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Country girl goes to the "Big City" and is taken advantage of!!!

  • Aug 28, 2010
It never ceases to amaze me to see how many undereducated people get a gig as a talking head on TV.  The shame of Sarah Palin's story is that she was done a political disservice by McCain.  I may not agree with all of her views; however, she was a rising star in the GOP and if she had been developed properly, she could have been a great leader and possibly very viable candidate for president someday.  Unfortunately, I believe that her reputation was severely damaged with her Kattie Curic interview.  Too many people consider her intellectually unqualified for national office.  She is the modern day Dan Quayle of the GOP. 

It didn't have to be this way.  If she would have finished out her term as governor of Alaska and immersed herself in studying the issues, she could of had an opportunity to change the perception people have of her.  By the way, Ronald Reagan started out with a very similar reputation and worked all his life, to successfully change voter's perception of his grasp of the issues.  After all, Palin has allot going for her as a candidate.  She connects well with voters, especially middle class conservatives.  She has strong convictions and has a very loyal core of conservative support. 

However, the problem politically for presidential candidates is do they have the ability to win  the votes of the "moderate" middle in America.  Unfortunately, Palin has lost that segment of the political pie, I think forever; because,  I believe she will have an awfully hard time gaining their support as she serves as a talking head on "FOX."  She clearly is not studying the issues and she makes too many gaffes which just gives the anti-Palin forces to much ammunition to "politically kill" her if she decides to run. 

I for one certainly hope Palin does not decide to run in 2012 against Pres. Obama, I would really like to see him leave office after this term!
Country girl goes to the

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September 02, 2010
A fine assessment. I still thinks there is lots of potential there and lord knows she has plenty of time. But 2012? Absolutely out of the question.
September 02, 2010
I agree, but she needs to do some serious work to improve the perceptions that many if not most people have of her.
January 19, 2011
I'd add that she's actively damaging her chances further into the future at present.
September 02, 2010
Couldn't agree more - she was plucked from reasonable obscurity by a desperate McCain and unfortunately, became intoxicated by the attention. If she had time to develop a coherent perspective on the issues who knows.... However, despite the media's rabid fixation with her, she will never run for POTUS. She's cunning enough to know that she has much more perceived power as a kingmaker for others not to mention her very lucrative roles as pundit and speechmaker.
September 02, 2010
Michael, thank you for the compliment. I hope you are right and she doesn't decide to run. By the way, looks like we have similar interests, I am going to friend request you.
August 29, 2010
I don't think she can survive the media assault and the race card that may be drawn against her own to trump her claim to a fresh perspective-- look what Obama handlers did to Hillary. I also think that even if coached as are all candidates, she will not be able to overcome Obama's own political machine. She will be ridiculed and marginalized even more than when she ran for VP, and early on, by the vested interests on the side of the incumbent. Too much dirt has been dug up about Palin by the media and detractors already, while her stepping down from the governorship to avoid lawsuits does not bode well to defend her record. I leave out any discussion of her views, as I'm sticking to GOP strategy alone!
August 29, 2010
Thank you for the comments. I agree with anything you said about Palin. By the way, any GOP candidate is going to be a target for the "race card," maybe Romney would have the best chance with surviving racial issues. OI remember Bill Clinton being tagged a :racist!"
August 29, 2010
Good review. We seem to be on the same page about this.
August 29, 2010
Michael, maybe we were seperated at birth??? What did you think about my theory on C-SPAN?
August 28, 2010
I am really not much for politicians, but I can't say I can argue with what you said about Palin. She does have (ahem) charisma so she could've done a lot more work. We'll see...nice review!
August 28, 2010
Thanks for the compliment.
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 As a longtime follower of politics, I am surprised by the power Sarah Palin has in the American political environment. She repeatedly demonstrates that she lacks the knowledge to run any major organization, for example she thought Africa was a country. She also lacks the courage and decency to complete her term as governor of Alaska, opting to resign and offering some of the lamest excuses ever put forward in American politics.    Her political star will fall quickly as the …
review by . January 19, 2011
I suppose the good news is that Palin is eminently forgettable. Folks will be quoting Ronald Reagan and William Buckley long after Palin is gone, but are very unlikely to find her much of an inspiration any more than Dan Quayle will be. Her name will be forgotten in the sands of time while the intellectual giants of American politics, whether conservative, liberal, libertarian, or otherwise will be remembered. Heck, most Tea Partiers I know don't like her. She is eminently unelectable and yet she …
review by . January 13, 2011
Calling Sarah Palin "divisive" seems like an abuse of the word, when you almost have to create a new word in the Urban Dictionary to describe her. Maybe to go "Palin" as a verb would be better:   Boss: "I went Palin on my staff and now none of them trust each other."   Supervisor: "Divide and conquer - those years of Latin must be paid off."   Boss: "Someone just set fire to the copier machine." The Problem With Palin© …
review by . November 17, 2009
This is the first time I've reviewed an actual politician.  It's hard to be "unbiased" in this sense, but Sarah Palin is an interesting woman.  When Palin is on television... or when she speaks... people listen.  I listen.  Politics is not one of my strong suits, but I paid an enormous amount of time to the past election and I tend to watch a lot of the news and read a lot of things.  Blogs, comments... youtube comments (which will turn you into a retard) …
review by . November 17, 2009
A diamond in the rough??
She is a person who resonates with the folks in middle America who "cling to their guns and religion."   Her new book "Going Rogue: An American Life" has been a runaway bestseller for weeks much to the consternation of her political enemies.  At the same time Sarah Palin remains the primary target of the slings and arrows of the "chattering" class of liberal politicians,  those in electronic and print journalism, the Hollywood …
review by . November 22, 2009
There's a reason why McCain and Company kept her under wraps.
Sarah Palin is what's wrong with so called "middle America".  She is the face of intolerance, ignorance and lack of education.  Whenever she opens her mouth nothing but trouble emerges from it.  Palin should have never even been considered as a running mate for the Republican Party in 2008.  During the 2008 elections, the Grand Old Party was so desperate for votes that they nominated her in a desperation move to try and court the disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters.  …
Quick Tip by . September 02, 2010
posted in Politics Your Way
Sarah Palin is a dangerous, irresponsible religious fanatic. She was unfit for the mayor's office in Wasilla and certainly has no business either seeking or picking folks for higher offices.
Quick Tip by . August 15, 2010
A true beleiver which is fine. Not ready for prime time. She could have been a great conservative leader had she been developed properly. Now she has painted herself in a political corner as unprepared, ala Dan Quayle. I hope she sticks to making money, I could never vote for her as Pres.
Quick Tip by . April 11, 2010
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Anyone naive enough to compare nuclear retaliation with a schoolyard fight should be kept as far away from politics as possible. So stupid!
Quick Tip by . June 26, 2010
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Way to go Sarah Palin. Keep up the good work. It is about time a woman that is not afriad to be womanly survive in the man's world of politics.
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Sarah Louise Palin; née Heath; born February 11, 1964) is an American politician who served as Governor of Alaska from 2006 until her resignation in 2009. She was the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States in 2008.

Palin was a member of the Wasilla, Alaska, city council from 1992 to 1996 and the city's mayor from 1996 to 2002. After an unsuccessful campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Alaska in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 until her resignation in 2004. She was elected Governor of Alaska in November 2006. Palin became the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person ever elected governor of that state.

In 2008, Republican presidential candidate John McCain chose Palin as his running mate in that year's presidential election, making her the second female candidate and the first Alaskan candidate of either major party on a national ticket, as well as the first female vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Since the defeat of the McCain-Palin ticket in the 2008 election, there has been speculation that she may run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

On July 3, 2009, Palin announced she would not seek reelection as governor and that she was resigning, effective July 26, 2009, eighteen months prior to the completion of her first term. She cited ethics complaints that had been filed following her selection as running mate to John McCain as the reason for her ...
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Birth Date: February 11, 1964
Gender: Female
Party Affiliation: Republican
State: Alaska
Country: United States of America
Movie Writing Credits: The Undefeated
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