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DC: The New 52- Why is it Failing?
DC had relaunched its titles once again, and while issue #'s 1-2 sold well, and I have to admit some titles had potential that I am looking into them, overall, it wasn't as successful as DC would've wished. I found an interesting article on it and I want to share it. I'd also like to hear about your thoughts...

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by    Posted december 03, 2011
Interesting article that I could not agree more: http://whatculture.com/comics/5-things-wrong...ew-52-comics-reboot.php
by    Posted december 04, 2011
I have enjoyed the New 52 for the most part but I had a feeling that it wasn't going to do as well as they wanted. Personally I have not hated any of them, like some and love two in particular.
by    Posted december 05, 2011
I think it's fairly simple. The comic book superheroes that have been a success all along have been so because they are classic archetypes which people can relate to. When people try too hard to elaborate upon these archetypes or alter them, they lose their timeless appeal and become uninteresting. Now, at this point in time, both Marvel and DC have revisited their superheroes time and time again, and each time they do they have reinterpreted them in an attempt to be relevant to the changes that have occurred in society. The problem is that when any franchise in any medium is revisited so frequently, it loses its novelty and its sense of uniqueness, thus its cool factor.
by    Posted december 11, 2011
Orlok I agree with you and I also disagree that some characters don't need updates. DC does need to think outside the box, as Marvel had done when they did their "Ultimates" line. I do not like gimmick reboots, if one needs to reboot, please go all the way.

Frank, your comment mirrors my thoughts. That article is right on the money. The thing is DC is so reliant on the popularity of the characters that they hold creativity back. When someone does make some good changes, they change the writer so the medium becomes PG again. The reason why I don't collect too many DC titles is because I feel that the stories just go around and around. They are good with graphic novels but as far as their titles go, it goes nowhere. (maybe I've just read so many comics)
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