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My Favorite Horror Movie Comedies--Part Two

  • Sep 26, 2009
While these are not in the strictest sense in order of preference, my very favorites are in the top half of the list.
Maurice Devereaux's laff fest about a Japanese reality show.
See the full review, ""Super Fine" Super Fun".
Zombieland (2009)
See the full review, "Zombie Heaven".
Demon Knight
It's a rough night for Jada Pinket when this guy shows up with evil Billy Zane and a hoard of demons hot on his tail.
Dvd cover
Jet Eller proves you don't need a big budget to make an entertaining horror/science fiction comedy--just a good script and a couple of engaging actors.
See the full review, "NIGHT FEEDERS--Good Ol' Boys In A Heap of Trouble!".
movie poster
Nice throwback to the 80s slasher flix, with some sweet occult twists.
See the full review, ""I don't like computers and I hate video games."".
Blood and Donuts
An errant golf ball awakens a vampire from a lengthy sleep and he finds out the old neighborhood has changed, and not for the better.
See the full review, "One of the Best Things Out of Canada----EVER!".
Highway to Hell
Chad Lowe will go to any lenghts to get back his girl friend who has been kidnapped by the Hell Cop and taken to you know where as a party girl for Satan.
movie poster
Great satire on the artsy fartsy crowd
See the full review, "Still Life as Performance Art".
movie poster
Ted Raimi in his biggest and best role as an agoraphobe who finds love with Deborah Foreman, who's a little nuts herself.
The Day of the Beast (El Dia de la Bestia)
Spanish language goodie about a priest who is sinning like there's no tomorrow because if his plan doesn't work tomorrow might not be such a good day for any of us!
Dead Alive (Unrated) (Sp) (1993)
Peter Jackson isn't all hobbits and fairies and elves--oh my!
See the full review, "The Goriest Zombie Comedy Ever Made?".
There's Nothing Out There
It predates SCREAM by several years. Finally, a guy who realizes he's in a horror movie!
Bubba Ho-Tep
Bruce Campbell is Elvis and Ossie Davis is JFK and together they must battle an ancient mummy who has been claiming victims in the nusing home where they have been rotting away.
Movie poster
What a great way to put a new face on an old cliche!
The Hidden
A great old action flick about an alien who inhabits human bodies to track down another alien who's doing the same thing. One's a good guy the other, not so much.
dvd cover
Brett Piper's flick of mutant spiders running wild has it all, including stop motion animation.
See the full review, "HERE KITTY, KITTY,KITTY".
Jack Brooks Monster Slayer
A guy grows up with rage issues as a result of having seen his entire family slain by a monster when he was a child. What goes around comes around.
See the full review, "Old School Special Effects Smackdown".
movie poster
Rednecks and zombies--a winning combination if there ever was one.
My Name is Bruce
No, your name is God of B-movie fans.
See the full review, "Hail to the King, Baby".
Black Sheep
Genetic engineering on sheep in New Zealand leads to predictable but amusing results.
Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat
Bruce Campbell in a supporting role as a descendant of Prof. Van Helsing hunts down vampires in the southwest.
See the full review, "SUNDOWN Is a Real Treat!".
Bite Me!
Brett Piper does what he's best at and it involves strippers, comedy, and stop motion spiders...and Rob Monkiewicz, God bless him.
See the full review, "Cute Little Bugs with Bad Attitudes".
I Sell the Dead
Graverobbers like you've never seen them before.
See the full review, "Like Burke and Hare--But With a Twist".

What did you think of this list?

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September 19, 2010
Shawn of the dead and Zombieland. FTw
September 20, 2010
I can't wait for the second ZOMBIELAND flick. Check out my horror comedy list--part one for more flix.
September 21, 2010
theres gonna be a sequel awesome. link me. youve got allota lists.
September 21, 2010
I don't know how to do links, but I think the first list is just one or two down from the second list. Yeah. I'm a compulsive list maker.
October 02, 2009
Someone just donated "Fido" to our local library and they didn't think it was appropriate material to loan out, so I'm getting to keep it for free. I'll let you know what I think.
October 02, 2009
Somebody needs to review FIDO here.
October 05, 2009
Was that meant to be a subtle hint or a downright demand? LOL. I did a micro-review for it... if that counts, though it doesn't in my book. Anyhow, I loved "Fido", which surprised me at first. I didn't like the beginning with the documentary style intro, but when it was revealed to be a 1950s propaganda film, I immediately forgave it. I loved it from the moment I heard the school children chanting "In the brain and not the chest. Headshots are the very best!" That's just goddamned terrific.
October 05, 2009
Micros don't count--they're no more than the title of a review.
October 05, 2009
Well, that's an exaggeration of sorts, but I take your point and I agree. I definitely can't get a full review up for quite a few months because reviews #133-150 are all planned, but maybe after then I can get around to it. You yourself haven't reviewed it here, have you?
October 05, 2009
Not anywhere. Did you know that TANTRUM is back you know where under the name Anahita?
October 06, 2009
You mean on Amazon?
October 06, 2009
Yep. Someone should tell her about Lunch.
October 06, 2009
Well, if Anahita is indeed TANTRUM!!!!, then it's already been done since I just posted a link there on her only review. You sure it's her though?
October 07, 2009
Absolutely positive since she introduced herself that way on a comment on one of my reviews.
September 27, 2009
nice list! and we get to vote on them too! However, I think they should have a different way of voting on them, don't you think?
September 27, 2009
Like what?
September 27, 2009
I thought the list ratings don't need thought-provoking--it is after all the author's list. I'll tinker more on the idea and relay it to count. It should be something more descriptive of 'list' qualities...
September 27, 2009
It could make you THINK about doing your own list.
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