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My DVD Collection Part One

  • Jan 14, 2010
Cenobite threw down the gauntlet and I've accepted the challenge. I'm not going to give you the complete tour of my DVD shelves though, just a representative sampling. As usual there's no orfer of preference here. Just the way they popped into my head.
Men With Guns
John Sayles' heart and gut wrench look at what happens when one man learns the awful truth.
Documentary in which the very creepy artist who is the subject of the film turns out to be the most well adjusted member of his family.
Na Cha the Great
See the full review, "NA CHA IS GREAT".
Om Shanti Om
Shah Rukh Khan in a wonderful Bollywood extravaganza.
See the full review, "WHAT THE FISH!".
Sun Dragon
Billy Chong and Carl Scott in an Old School kung fu flick.
See the full review, "BILLY CHONG SUPER STAR".
Guillermo del Toro's early vampire film.
Poster for the film.
A brother and sister flee Guatamala and try to find safety in the fabled North--America.
Enchanting fantasy story about a magic circus that comes to a town in the Old West. George Pal.
Strictly Ballroom
Funny, weird, and exhilarating movie from Baz Luhrman that you'll enjoy even if you hate ballroom dancing.
I'm No Angel
Mae West has Cary Grant wrapped around her little finger.
Jodhaa Akbar
A truly epic Bollywood film about a Moghul emperor who tries to unite the disparate kingdoms under his rule by taking a Hindu bride.
13 Days
Brilliant Kevin Costner film of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The special features show you exactly who all the real life players were.
Funny movie about a teenage girl who falls in love with Richard Nixon and becomes involved in Watergate. Highly recomend this one.
George Romero's flick about a Renaissance Faire on motorcycles. Really.
Jason and the Argonauts
Ray Harryhausen at this best.
Story of the real life emperor who rose to power and gave it up to spread the word of Buddha. But it's Bollywood folks. Shah Ruhk Khan
See the full review, "Hooray for Bollywood!".
The Unforgiven
Burt Lancaster, not Clint Eastwood.
The Flame and the Arrow
Burt Lancast again. This time he's in medieval italy fighting against Hessian nobilty who just won't go away. Lots of swashbuckling fun.
Down With Love
A send up of every movie Doris Day every made, with Renee Z. and Ewan McGregor doing the honors.
David Cronenberg's film still packs a visceral wallop.

What did you think of this list?

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February 05, 2010
Great list! I have about a fourth of these in my collection. I love El Norte! Saw it for the first time right before Christmas. Great choice!!
February 06, 2010
It's a great movie I think I can guess the ones you've seen, but which ones are they?
February 06, 2010
Ok, let's have a look see here. Videodrome, Evil Dead2, Henry, Night Of The Living Dead, Cemetery Man, Flesh Gordon, El Norte, Eating Raoul, Donnie Darko, Strictly Ballroom, & A History Of Violence I own. Have seen Black Stallion, Wizard of Oz, & Dick. Hmm, ok. I'm terrible with math. That's more than a fourth of your list. I shouldn't drink so early in the morning. ;-)
February 07, 2010
I suppose the only one that comes as a surprise is DICK. Love that movie. what a great idea. Although it's absurd to think that any teenaged girl could get a crush on Nixon no matter how deprived of fatherly love she was!
January 16, 2010
oh. very nice list.
January 17, 2010
A little heavy on genre flix perhaps, but a bit of everything.
January 17, 2010
what's # 5 about?
January 17, 2010
i'S ABOUT A COUPLE CALLED THE BLANDS WHO WANT TO OPEN UP A FINE DINING ESTABLISHMENT BUT LACK THE FUNDS. tHROUgh A SERIES OF MISADVENTURES THEY WIND UP KILLLING MEN WHO RESPOND TO THE WIFE'S ads for men looking for a dominatrix. They kill the men and save the money they were to pay the wife for her services. Another man, Raoul, gets involved and tries, to blackmail them. He sells the corpses to his cousin who works at a dog food factory.
January 16, 2010

Cool list, but why didn't you let me know about it via message?
}: P
Anyway, I'm surprised by your love of "The 13th Warrior". I enjoyed it, but found it to be an over-simplification of the novel. I think a different director could have made it a masterpiece. Banderas was quite good though. Did you like him in Robert Rodriguez' Mexico Trilogy?

January 17, 2010
That's the beauty of not being much of a reader anymore, I have nothing to compare it to. It's basically Beowulf. I like Bandaras in just about anything, but yeah, he was great in the two Rodriguez flix.
January 17, 2010
anyone seen the futuristic rendition of Beowulf with Christopher Lambert? A little hokey but for some reason I had fun with it.
January 17, 2010
Which one would that be?
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