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reviewed Tea Party. August 08, 2010
Tea Party
The Tea Party movement is a reactionary group of angry right wing conservatives who have vented their frustration of President Obama's plans for sweeping social programs and changing in the policies …
reviewed Sarah Palin. September 03, 2008
Sarah Palin Headshot
The 2008 election will be exciting despite the results. The US will either welcome its first African American president or its first female vice president. The choice of Sarah Palin as McCain's running …
reviewed Barack Obama. December 11, 2008
Barack Obama
I don't envy Obama as he steps into the Presidency with an out of control economy and vultures coming in from every angle for a little bit of that 700 Billion dollar bailout money. Barack has a tough …
reviewed Tina Fey. December 16, 2008
Tina Fey
I love Tina Fey.    Tina Fey is smart and funny.  She's relatable, she's quirky, and she is talented.  I pretty much want to be Tina Fey.    Of all the …
reviewed Universal Health Care. July 17, 2009
Health Care
 I am a 65 yr old anesthesiologist/physician-a medical doctor on Medicare and this subject of health care is so complex. Do we have the finest medical care in the world? Not by outcome measurement. …
reviewed Medical Marijuana. December 11, 2008
What did man do before the advent of synthetic medicine? He used the plants, trees, the powder from rocks and gems, animals and all other kinds of things modern man has since forgot to heal himself.    &nb …
reviewed Barack Obama. February 28, 2009
Barack Obama
I'm about as middle-of-the-road as you can get, politically.  I have many conservative values, but many liberal "idealist" thoughts as well.    I didn't vote for Obama, but I …
reviewed Tiger Woods Car Accident & Affairs. December 16, 2009
Tiger Woods Sex Scandal
Tiger Woods,   If you are reading this, I just want to send you my love and support.  I do not think what is happening to you is fair nor do I think that it is anyone's business.  …
reviewed Barack Obama. March 02, 2009
Barack Obama
As psyched, as I was that Barack was elected president, like a lot of people, I was waiting to see him make good on his campaign promises. Wouldn't you know he has made a damn good dent in them, and I'm …
reviewed Mad Tea Party. March 14, 2010
posted in Only WDWorld
Mad Tea Party
   In honor of the now hit Alice in Wonderland it's time to showcase one of the more simple, yet classic rides at Disney World: The Mad Tea Party. It's a simple concept, you get into an enlarged …
reviewed The National Tea Party and "Birthers".... May 04, 2010
The National Tea Party and
   Life’s mysteries-tea party and “birthers” In the last couple of years there seems to be more political groups protesting something or another. The National Tea Party …
reviewed Joran van der Sloot. June 12, 2010
posted in Los Angeles
Joran van der Sloot
Imagine the blinding terror as Joran Van Der Sloot hovers over your nearly lifeless corpse ready to deliver what will be your death blow.  Picture in your minds eye the flush of pleasure …
reviewed Right to Health Care: An Advocates Gu.... January 29, 2004
Right to Health Care: An Advocates Guide to the
This work describes guidelines for care under the Hill-Burton  Uncompensated Care . In exchange for significantly reduced  mortgage payments, facilities will provide sliding-scale …
reviewed The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How t.... January 23, 2010
The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite
Frankly, considering her popularity, I would have expected Matthew Continetti's gem of book to be selling better. "The Persecution Of Sarah Palin" is a well-researched, objective review of how the left-wing …
reviewed Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case A.... November 24, 2009
Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an
Glenn Beck is another of those people the left-wing fears to the point of wanting to silence them. Of course, the left seems to want to silence anyone who disagrees with them on any point.     Glenn …
No Such Thing as Over-Exposure: Inside the Life
I have read and reviewed many of Slater's previous books and consider him to be among the most perceptive and eloquent commentators on the contemporary business world. It came as no surprise, therefore, …
reviewed Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case A.... October 20, 2009
Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an
Considering today's political environment, I feel it necessary to emphasize that this is only a review of "Glenn Beck's Common Sense." It is not a review of Glenn Beck, the man. It is not a review of …
reviewed Big Trips: More Good Gay Travel Writing. November 07, 2008
Big Trips: More Good Gay Travel Writing
Kadushin, Raphael, editor. "Big Trips: More Good Gay Travel Writing", University of Wisconsin Press, 2008.    Getting Away    Amos Lassen    I …
Glenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an
I really don't enjoy listening to Sean Hannity and am increasingly finding Rush Limbaugh to be a rich and pompous bore. However, I do enjoy listening to Glenn Beck. He's extremely passionate about what …
reviewed The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How t.... December 03, 2009
The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite
Maybe it is because I was very familiar with the fact presented within but I found Matthew Continetti's volume on the subject just tedious.    Continetti faithfully follows the media's …
reviewed Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stan.... September 29, 2010
Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age
I think that Bill is beginning to get a bit "puffed up" with his own importance. This is criticism from someone who watches his program almost every day, but particularly on Wednesdays when …
reviewed The Roots of Obama's Rage. October 07, 2010
The Roots of Obama's Rage
The fact that Barack Obama's presidency is a historic one has been repeated so many times that it has become a truism. Whether you are his supporter, or feel extremely antagonistic towards him, chances …
reviewed The Great American Awakening: Two Yea.... October 21, 2011
posted in Politics Your Way
The Great American Awakening: Two Years That Changed American, Washington, and Me
When Jim DeMint of South Carolina was elected to the United States Senate in 2004 he hardly expected to become a household name.  After all, DeMint had represented South Carolina's 4th Congressional …
reviewed Driving. November 18, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
sometimes i wonder why every time i see people on the road. they just can't seem to read the signs that are onside of the street, they completely ignore them and just go on their way with out even …
reviewed The New New Rules: A Funny Look at Ho.... December 21, 2011
posted in Politics Your Way
The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass
If George Carlin were still around and took a political affiliation, then he would be Bill Maher! Bill uses George's same brand of humor and spins it to his his left-wing point of view. Most of the …
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