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Tiger Woods Sex Scandal

A car accident that Tiger Woods was involved in in late 2009 with information of his affairs leaking out soon after.

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Tiger Woods is Human despite his Considerable Skills as a Golfer...

  • Dec 5, 2009
  • by
It is difficult to give this data point a rating. It is an issue between a man and his wife and nobody else’s business. Who is Tiger Woods? The man is arguably one of the greatest golf players of all time. News of his infidelity have reached widespread coverage because of his fame. So does this make him any less of a human being? Well, it all depends on how you look at it….
For me, it seems like when we see him play, you can’t help but admire his skills. The man can swing a golf club like no other and has earned him championships and numerous product endorsements…why? Because he is damn good at what he does. His agents and the media have painted him as role model and kids everywhere aspire to be like him. So again, does this make Tiger any less human? I think if anything else he feels more human.
Let’s be honest. The man is famous, rich and but human...being human means being flawed. I don’t agree with infidelity nor do I believe in cheating on one’s spouse under any circumstances; but Tiger being who he is, is more prone to temptation. Women who want a piece of his fame want to be with him. He probably travels a lot so he is probably a lot weaker in fighting off loneliness. It is lonely at the top. Some may argue that ego is a famous man’s downfall and it is always bad when one starts to believe his own hype. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone better…one would do well to remember this.

History has a way of reminding us that even though you do great things, in the end, all everyone would prefer to remember is how one faltered. Human nature always looks at the flaws and forget the good things. The media and most people enjoy watching a great man fall…why? Because people like to see someone fail than to see someone succeed. The media is having a field day covering Tiger’s public apology and even wanted to do an interview with his mistress. Why, is it because he is famous and makes enormous amounts of money? Yes, it is. It was a real wonder that he managed to keep things under wraps this long. Again, does Tiger’s mistakes make him less than a man? No it doesn’t.
Ask yourself. If you were Tiger Woods, can you absolutely guarantee that you wouldn’t make the same mistakes? I can’t say for sure. I think I am a moral person but who knows what would happen if I was Tiger Woods? I am after all, a simple employee with a simple job. The temptations are great for men with significant fame. Why? People like winners and truth be told, a lot of women are attracted to power. This is just the truth. Tiger never asked to be a role model. The companies who asked for his endorsements did.
The media likes to portray this story as Woods being a failure morally; that he isn’t as squeaky clean as he is oftentimes portrayed. Why is it the public’s business, is it because we are part of the reason for his success? Maybe. Still, the problems between a man and his wife is no one’s business but their own. I commend him for his public apology to salvage as much of his public image as he can. So, he cheated on his wife, and it would be up to her what her next step would be. The public awaits what would happen next. Some people rejoice and they say Tiger is a jerk, maybe he is, but there are a lot of jerks around...but they're just not as famous or not as good. 
One thing I have to say, if Tiger Woods failed anyone, it is himself and his family. A man is not answerable to anyone but himself. Will he be able to live with himself after this? Probably so. All of us tend to live through and get over our mistakes, and try to learn from it. Seems like Tiger is human after all. So to those who say they don't like Tiger's sense of morality...don't be too quick to judge and act squeaky clean; everyone has their baggages to carry.
The morale of the story: The media vultures like the adage, “The Bigger they are, the harder they fall”.
Don’t be famous unless you can stand the heat. Oh, I'm NOT a fan of Tiger Woods.
Tiger and Elin's Christmas Card Photo
Tiger Woods is Human despite his Considerable Skills as a Golfer... Tiger Woods is Human despite his Considerable Skills as a Golfer...

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November 18, 2010
Great write up WP, love that pic
January 10, 2010
Good read but totally disagree that we are part of his success, his success is from being a great golfer. We had no part of him being a great golfer. Did we pay for golf classes, put a meal on the table,help to buy some of his golf gear? No we did not. We had no part of his success, Companies went after him and they only did so as a result of him being a great golfer. You think companies would go after Tim Montgomery? I dont think so
January 20, 2010
Hey Johnaton, I see the reasoning behind your response, and I think of it as more of a two way street. Tiger worked himself up to be a really great golfer and he really grew on people. I liken him to being like any other celebrity, where they wouldn't be very successful without the support of a loyal fan base. Your perspective is very interesting though, and I highly encourage you to post a review of your own on this subject. You should post some reviews on other topics, too, because even if you don't agree with Woopak on this, you might find something else that you two have in common! :)
December 08, 2009
For some strange reasons, this actually reminds me of Lady Di. Golfer or no golfer, rich or not rich, famous or not famous, powerful or weak, they are all humans. The media is just hungry for news and $$$, the reporters don't care about right or wrong, neither does the government. As if we don't have enough problems of our own, people still find time to 'judge' others? Makes me wonder how boring one's life has to be to actually be concerned about someone whom they don't even know personally! I've also learned the truth is never what it appears to be to the public. He's simply a good golfer, for anyone to expect more of him is just self delusion. Advertisers will care, other than that, I don't see why anyone should or have a right to :-)
December 08, 2009
well said, my friend, well said. All I care about is Woods as a golfer, Jordan as a basketball player, and so on. My issue is the media is condemning his actions and yet I wonder what those newscasters are hiding about themselves. I used to work at a TV station, and I have an idea...they are anything but perfect!
December 08, 2009
Media is simply doing their so called business. Either they need a stand or have to make a lot of noise so that they don't lose readers. Attention seeking is what they do best. Newscasters are simply trying to stay on their jobs so that bills can be paid ;-) The more the readers read them, the more vindictive they will be towards the victim. It's all human behavior.
December 08, 2009
I know it's sad. I wish the world was a better place...
December 08, 2009
The world is what you make it out to be, William! :-) I wouldn't say it's a lousy place though I do agree with you it can be a better place.
December 05, 2009
It's incredibly hard to rate this data point.  I've found it hard to write about it.  Certainly, of course, Tiger Woods has done a bad thing.  You can't defend him cheating on his wife.  On the other hand, the media is so worried about his image because apparently Tiger Woods has never done this before.  That's all well and good and all, but Tiger Woods--as you said--is human and is prone to mistakes.

Perhaps the part I don't like about this is that whole, "He's a role model for kids," type stuff.  That may be but he's not a babysitter.  He never asked to be a role-model, that's just the image that seems more bestowed upon him by the media.  I suppose they gobble this story up because it's Tiger Woods.  Does he have a right to privacy?  Sure... but because of his celebrity status they'd rather he didn't.  

Let's put it this way.  In the first place, this doesn't make Tiger Woods a godawful human being.  It makes what he did to his wife a terrible thing, certainly.  But this idea that Tiger Woods should be this all encompassing, perfect man just because of his image or because he's really famous is pretty stupid, in my book.  No one cares when a husband cheats on a mother with four kids but when it's a celebrity suddenly it's everyone's business?  My big question is why I'm supposed to care.  In the first place, I was never a big Tiger Woods fan.  I was a kid when he became famous but one thing was clear: The guy on TV isn't supposed to be my role model, setting the good examples for me.  That's what my parents were for, and other family members--you know, people I knew on a personal level.

I understand that what Tiger Woods did was a pretty bad thing.  I just don't understand why in the world we all have to know about it.  I don't think Tiger is necessarily a bad person.  The idea that he's somehow worse than the child-killer you WON'T hear about because the media is too busy covering this damn story.
December 05, 2009
well said, my friend. That image was branded to him by his agents and the media. Now the media is just so happy to see flaws on him. I am with you, parents are our role models, Tiger shouldn't be answerable to anyone but himself and to his family. As usual, your comments make a lot of sense on this type of situations.
December 05, 2009
I got the "Tiger Christmas Card" in my email. Good one. I heard he is changing his name from Tiger to Cheetah.
December 05, 2009
I got that one too! LOL
December 05, 2009
Oh wow, that picture is... terrible.  Your review, though, is great.  Unlike most reviews and commentary that I've read about this situation, you took a different spin on things and didn't rush to condemn either Tiger or Elin at all, but instead, humanized them.  This is an unfortunate situation, but who is anyone to judge in this private matter?  I'm not a Tiger fan either, mainly because I'm not a sports fan at all, but if you're curious about why some people love him, you can read about @TeamAWAC raving all about his mancrush here.  Thanks for your input on this, Woo!
December 05, 2009
Thanks, Devora! It is easy to judge this situation, but I tend to question rather than pass judgement. I hope they get over their issues. I tend to keep celebrities private lives out of my concern. Too many things to worry about.
December 08, 2009
I agree with Debbie. Poor guy, that pix looks awful! Is that a real pix? No photoshop?
December 08, 2009
I think it was photoshop...I hope it is!
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*steps up onto soap box*   Why is it my business who Tiger Woods is, has or has ever had sex with? I know the answer is that this is America and Americans love to be up in people's bedrooms. And why are so many people saying it's his fall from grace. A god on the golf course, maybe, but he's just a very rich dude . If you are one of those people who assume that because somebody gets paid an insane amount of money to sing, act, play sports, run governments exceptionally well (in most cases), …
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Support for Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods,   If you are reading this, I just want to send you my love and support.  I do not think what is happening to you is fair nor do I think that it is anyone's business.  I hope that you can stay strong through this and realize that you can shine through this difficult time.  There are so many people out here who agree that the media has exposed your situation way too much.  I beleive that none of what has been said about you or written about you makes you …
Quick Tip by . December 05, 2009
We fawn after celebrity and spend money and time on it, then feign shock when it explodes in our faces. Silliness.
Quick Tip by . December 03, 2009
Affairs don't justify domestic violence, if that's what happened. Women commit DV as often as men. 1/3 of serious injury victims are male.
Quick Tip by . December 03, 2009
Could you imagine what we could accomplish if we spent this much attention on the issues that TRULY matter?!?
Quick Tip by . December 02, 2009
It'll only be forgotten if our country didn't make celebrities out of the women involved in sex scandals. Unfortunately we do.
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On November 27, 2009, Tiger Woods was taken to hospital after an early morning car accident near his home, reportedly in serious condition. Woods was leaving his home around 2:30 a.m. (EST) in his SUV, a 2009 Cadillac Escalade, when he collided with a fire hydrant and a tree down the street. The Florida Highway Patrol said that the crash was not alcohol-related, but continued to investigate. Woods was released from the hospital in good condition; his agent said that Woods was fine, and had been treated for facial lacerations. The airbags in his SUV did not deploy which suggested that he was not travelling above 33mph. On November 29, Woods issued a statement saying the car accident was his fault, but is a private matter. He praised his wife Elin for getting him out of the car. Details about what caused the accident were not revealed. Two days before the accident, The National Enquirer had published a story that alleged that Woods had had an affair with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel‎, which she denied. Woods said, "the many false, unfounded, and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible".

On December 1, 2009, Woods was charged by the Florida Highway Patrol with one charge of careless driving. The fine is $164 and 4 points on his driving license.[35] The Florida Highway Patrol indicated that upon payment of the fine, the case is closed.

Also on December 1, Woods announced that he would not be attending his own ...
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