Palin. April 08, 2009
Sarah Palin Headshot
Hating on Sarah Palin is old news, I know (for liberals at least). Just wanted to say how much my past disgust with her still resonates with me.  Today I asked my coworker to pick up a pack …
reviewed Real Time With Bill Maher. March 09, 2009
Real Time with Bill Maher
Bill Maher, I love you.Bill Maher, I loathe you.  I think Bill likes it this way. Seriously – my guess is Bill would be the first to tell you he could give a s*** about your opinion of him. …
reviewed Barack Obama. March 02, 2009
Barack Obama
As psyched, as I was that Barack was elected president, like a lot of people, I was waiting to see him make good on his campaign promises. Wouldn't you know he has made a damn good dent in them, and I'm …
reviewed Barack Obama. February 28, 2009
Barack Obama
I'm about as middle-of-the-road as you can get, politically.  I have many conservative values, but many liberal "idealist" thoughts as well.    I didn't vote for Obama, but I …
reviewed Chris Matthews. December 24, 2008
Chris Matthnews
he is bright, engaging, and experienced but a lousy host/interviewer. he talks too much and does not allow replies to his questions. he should have an AM radio show and just keep talking. too annoying …
reviewed Paris Hilton. December 18, 2008
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is one of the most irrelevant celebrities of all time.  Yeah, that's a lofty statement, but I'm not throwing that around lightly, either.  She's made a name off of her fortune. …
reviewed Jon Stewart. December 17, 2008
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart is a funny, funny man.  He's also incredibly eloquent, molds his face into fantastic expressions, and knows his politics.    Jon Stewart's strength is in his ability …
reviewed Tina Fey. December 16, 2008
Tina Fey
I love Tina Fey.    Tina Fey is smart and funny.  She's relatable, she's quirky, and she is talented.  I pretty much want to be Tina Fey.    Of all the …
reviewed Medical Marijuana. December 16, 2008
People already abuse marijuana illegally, so what should stop the government from unilaterally allowing the legal use of marijuana?  The only crime the use of marijuana should be considered is the …
reviewed Medical Marijuana. December 12, 2008
It seems to me that the arguments against medical marijuana are becoming less valid. We have all heard of the studies citing the benefits of its use for individuals with cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis …
reviewed Jon Stewart. December 11, 2008
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart, beyond just being funny, also delivers an honest news broadcast.  He points out the problems with media coverage of many topics as well as saying "Hey, maybe we should pay attention …
reviewed Medical Marijuana. December 11, 2008
What did man do before the advent of synthetic medicine? He used the plants, trees, the powder from rocks and gems, animals and all other kinds of things modern man has since forgot to heal himself.    &nb …
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