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Since AMC just had their season two premier of The Walking Dead and since the popular series is based on the hit comic books, I figured it was about time that the zombies and the survivors got their due respect. In this general forum, feel free to discuss the comic books, the graphic novel collections, the television series, the webisodes, and of course the zombies!

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by    Posted october 18, 2011
Well, if last night's premier of season two was any hint, this season will be as good as the first and may explore even darker territory. Hostility and tensions are growing within the group of survivors and secrets threaten to tear people apart, so I think viewers can expect a more psychologically harrowing season than last and hopefully it will expand upon the cast since the comic books apparently bring in new people and kill off others all the time.
by    Posted october 18, 2011
I like the new season so far, but admittedly, I am not too happy with the way it seems to be following certain cliches. I know the TV series is being limited by its medium, but the series is starting to lose the thought of the comic series...an epic story about survival horror. Carl will never develop well in the TV series (c'mon his was one of the most important character) and I doubt they'll be able to pull off Michonne. I already didn't like the opening to season 2, Rick should be focused on his family. I am happy Andrea and Dale are starting to take shape. Characters are what droved the series, not the other way around as with the TV series...
by    Posted october 18, 2011
So far, Dale's been the most interesting character with the greatest degree of moral intelligence and yet he's made some mistakes that undermine his good intentions. I'll be curious to see how they will utilize Daryl since he isn't in the comics. I haven't heard much feedback from fans as to that. Any thoughts?
by    Posted october 18, 2011
That was part of the cliche I was talking about. The thing is, a network TV series would never be able to match the harrowing atrocities done in the comics. The Walking Dead is trying to find some semblance of humanity, characters come and go, and while some are mainstays, the supporting characters shape the other ones. Shane should've been dead by now, it is starting to become a soap opera with all the "I need to stay away..."

The title "The Walking Dead" actually does NOT refer to the zombies...it refers to the human beings still living.
by    Posted october 18, 2011
I think Shane will be getting offed later in the season from the rumors I've heard. I'll be curious to see if they take Carl into the same territory as the books. A friend of mine who has a massive comics collection (he has inside connections I wish I did) has the whole series so far and he said that Carl gets scarred and disfigured and grows up to be kind of a psycho... which would be awesome to see on the show. But at this point it's hard to see them going that far with so few episodes per season.
by    Posted october 18, 2011
that is wwaaayyy to the current issues. I am talking about Carl killing Shane and adapts to the same philosophies that he believes shaped his dad. Like I told you the comic series is about being forced to do what you can to live; you start lose your soul, your principles and perhaps your sanity. There is no way they are going to pull off the Governor, and Tyrese is missing up to now (though there is an African American dude). My advise is to not read too much into the TV series; it is good for what it is, a TV show, but the comic will never be adapted fully...unless it was on HBO or Showtime.
by    Posted november 02, 2011
I enjoyed the first season and so far, the second season seems to be living up to the first. I agree with the Count and think that this season will go a bit deeper than the first which means I'll probably like it more!
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