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My Favorite Romantic Comedies

  • Sep 3, 2009
I was going to make a list of "comedies", but it turned out to be far too long so I had to statr subdividing. Here's the first--in NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF PREFERENCE!
Say Anything
Guys take note. Very few girls/women can resist Lloyd's charms.
Down With Love
An absolutely hilarious parody of those Doris Day/Rock Hudson flicks that is perfect in every respect. If you should rent it make certain to get the widescreen version because among the techniques the split-screen is used and it'll be ruined for you unless you go with letter boxing.
Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart. Do I really need to give you any other reasons?
Desk Set
Spencer Tracy is an efficiency expert who installs computers. Katherine Hepburn is head of a reference department for a television network who justifiably feels threatened when he starts stalking about her territory.
Widower Cary Grant who's been somewhat estranged from his three children now finds himself living with them full time on a dilapidated houseboat. Luckily he mistakes socialite Sophia Loren for a poor street girl and hires her on as maid and babysitter.
movie poster
In Paris because she's won a contest for writing a mystery story based on a character created by her favorite author, our heroine gets knocked on the head and starts to believe she IS that character.
Intolerable Cruelty (Widescreen Edition) (2003)
If Cary Grant were in his primes I could see him playing the Clooney role in this Coen Brother's flick--and he'd be great paired up against gorgeous Zeta-Jones!
Ever After: A Cinderella Story
"A Cinderella Story" says it all.
movie poster
Writer/director Josh Becker has never been able to top this, his first full length motion picture which stars Ted Raimi as nut case who hasn't been to leave his apartment for the last 6 months. Desperate for human contact (and hallucinating like, well, crazy) Hank tries the chat lines andfate accidentally connects him with Nancy who's almost as nutty as he is.
Is the answer to all of Jenna's problems the right pie, or the right man?
Heartbreak Hotel poster
A teenage boy kidnaps Elvis to cheer up his mother.
See the full review, "HEARTBREAK HOTEL--Elvis Meets E.T.".
DVD front
The perfect fairy tale romance with adventure and wit in abundance.
movie poster
Tom Conti received an Oscar nomination for his portray of a Scottish poet very much in the style of Dylan Thomas who ekes out a living giving poetry readings to middle aged suburban housewives and then doing the horizontal tango with them. But then love rears it's ugly head.
Bells Are Ringing
I'm not a big fan of musicals (which is an odd thing for a Bollywood fan to say I suppose) but I've always loved this film. It was Judy Holliday's last before her tragic death from cancer. She's all tangled up in the lives of the clients of Susanswerphone where she works taking message and offering advice. And falling in love with playboy/playwright Dean Martin who thinks she's a little old lady and calls her Mom. A great comedy with great songs, and a great star who died far too young.
movie poster
The original Judy Holliday version, Thank you very much!
The Guru
Please don't confuse this with the Mike Meyers abomination although there is some superficial resemblence. Ramu leaves his native India for America with the intent of becoming a movie star like his idol John Travolta, but instead finds himself involved in a porno film where he is instantly smitten with the beautiful Sharonna. Taking her advise on how to become a porn star he instead accidentally becomes the darling of New York's high society--their sex guru.
Om Shanti Om
Love, death, great costumes humor, reincarnation, and lot of singing and dancing. You get your money's worth when you go Bollywood! I DID review it. It's under the title What the Fish!
See the full review, "WHAT THE FISH!".
Dudley Moore becomes infatuated with a girl after he catches a glimpse of her on her wedding day and impulsive follows her down to Mexico for her honeymoon. It marked the beginning of Moore's career as a serious comic actor who could make it without the help of partner Peter Cook.
Knight's Tale
The late Heath Ledger stars as a commoner who dreams of gaining fame in the joust, a sport in which only knights of the realm can participate. He adopts a false identity and his plan seems to be working--he even attracts the attention of a noblewoman.
Happy Accidents
Is Vincent D'Onofrio a time traveler who has come back to save Marisa Tomei, or is he just another one of the many losers who pop into her life needing to be saved?
In & Out
High school teacher Kevin Kline is engaged to be married to Joan Cusack when he's accidentally "outed" as homosexual by a former student who's receiving an Oscar!

What did you think of this list?

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November 09, 2011
I love The Guru. I don't know a lot of friends who are familiar with it so its good to see it on someone's list here.
September 15, 2009
I do like Ever After and many of Drew Barrymore's movies. She was such an adorable kid on E.T., Irreconcilable Differences & Firestarter. Never been kissed and the Wedding Singer are nice too!
September 15, 2009
I liked NEVER BEEN KISSED a lot too. I haven't see THE WEDDING SINGER.
September 20, 2009
Adam Sandler. My skin is crawling.
September 20, 2009
I can take him singing the Chanukah song and that's about it.
September 04, 2009
Totally agree with you on 1, 8, and 13. Most of the others I haven't seen. I'm surprised "Edward Scissorhands" didn't make this list. Also surprised that there's not a single Woody Allen film or Micahel Bay's "Pearl Harbor", the romantic comedy where the Japanese attacks a perfectly good love triangle and ruin it!
September 04, 2009
Not so much into Woody as a film maker...I've always seen him as a sandup artist. And Burton has produced some films I've liked but I need to find the right category for him. I really liked his BIG FISH for instance.
September 04, 2009
not a genre I am particularly fond of; I've barely seen a quarter of the movies in this list. I really enjoyed "Knight's Tale" and "Princess Bride" although it can be argued that they are more fantasy than romance. 10 is a classic. In and Out is rightfully named.
September 04, 2009
PRINCESS BRIDE is all about the romance. Think of the very first senence tha the grandfather reads to the boy, it describes the most perfect kiss. A KNIGHT'S TALE may be iffy, but a lot of movies fit in many genres. I started out making a list of favorite comedies and then I ran out of space for entries. I noticed how many of them fell into the category of romantice comedies so that became a list unto itself. The others are divided into two lists with the older films being one one list, although some more recent ones wound up ther too.
September 04, 2009
wow I haven't seen a lot of these but from what I can tell it's a really eclectic mix -- not your typical romantic comedy top 10-type list! I loved Houseboat and Philadelphia Story, can't remember much of "10" except Bo Derek's, ummm braids, and A Knight's Tale was awesome, especially the last bit during the credits. And In & Out was super cute too! I'll have to make my list and post it soon :)
September 04, 2009
Eclectic is a good description I think. If it weren't a romantic COMEDY list I'd have films like KING KONG on there too. =)
September 04, 2009
September 04, 2009
Well, it IS a love story...
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